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2016-2017 Student & Parent Handbook

255 N. Main Street
Clintonville, WI 54929
(715) 823-7215 x2400

GRADES 5-6-7-8

Revised 6/28/16

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Dear Middle School Families,

I hope each of you has enjoyed a refreshing summer and are looking forward to a great 2016/2017 school year. We have made preparations for the year all summer, and we couldn’t be more excited to see students back in the building. It is hard to believe that the 2016-2017 school year starts in only about four weeks! As we prepare for the upcoming school year, we want to remind you of some important dates and relay some critical information to you as you prepare for the year.


Registration will take place on August 11th and 12th. Registration will be from Noon – 7:00 PM on the 11th and from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM on the 12th. All 5th-8th grade students will need to come to the high school on one of the registration days to take their school picture. Please dress appropriately. You will find picture order forms enclosed with this letter. If you plan to order pictures, please make sure to fill out the form and bring it with you to registration. You do not need to order a picture package.

We will also have Registration for Spanish speaking families on Friday, August 12th from 1pm-7pm in Bear Creek, St. Mary’s Parish Center, 300 Welcome Ave. School Pictures will be taken during this registration time as well.


The Middle School will hold a Follow the Schedule Night on Thursday, August 25th. We will begin at 5:30pm in the gym as a large group. We will discuss a wide range of topics including attendance, student behavior, CMS Counts, and much more. At 6:00pm we will begin Follow the Schedule Night, you and your child will start in his/her first period class and rotate through his/her daily schedule. Each teacher will give a short presentation about what to expect in his/her class and will take questions if time allows. Follow the Schedule Night will conclude at 7:00pm. Class schedules can be found in your packets at Registration.


This is a reminder that once again all 7th and 8th grade students will be provided with a Chromebook and a carrying case that they will be allowed to keep in their possession throughout the rest of their Clintonville Public School career. 5th and 6th grade students will have access to Chromebooks as well, but at these grade levels the devices will be required to stay in the classrooms. Please make sure to read our Chromebook policy in our Student & Parent Handbook. Our handbook can be reviewed here:

Can a parent opt their child out?

No. There are other options if parents do not want the devices coming home. Checking the Chromebook in and out from a teacher each day is a time commitment and may make it more difficult for students to complete their homework.

Students who check Chromebooks in and out daily will be expected to complete their assignments within the same time frame as other students. The new Trucker University options may allow time for students to complete assignments at school.

Chromebook Care Program

On March 14, 2016 the Clintonville Board of Education approved the purchase of damage insurance for the Chromebooks used by students in grades 7-12. Beginning on April 1, 2016, the Samsung Chromebooks that students take home with them will be covered with damage insurance through May 31 of 2017. In addition, the newer HP Chromebooks that students take home with them would be covered through May 31, 2018. All previous damage charges remain in place, but moving forward, the TRA Chromebook Care program will cover negligence damages to these devices. Beginning with April 1, 2016 the district will implement a new deductible fee schedule required by TRA (See below).

Chromebook Damage Deductible Fee Schedule

Incident 1

Incident 2

Incident 3

Incident 4




Replacement cost

Other replacement costs not covered by Chromebook Care:



Samsung AC Adapter


HP AC Adapter


Infocase Rugged Case


USB Mouse


Lost or Stolen Chromebook

Full cost of replacement device


In the past, we have mailed out mid-quarter grades and also mailed out quarter grades. That practice will no longer be in place here at the Middle School. Instead, you have an opportunity to check your child’s grades at any time, online. Skyward Family Access allows our parents and students to view attendance records, discipline referrals, missing assignments, grades, and much more. We hope using Family Access will give you a better feel for how your student is doing throughout the year. To get into Skyward Family Access just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  1. On the top of the page click on the button that says “Skyward Student and Family Access”
  1. The next page will ask for a Login ID and a password. Once you click “sign in” you will able to view all of the information that has been entered regarding your child.  

(If you have trouble logging in please call the Middle School Office)

The other option is to download the Skyward App to your smartphone. Search for “Skyward Mobile Access” in your app store and download. You’ll use the same login info for both the web and the app.  If you would still like a printed report card you may request one at the Middle School Office. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


As a reminder, we offer a number of athletic opportunities to the students in the district. This fall we have 7th and 8th grade Football, 7th and 8th grade Volleyball, and 5th-8th grade Cross Country. In the winter we offer both boys’ and girls’ 7th and 8th grade Basketball as well as Wrestling. In the spring we offer Track and Field. All athletes need to complete the necessary paperwork and pay the athletic fee before they are able to participate. All paperwork is available in both the Middle School and High School office, or on our website.  

**Physicals are required every other year**

Athletic Schedules can be found at


Mid-Quarter 1 - October 7th (Grades posted by 10/9)

End of Quarter 1 - November 4th (Grades posted by 11/6)

Mid-Quarter 2 - December 9th (Grades posted by 12/11)

End of Quarter 2 - January 19st (Grades posted by 1/22)

Mid-Quarter 3 - February 24th (Grades posted by 2/26)

End of Quarter 3 - March 24th (Grades posted by 3/26)

Mid-Quarter 4 - April 28 (Grades posted by 4/30)

End of Quarter 4 - June 1st (Grades posted by 6/4)


8:00-8:47 - 1st Period

8:50-9:37 - 2nd Period

9:40-10:30 - 3rd Period

10:33-11:20 - 4th Period

11:23-12:10 - 5th Period (7th & 8th)

11:23-11:55 - 5th & 6th Lunch/Recess

11:58-12:45 - 5th Period (5th & 6th)

12:13-12:45 - 7th & 8th Lunch/Recess

12:48-1:35 - 6th Period

1:38-2:25 - 7th Period

2:28-3:15 - 8th Period

The supply list for the Middle School is available in the Middle School office, at several local businesses, on our website, and will be in your registration packet.

2016/2017 FEES


Clintonville Middle School has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Search for Clintonville Middle School on Facebook and “like” the page. Periodic updates will be posted to the Facebook page regarding happenings at the school and other informational items. To locate the Twitter account search for @CMSTruckerPride and follow our tweets. We will also post information and updates to the Twitter account.


Make sure to check our our new Middle School Website often for updated information. Our Parent & Student Handbook should be read here as well. Many of our policies, paperwork, and calendars can be found on our website as well.

Don’t forget that the first day of school is September 1st. I look forward to seeing you at registration and our Follow the Schedule Night. I am very confident that with your help it will be an absolutely great year at Clintonville Middle School. I’ll see you soon!

If you ever have questions please remember that we are here to help!

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Thank You!

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Scott Werfal
Middle School Principal

(715) 823-7215 x2403

(715) 823-8823 (Direct Line)


The school day begins at 8:00 a.m. with dismissal at 3:15 p.m. The doors of Clintonville Middle School building are open at 7:30 a.m. Students must stay in the lobby area or gym until 7:50 a.m.  Students may not be in the Clintonville Middle School building after 3:30 p.m. unless participating in after-school activities or under the direct supervision of a teacher.  


ALL GRADE LEVEL CORE CLASSES:  Communication Arts(Reading & Writing), Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies.

5TH GRADE RELATED ARTS CLASSES:  Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Spanish, IMC, & Guidance.

6TH GRADE RELATED ARTS CLASSES:  Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Technology, Choir, Band, & General Music.

7TH GRADE ELECTIVES:  Art, Painting & Drawing I and II, Sculpture I & II, Photography, Band, Choir, FACS, Spanish, German, Physical Education, S.T.E.M., Agriculture, Intro to Technology, Industrial Arts, & Jazz Band.


8TH GRADE ELECTIVES:  Art, Painting & Drawing I and II, Sculpture I & II, Photography, Band, Choir, Guidance, FACS, Spanish, German, Physical Education, STEM, Agriculture, Industrial Arts, & Jazz Band.

Clintonville Middle School teaches school-wide expectations and promotes positve behavior to help foster good students and good citizens. The Wisconsin RTI Center recognized Clintonville Middle School as a school of Merit for our implementation of the RTI framework during the 2015-2016 school year.


Consistent with our mission statement, CMS is committed to teaching students our Expectations: be respectful, be responsible, and be productive/safe. Every adult shares the common goal of making sure all of our students understand these behavioral expectations. In a safe and positive manner, students are taught how to be respectful, be responsible, and be productive/safe. To help teach and model the Expectations, the school community uses the following Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) practices: define our expectations, teach our expectations, remind students of our expectations, celebrate our successes, and correct inappropriate behavior through re-teaching and consistent consequences.

CMS Trucker Pride Behavior Matrix


Be Respectful

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Be Responsible

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Be Safe

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  • Follow digital/personal technology rules
  • Accept individual differences
  • Give positive greetings
  • Use appropriate language/volume with adults and peers
  • Respect property of others
  • Follow staff directives
  • Take pride in environment
  • Follow school dress code
  • Follow digital/ personal technology rules
  • Be respectful of others belongings
  • Be a positive role model
  • Stay in designated areas
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Share concerns with adults


  • Listen quietly when someone is speaking
  • Take pride in your environment
  • Respect other’s right to learn
  • Follow teacher directives
  • Arrive to classroom on time and prepared to learn
  • Follow classroom routine
  • Accept consequences for your actions
  • Bring conflict to teacher’s attention
  • Use classroom materials appropriately
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


  • Use whisper voices when classes are in session
  • Walk quietly
  • Use a silent greeting when classes are in session
  • Follow staff directives
  • Walk directly to class
  • Be in assigned areas when the bell rings
  • Use assigned locker
  • Bring pass with you
  • Take pride in environment
  • Walk facing forward
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Right is polite on the stairs
  • On stairs walk one step at a time single file with space between


  • Follow Driver directives
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Use #1 voice and appropriate word choice
  • Leave no trace
  • Address Driver appropriately
  • Take Pride in your environment
  • Be on time and wait patiently at bus stop
  • Report all problems to Bus Driver
  • Leave no trace
  • Remain silent at railroad crossings
  • Keep aisle clear
  • Stay seated while bus is moving
  • Follow boarding and exiting procedures


  • Follow cafeteria rules
  • Follow staff directives
  • Follow cafeteria rules
  • Leave no trace
  • Follow cafeteria rules
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Enter and exit carefully


  • Take pride in your environment
  • Privacy for all
  • Leave your cell phone in your classroom or locker
  • Take pride in your environment
  • Leave no trace
  • Return to class promptly
  • Report problems and spills to staff
  • Wash your hands
  • Enter and exit quickly
  • Keep water in the sink


  • Sit in assigned area
  • Respond in appropriate manner
  • Be attentive to speakers
  • Follow hallway procedures
  • Leave no trace
  • Be attentive to speakers
  • Follow entering and exiting procedures
  • Follow teacher directives
  • Keep aisles clear


  • Use polite tone and manner
  • Follow staff directives
  • See appropriate office staff
  • Wait your turn
  • Follow office procedures


  • Stay in designated area
  • Follow staff directives
  • Ask permission to join others/ work as a team
  • Leave no trace
  • Line up at first whistle
  • Return equipment to proper place
  • Use equipment properly

Before School On School Grounds

  • Gather in specified areas
  • Follow staff directives
  • Bicycles put in bike racks and locked
  • Use appropriate voice levels
  • Keep your place in line
  • Gather peacefully in specified areas
  • Follow staff directives
  • Leave no trace
  • Bring belongings with you
  • Report problems to staff on duty
  • Use sidewalks to access front entrance area
  • Gather in specified areas
  • Follow staff directives
  • Keep your place in line
  • Watch out for others entering

After School on

School Grounds

  • Be polite to all visitors
  • Take pride in your environment
  • Use appropriate language and volume
  • Once dismissed exit building immediately
  • Keep all belongings with you
  • Leave no trace
  • When exiting school grounds, use sidewalks
  • Wait for your bus or  ride at designated area
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

Fire Drill

  • Follow fire drill procedures
  • Follow hallway procedures
  • Follow staff directives
  • Follow fire drill procedures
  • Follow hallway procedures
  • Follow staff directives
  • Follow fire drill procedures
  • Follow hallway procedures
  • Follow staff directives



  • Display good sportsmanship and school spirit
  • Arrange rides for after events
  • Report to designated areas before or after school
  • Stay in designated areas

Field Trips

  • Follow staff directives
  • Follow building and event guidelines
  • Focus, listen, and watch
  • Respond in an appropriate manner
  • Follow staff directives
  • Follow building and event guidelines
  • Represent CMS positively
  • Follow staff directives
  • Follow bus procedures
  • Enter and exit in designated areas

Clintonville Middle School Behavior Infraction Definitions



Inappropriate Language: Disruptive language not suited for school use

Profanity: Use of obscene or foul language including swearing, slurs, and gestures

Noncompliant: Not following directions as they are intended

Fighting: At least two students mutually engaged in serious physical contact (punching, hitting, kicking, scratching, hair pulling, hitting with object)

Disruption: Any behavior causing interruption

Physical Aggression: One student intentionally making serious physical contact upon another (punching, hitting, kicking, scratching, hair pulling, hitting with object) for the purpose of causing harm

Property Misuse: Not handling school or someone else’s property in a careful way or as it is intended or allowed to be used

Student Threat: Student delivers a message (verbalized, written, drawn, or gestured) toward another that conveys an act of intended injury or harm

Dress Code: Not following guidelines for respectful dress at school

Harassment/Discrimination: Repeated teasing, name calling, or other actions as well as activities or statements intended to be offensive of one’s religion, race, heritage, color, and disability, including sexual harassment

Unexcused Tardy: Arriving to class after the bell without an acceptable excuse

Bullying: Extreme and repeated behavior, cyber behavior, or any physical behavior set forth to intimidate a person to make them do something or make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe

Lying: Deliberate act of hiding or changing the truth

Truancy: Excessively missing school as determined by the law

Cheating: Looking at or copying answers from someone else or using resources for answers when not approved by a staff member

Stealing: Intentional taking or passing on of another person’s property without that person’s permission

Unsafe Behavior: Activity that could be harmful to oneself or others

Vandalism: Intentional and malicious destruction of the property of others

Weapons: Possession of a knife, gun, ammunition, or anything else associated with the intent of causing harm towards another person

Insubordinate: Complete refusal to follow staff directions in such a manner that the learning environment is significantly disrupted and/or the student places his/herself in a dangerous situation

Other: Could include: possession (weapons, drugs, tobacco, pagers, laser pointers), arson, forgery, bomb threat, false alarms, extortion, computer use violation, leaving campus


Clintonville Middle School staff have the opportunity to refer students two different ways. The first option is a minor referral (see description above) that is entered in a program called EduClimber. This information is used to track minor behavior issues throughout the year. Parents and students are not able to access the referrals in EduClimber. The second option is a major referral (see description above) that is entered into Skyward. Students and parents are able to access all referral data that is entered into Skyward, and there is an automated email generated as soon as the referral is entered.  EVERY referral (major or minor) that is entered will include a parent contact, either via phone, email, in person, etc. It is our hope that by improving parent and school contact, student behavior will improve.



  1. Be at your designated bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time as the bus will not wait for you.
  2. Stay off the road while waiting for the bus.
  3. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to load.

While on the bus:

  1. Keep head and limbs inside the bus at all times
  2. Throw all garbage in the cans—never on the floor
  3. Behave  in a manner which does not divert the driver’s attention
  4. No horseplay
  5. Talk quietly—no yelling or screaming
  6. Do not mistreat/tamper with the bus,  restitution will be paid for by the offender or his/her parents
  7. Keep the aisles clear
  8. Do not throw things on or out of the bus
  9. Remain seated while the bus is in motion
  10. Be respectful and courteous to the other riders and the bus driver
  11. Be absolutely quiet when approaching a railroad crossing
  12. Use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal drug use is prohibited
  13. Eating or drinking will not be allowed on the bus
  14. Profane or indecent language will not be tolerated
  15. Sit in assigned seat at all times
  16. Listen to and obey the bus driver
  17. Keep your hands to yourself,  no touching/hitting another student
  18. Do not touch or take other students’ belongings

After leaving the bus:

  1. The driver will only discharge students at designated bus stops, unless authorized by the school or bus garage. If you need your child dropped at a different address, you need to write a note to the school (student takes into the office) or call the bus garage (715-823-4123 ext #2).
  2. After getting off the bus, if necessary, cross the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus.  Watch for a danger signal from the driver.

Extracurricular and Field Trips:

  1. The above rules and regulations apply to any trip under school sponsorship.
  2. Respect the instructions of the bus driver and chaperone's.


Riding privileges may be suspended for the violation of school bus rules. School administration reserves  the right to modify consequences based on the facts of the case and the severity of the infraction.

  1. 1st Offense: Warning letter sent to parents - listing the offense
  2. 2nd Offense:  Letter sent - student talked to - 1 day suspension from bus riding
  3. 3rd Offense: Letter sent - student talked to - 3 day suspension from bus riding
  4. 4th Offense:  Letter sent - student talked to - 2 week suspension from bus riding
  5. 5th Offense:  Letter sent - student talked to - 1 month suspension from bus riding
  6. 6th Offense:  Letter sent - student talked to - suspended from riding the bus for the rest of the school year


It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that a child is in attendance at school and that all state and local laws and school policies are being followed.

Wisconsin State Statute 118.15 -  Compulsory School Attendance

 ... unless the child is excused … or has graduated from high school, any person having under control a child who is between the ages of 6 and 18 years shall cause the child to attend school regularly during the full period and hours, religious holidays excepted, that the public, private, or tribal school in which the child should be enrolled is in session until the end of the school term, quarter or semester of the school year in which the child becomes 18 years of age.


Excused absences are those absences in which the school administration has excused the student from the school and allows the student to make up assignments missed. Excused absences fall into three categories;


In order for your student to get credit for assignments missed during an absence a written note or phone call to the office is required. If a written note or call is not provided within 24 hours of the absence, the absence will remain unexcused, regardless of the reason.  Parent Request Excused absences include medical appointments, hunting trips, weddings, vacations, etc. Students are allowed 10 days of parent request absences per school year according to state law and school policy.  

NOTE: All work that is missed during a parent request absence is due on the day of return to school. Any testing missed during a parent request absence must be completed on the day of return unless arrangements have been made with the teacher prior to the absence. A parent request call-in the morning of the absence does not change this provision. In addition, being gone for a preexcused absence does not excuse a student from taking a test on the day of return or not having work completed by the deadline.

NOTE: It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to inquire about what he/she missed during a parent request absence. A teacher WILL NOT be expected to notify the student of the work or any testing missed during the parent request absence.


These are absences which occur suddenly. Unexpected absences include illness, death in the family, some appointments, etc. In order to be excused from school the reason for absence must be approved by school administration.  

In order to excuse your child on these days, please call the middle school office 823-7215 ext. 2400 before 2:30 PM and be prepared to give the reason for the absence. If a call is not possible on the day of the absence, a note MUST be provided or a call MUST occur on the day of return. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and the student to ensure this policy is followed. Students are allowed 5 days of unexpected excused absences per semester.  

NOTE: If no call is received or a note is not provided on the day of return, the absence will be recorded as unexcused and truancy proceedings will be initiated. If a note is provided or a call is made later than the day of return, the absence will remain unexcused, regardless of the reason. If a student accumulates 6 or more unexpected absences in a semester, a doctor’s excuse will be required for an illness in order to be excused.  


In order for appointments (doctor, dentist, court, etc.) to be excused written verification of attendance at the appointment is required, including verification of time, with signature from medical provider.

In order for a medical excuse to be valid the student MUST BE SEEN by the medical provider in the medical provider’s office. Simply calling a doctor and requesting a note is not acceptable. Any time a medical excuse is provided and the student was not physically seen by a provider, the absence will not be excused.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES/TRUANCY [State Statute 118.163(1m)]:  

An unexcused absence/truancy is defined as a student that is not present when expected to be in attendance. This would include a student that is absent without parental/guardian notification as outlined above. It is also defined as a situation in which a student has used up all allowed excused days. Tardiness is also considered unexcused/truancy. A student is also considered to be unexcused/truant for leaving school property during his or her lunch period. Being absent for all or any part of a day or class period without school permission is considered unexcused/truant. NOTE: If a student leaves without prior permission, a pass will not be accepted after the absence has occurred and the absence will be marked as unexcused.

Students who have an unexcused absence will be allowed to make-up any summative assessments.   No credit will be given for formative work which are missed during the period of unexcused absence.  Daily and/or quarter and semester grades will not be reduced further based on an unexcused absence.

Each offense for unexcused absence/truancy will be entered into the discipline system and will be tracked as an office referral.

**NOTE:  Students must be in school no later than the start of fourth period in order to participate in any after school activity on that day. This includes attending a practice, a game, a performance, or any event (dances, sporting events, etc.)

NOTE:  A student who has an unexcused absence on the last day of a school week, is not eligible to participate in or attend any events on non-school days prior to the next day that school is in session.


The city has adopted a municipal ordinance prohibiting a person under 18 from being a truant. The consequences allowed under law are:

  1. An order to attend school.
  2. A fine of $50 plus costs for the first offense, and $100 plus cost for second or subsequent violations. These can be assessed against the truant, the parents, or both. A maximum forfeiture of $500 in a semester is allowed.


A habitual truant is a student who is absent from school without an acceptable excuse for all or part of five school days in a semester.

The city (Clintonville) has adopted a municipal ordinance prohibiting a person under 18 from being a habitual truant.

The consequences possible are:


If a student is tardy more than two times in a semester for a class, the following consequences will apply: 

3rd Tardy – Teacher Assigned 1⁄2 Hour After School Detention (Minor Referral)

4th Tardy - Teacher Assigned 1⁄2 Hour After School Detention (Minor Referral)

5th Tardy -­ Teacher Assigned 1⁄2 Hour After School Detention (Minor Referral)

6th Tardy – Referral to Office = 1 hour of Saturday morning detention (Major Referral)

7th Tardy – Referral to Office = 2 hours of Saturday morning detention (Major Referral)

8th Tardy – Referral to Office = 3 hours of Saturday morning detention (Major Referral)

9th Tardy – Referral to Office = 4 hours of Saturday morning detention (Major Referral)

10th and all subsequent Tardies – Referral to Office =Truancy

Recommendation filed with Police Liaison Officer.


Parents must call the middle school office  (823-7215 ext. 2400) to report the absence. An absence is excused only when a parent or guardian calls on the day of the absence or a follow-up note is turned in to the office on the day the student returns to school.

The school has the right to determine the suitability of an absence or excuse. Unexcused absence may result in disciplinary action. CMS will work with families when it comes to attendance if there is clear communication to improve attendance.  


In order for a student to be excused from school for a family vacation/hunting, he/she must receive prior approval from the school. Students are allowed to accumulated ten (10) days of absence. Students need to submit a note from a parent to the school office 3 days prior to the absence.

The student will be issued a pre-excuse slip, which will be signed by all teachers providing the schoolwork that will be missed. The pre-excuse slip MUST be turned in to the office before the student leaves for vacation/hunting.


The middle school is concerned about the safety of your child. To do our best to maintain this safety, we ask all parents and/or adults to use the following procedure when picking up students during the school day:

  1. Have your student provide the school office with a written note before school starts indicating the reason for leaving school and at what time your child will be picked up by a parent or authorized adult. A pass will be issued to your child to enable him/her to leave class to come to the office.
  2. An authorized adult must pick up the student from the office.  
  3. This procedure applies to the release of all of our students at any time they are leaving the middle school during school hours.

Detentions, Suspensions, and Expulsion: General Information

Lunch Detention: Lunch detention starts at the beginning of a student’s lunch period. The student will get a lunch or can bring their own lunch from home. The student is to bring study materials or a recreational reading book and is required to stay in lunch detention for the entire lunch period. Those students violating the rules will serve additional lunch detention time.

After-school Detention: Detention may be assigned because of a violation of classroom or school rules and will be served in the teacher’s room or office. It is up to the student’s parents to provide transportation home. Detentions will only be changed in extreme emergencies. Excessive detentions will result in a parent conference and may result in further discipline.

In-School Suspension (ISS): ISS is defined as having to stay in school in an alternate placement, other than that of the classroom, as a consequence of more serious infractions of the rules/policy/law. One to three days may be assigned depending on the seriousness and frequency of the infraction. During ISS, the student is expected to complete school work as assigned. Parents will be notified that their child has an in-school suspension.

Out-Of-School Suspension (OSS): OSS is defined as having no contact with the school from anywhere from one to fifteen days, depending on the seriousness and the frequency of the infraction. Parents will be notified and they must meet with an administrator to discuss the concern and to make a plan of action for their child upon re-entry to school.

Expulsion: Expulsion is a disciplinary action by the School Board whereby the student is not allowed to attend school in this district for a specified amount of time. If the student is under 18 years of age, this means that schooling must be carried on in some other manner because of the compulsory school attendance law. This punishment is reserved for serious cases of misconduct and/or frequent disruption of the educational process.

Reference: State Statute – 120.13  


All students are required to have an agenda with them for all class periods and are required for students to leave class. If a student loses his/her agenda an additional one can be purchased in the main office for $5.00. Students should use the agenda to assist in organization.  


Bicyclists must follow all traffic rules. Students are responsible for the safety of their bicycle. The school will assume no liability. For your protection and the protection of others on school property the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Students must walk bikes on school property.
  2. Bicycles should be locked to the bike rack.
  3. No bicycle is to be used during the school day.
  4. No student is to play near or tamper with these bicycles.


Clintonville Middle School is focused on the academic success of our students. We have developed a tutorial program comprised of several steps that allow all students the opportunity to receive assistance. This program is outlined in the following steps:

Step 1

  1. Teachers should contact parents when a student is falling behind in their work.
  2. If work is not made up, a parent meeting may be set up to address the issue.

Step 2

  1. At the end of each quarter, students with an “F” on their report card are required to attend the CMS Counts program until the work is completed.  CMS Counts will meet in Room 410 from 3:15-4:00pm for approximately two weeks at the completion of each quarter.

            Step 3

  1. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in summer school and/or retention.  


Computers are available for student use in classrooms, labs and the IMC. The Internet is available on school computers. The District will provide access to the Internet, subject to “filtering” to block inappropriate sites. The District reserves the right to block other sites that do not support the goals of the network, namely the enhancement of classroom activities and career development. Students are encouraged to contact the principal should anyone inadvertently access a site inappropriate for the school setting.


Students are also subject to any other school rules and penalties as may be defined elsewhere. All penalties are subject to review by the building administration. Additionally, students are subject to any civil and criminal laws as may be applicable.

The mission of the 1:1 Chromebook program at Clintonville Middle School is to create a collaborative learning environment for all students. This environment will enable and support students and teachers to implement trans-formative uses of technology while enhancing students’ engagement with content and promoting the development of self-directed and lifelong learners. Students will transition from consumers of information to creative producers and owners of knowledge.

Clintonville Middle School endeavors to prepare students for an ever-changing world that sees technological advancements happening at a rapid rate and is committed to preparing students for whatever path they choose after high school.

Each Chromebook will be on loan to the student, and must be used in accordance with the  policies and procedures of the Clintonville Public School District’s Acceptable Use Policy and any civil/criminal applicable laws. Use of this Chromebook, as well as access to the computer network, the Internet and email are a privilege and not a right. These items will be provided for educational purposes only, and are intended to support the learning objectives of the Clintonville Public School District.

If a Chromebook or any component is damaged, the student is to bring the device to the office to have it sent in for repairs.

Chromebook Care Program

On March 14, 2016 the Clintonville Board of Education approved the purchase of damage insurance for the Chromebooks used by students in grades 7-12. Beginning on April 1, 2016, the Samsung Chromebooks that students take home with them will be covered with damage insurance through May 31 of 2017. In addition, the newer HP Chromebooks that students take home with them would be covered through May 31, 2018. All previous damage charges remain in place, but moving forward, the TRA Chromebook Care program will cover negligence damages to these devices. Beginning with April 1, 2016 the district will implement a new deductible fee schedule required by TRA (See below).

Chromebook Damage Deductible Fee Schedule

Incident 1

Incident 2

Incident 3

Incident 4




Replacement cost

Other replacement costs not covered by Chromebook Care:



Samsung AC Adapter


HP AC Adapter


Infocase Rugged Case


USB Mouse


Lost or Stolen Chromebook

Full cost of replacement device

For additional information please see:


Students will be allowed to have phones and/ or electronic devices out and in use during passing time between classes, before 8:00AM and after 3:15 PM, and during their lunch period. Students will not be allowed to use phones at any time during class, or study hall without teacher permission. If a phone or electronic device is confiscated, the following consequences will be in place:

First Confiscation: Student will be allowed to pick up the phone/electronic device from CMS staff at end of period.

Second Confiscation: The phone/electronic device will be held in the office until the end of the school day.

Third Confiscation: The phone/electronic device will be held in the office until contact is made with a parent or guardian by administration.  

Fourth Confiscation: The phone/electronic device will be turned in to the office upon the student’s arrival at school and may be picked up by the student at the end of their academic day. This procedure will be in place for five (5) days.

Fifth Confiscation: The phone/electronic device will be turned in to the office upon the student’s arrival at school and may be picked up by the student at the end of their academic day. This procedure will be in place for ten (10) days.

Sixth Confiscation: The phone/electronic device will be turned in to the office upon the student’s arrival at school and may be picked up by the student at the end of their academic day. This procedure will be in place for twenty (20) days


Dances for grades 5-6-7-8 are for the full-time students in the Clintonville Middle School building.  Visitors are not allowed to participate. Once a student leaves a dance, he/she will not be allowed to return. Students who are absent-unexcused at school on the day of the dance will not be allowed to attend. All school rules apply at dances and any violations may result in the student(s) being prohibited from attending future dances.


In this educational setting, clothing must be appropriate as deemed by administration.

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.  
  2. Jackets or coats may not be worn in class.
  3. Hats, caps, or any inappropriate headwear may not to be worn in the building.
  4. Backpacks and purses are not allowed in the classroom.
  5. Tank tops, shirts with spaghetti straps and low cut shirts are not allowed (shoulder straps should be at least one inch in width).
  6. Shorts or skirts must be below the fingertips when hands are extended at the sides.
  7. Clothing that exposes bare mid sections will not be allowed.  Pants must be worn at the waist.
  8. Clothing with obscene and inappropriate pictures or language will not be allowed.
  9. Clothing advertising alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or any other controlled will not be allowed.

Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to change. If students do not have other clothing, the parent/guardian will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing. Administration has the final decision regarding appropriateness of a students clothing.


Grades for students in grades 6-7-8- can be accessed through the family access at  If you need a password, please contact the Middle School Office.  The following grading scale will be used for grades 6, 7, and 8.  

93-100%         A

90-92%        A-                        

88-89%        B+

83-87%        B

80-82%        B-

78-79%        C+

73-77%        C

70-72%        C-

68-69%        D+

63-67%        D

60-62%        D-

0-59%        F

Grade 5 does not use letter grades.  Grade 5 uses the designations of minimal (1), basic (2), proficient (3), and advanced (4).

Honor Roll will be calculated after each quarter of the school year. Any student earning a 3.20gpa or higher will earn Honor Roll recognition.


Our school district is interested in each student as an individual. Teachers and other staff members are willing to discuss many questions or problems students might have.

In addition, guidance and counseling services are available to all students. Problems concerning school and a student’s personal life can be helped by counseling with a competent and caring person. In addition to other services, the school counselor will be involved in classroom guidance units.

Throughout the school year the pupil services staff offers several educational student support groups on a variety of topics. These groups typically last for 6-8 weeks and are over one class period. They are extremely helpful for students because they provide support, education, and information for students on how to be more successful. If parents have any objections to their child/children participating in these groups, please submit a written request to your school.

The counselor’s office is located in room 270. Appointments can be made to see the counselor.  


Students should report all injuries to the teacher or staff member in charge of the area or activity in which the injury occurred. The school district employs a nurse to assist students with matters related to health. If it is determined that a student should go home, the parents will be contacted. If parents/guardians cannot be contacted and medical attention is needed, the school will call an ambulance if necessary.  


Students should only use the lockers assigned to them. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the locker orderly and locked at all times. In the event that a student loses their lock, CMS will charge an $8.00 replacement fee.


The Clintonville Public School system offers a nutritionally balanced hot lunch and breakfast program for all students. Menus can be found in the main office or on the district webpage.

All questions regarding the school lunch/breakfast program should be directed to April Shufelt at 823-7215 ext. 2500. All prices of the school lunch program are subject to change at the start of the school year.


Students requiring any “over-the-counter” medication at school must have a written consent form completed by the parent/guardian and on file in the office.

Prescriptions that need to be taken by any student of school age require not only parent/guardian consent, but a physician’s consent as well. These forms are available in the school office or by contacting the school nurse. All medication must be brought to school in the original container.  REFERENCE:  School District Policy - #5141.6


Grades can be accessed through Parent Access in the Skyward software system. If you require a printed copy please contact the Middle School Office.



Physical education is a state/district-required class. All students are to participate in physical education unless the child has a physician’s excuse that prohibits him/her from physical activity. Due to the physical activity in our physical education classes, all students should be dressed appropriately. A t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers are to be worn for class. We understand that students may forget their clothes at times. When this occurs, they may be allowed to participate in the activities in the clothes worn to school that day.  


SHORT TERM EXCUSES – A parent/guardian, in a written request, may temporarily excuse a student from physical education class for one class period. A request for an excuse to be longer than one class period will require a medical excuse signed by a licensed practitioner.  

LONG-TERM EXCUSES – A student who is given a medical excuse not to participate in physical education for the total semester or year will follow this procedure:

  1. A student with a medical excuse who is allowed to participate in specific physical education activities will be required to attend the regular class.
  2. A student with a semester excuse will contract with the teacher to set up an individual program that will be beneficial to the student. The instructor will grade the students on the agreed upon contract.



The Clintonville School District Board of Education requires all students to meet the criteria established by the Board of Education for promotion. The Board requires multiple criteria be used for the evaluation of students seeking promotion and that appropriate accommodations be provided for students with special needs.


  1. Academic Performance Criteria

Students must have no failing grades at the end of any grading period in any subject. If this criterion in Section 1 is met for grade 5-7, the student will advance to the next grade. If the requirements outlined above are not met, the students must meet the requirements of CMS Counts.  

  1. Smarter Balance Test and Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination – Students in 8th grade must meet the criteria in both Section 1 & 2 to advance to 9th grade.
  2. Other Academic Criteria

Students who have not met the criteria listed in Section 1 and Section 2 can advance to the next grade by meeting at least one of the following:

                Individual Education Plan for students with disabilities, if noted

                Students with 504 Accommodation plans, if noted

                Students with ESL Accommodation plans, if noted

                Other available test scores
If the student does not meet the criteria listed in Section 1, 2, & 3, the student will not advance to the next grade and must meet the criteria listed in Section 4.

  1. Review Committee Recommendation Criterion

If a student does not meet any of the required criteria listed in Section, 1, 2, or 3, in order to advance, the student would need the recommendation of a review committee. If the required criteria in Sections 1 and 2, or 3 and 4 are met, the student will advance. If none of the requirements listed in Sections 1, 2, 3, or 4 are met the student will be retained.

Reference:  School District Policy - #5123


Occasionally it is necessary to close or cancel school because of weather. Any announcements concerning the closing of school due to bad weather can be heard on WTCH (AM 960), WFCL (AM 1380), WGEE (AM 1360), WIXX (FM 101.1), WJMQ (92.3), WOWN (99.3),  WLUK-TV Channel 11, WBAY-TV Channel 2, WFRV-TV Channel 5, or WGBA-TV Channel 26 prior to 7 AM.  Please do not call the school.



The Clintonville Public School District does not tolerate harassment, including sexual harassment, in any form and will take all necessary and appropriate action to eliminate it, up to and including discipline of offenders. It is the further policy of the district that a sexual relationship between staff and students is not permissible in any form or under any circumstance, in or out of the work place, because it interferes with the educational process and involves elements of coercion by reason of relative status of a staff member to a student.  

A program of education and intervention shall exist for students who are sexually harassed or students who have engaged in harassment.

Sexual harassment is defined as any deliberate, repeated or unwanted verbal or physical contact

sexually explicit derogatory statement, or sexually discriminating remark which is offensive or objectionable to the recipient, causes the recipient discomfort or humiliation, or which interferes with the recipient’s academic performance.  

Any student who believes he/she has been subjected to sexual harassment by another student or employee should first directly inform the person engaging in sexual harassing conduct or communications that such conduct or communications are offensive and must stop. Any individual who does not wish to communicate directly to the person whose conduct or communication is offensive, is strongly encouraged to immediately report the incident to the building principal or guidance counselor, who are trained to assist and advise students who experience sexual harassment.  The complaint procedure will be made available to any student or parent/guardian wishing to file a complaint.  

Students who have been found to engage in sexual harassment in violation of this policy shall

be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.  Reference: School District Policy - #5131.8



Our school district does not offer free insurance coverage to students. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide adequate personal insurance coverage for their child/children while in school.  

As a service to parents, the school will make available an accident insurance policy, which parents/guardians may purchase at their own expense. This plan will provide benefits for medical expenses incurred because of an accident at school. The school will provide an explanation of the costs and benefits at your request. Please review your present health and accident insurance program to determine if it fully covers doctor, hospital and dental bills, which may result from an accident at school.  

Parents/guardians of students involved in Clintonville Middle School competitive sports programs must complete the Insurance Coverage Statement prior to any participation (practice or games).  


Parents and guardians are welcome to visit school. All visitors must register in the office and receive a visitor’s badge to be worn while in the school. It is the policy of Clintonville Middle School not to permit student visitors in our building during the regular school day.


Policy: The Clintonville Public School District does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, martial or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability or handicap in its education programs or activities. Federal law prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap. The Wisconsin Fair Employment Law also prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of creed, martial status, ancestry, arrest record or conviction record, or sexual orientation.

Complaint Procedure: If any person believes that Clintonville Public School District or any part of the school organization has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of Title IX (sex) and Section 504 (handicap) or in some way discriminates on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, age, or handicap, he/she may bring forward a complaint to the Administration Office at the following address: 45 West Green Tree Road, Clintonville, Wisconsin 54929.


No student or adult shall possess, use, be armed with, or store a dangerous weapon and/or look alike weapon in school or on school property, in school vehicles or any school bus, or at school-related activities.  

Reference: Wisconsin State Statutes – 120.13(1), 939.22 (10), 948.60, 948.61.

DRUG / ALCOHOL POLICY (Board Policy No. 5131.6)
The goal of this policy is to promote the maximum level of learning success for all students by working with them, their parents, and the community so that all school will be totally free of the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This policy is intended to convey a strong message of “zero tolerance” in its clear prohibition of students, on school property or at school sponsored events, possessing alcohol, non-prescribed controlled substances or related chemicals, look alike controlled substances or drug paraphernalia as defined in Section 161.571 Wis. Stats.; transferring, purchasing, selling or distributing any of these items.  


Section 118.258 of the Wisconsin State Statutes, prohibits all students from using or possessing an electronic paging or two-way communication device while on premises owned, rented, or under the control of the Clintonville School District. Possession and use of cell phones may be allowed for medical, school, educational, vocational, or other legitimate use with authorization in advance by the building principal.  


To help ensure the safety of our students and staff and the security of the buildings and grounds an electronic security alarm system has been installed in the middle school. Surveillance cameras have been installed at the entrances. Videotapes are recorded and maintained for approximately four weeks.  Tapes documenting a problem may be kept indefinitely.

Tapes will not be available for viewing by the public, employees, media, or other individuals. Students who are disciplined based on video evidence and/or their parents/guardians with the principal and his/her designee in attendance, may view the segment of the video that documents the incident for which the disciplinary action was taken.


Wisconsin State law 118.07 requires that schools hold fire drills periodically. The directions to be followed are posted in each room. In all cases, walk rapidly and quietly to the designated exits.  Remain with your group when assembled at least 50 feet from the building. If your exit is blocked, remain quiet and listen for instructions from your teacher.  


Reference:  School Board Policy #5142.4.

Wisconsin State Statutes Law of 1977, Chapter 355, Sec. 48.981 requires the reporting of child abuse or neglect. It shall be the policy of the Clintonville Public School District to require conformance with State Statutes related to the reporting of child abuse or neglect.

Harassment and/or bullying of students will not be tolerated in the Clintonville Public Schools, which includes any property or vehicles owned, leased or used by the schools. 

For purposes of this policy, harassment and/or bullying are defined as any conscious, willful, or deliberate act or attempted act, through the use of words or actions, which are intended to cause physical injury, emotional distress/suffering or property damage or which impact the learning environment.

Harassment and/or bullying could include acts motivated by, but not limited to, hostility toward the victim’s real or perceived sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identification, social, socioeconomic or family status, physical attributes, disability/handicap or any other basis protected by state or federal law. All forms of harassment in cyberspace commonly referred to as cyber bullying are unacceptable and viewed as a violation of this policy. Cyber bullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassment, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another person or group of people by sending or posting inappropriate and hurtful email messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or website postings, including blogs or any other messages via cyberspace.

In situations in which cyber bullying originated off school property or from a non-school computer or telecommunication device, but is brought to the attention of school officials, any disciplinary action shall be based upon whether the conduct is determined to be severely disruptive of the educational process so that it markedly impedes the day to day operations of a school. Any student who believes he/she has been subject to harassment and/or bullying may file a complaint in accordance with established complaint procedures or may complain directly to the building principal.  

Any student or parent/guardian who becomes aware of or witnesses harassment and/or bullying has an obligation to report. Any district employee who becomes aware of or witnesses harassment and/or bullying has an obligation to intervene and report. Students who engage in harassment and/or bullying in violation of this policy and/or retaliating against an individual for reporting harassment and/or bullying shall be subject to school disciplinary measures consistent with District policies and procedures up to and including suspension and/or expulsion.  

1st Offense  Student and administration meet and a verbal warning is issued to the student. Written or verbal contact is made with the parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding the situation. 

2nd Offense  Student receives a one day inschool suspension. Written or verbal contact is made with the parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding the situation. Students will meet with guidance department and/or administrative staff to discuss bullying and harassment issues, and the impact of such actions on the victims of bullying/harassment. 

3rd Offense  Student receives a one day out-of-school suspension. A referral for harassment is made to the police liaison officer. Student will be allowed to return to school after a face-to-face meeting between administration, student, and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).

4th Offense  Student receives a three day out-of-school suspension. A referral for harassment is made to the police liaison officer. Parent or guardian will be notified in writing via certified mail, that this is the final warning step. In addition, the parent or guardian will be required to meet with administration, including the Superintendent of Schools prior to the student being readmitted to school. An additional incident will result in an out-of-school suspension pending expulsion hearing before the Board of Education.

5th Offense  Out-of-school suspension is issued to the student, pending an expulsion hearing before the Board of Education. Parents or guardians will be notified via phone alerting them of the situation.  An expulsion notice will be sent via certified mail from the administration.

* The Administration may modify consequences based upon the severity of the action involved. The consequences involved in each situation will be determined on a casebycase basis after an administrative review of the available information. 


The Clintonville Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

The following persons has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non­discrimination policies:

Paul Huettner, High School Guidance Counselor

64 W. Green Tree Rd., Clintonville, WI 54929

715-823-7215 ext. 2224


Jody Lehman, Middle School Guidance Counselor

255 N. Main St., Clintonville, WI 54929

715-823-7215 ext. 2432


Jennifer Bachman, Longfellow Guidance Counselor

105 S. Clinton Ave, Clintonville, WI 54929

715-823-7215 ext. 3219

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