Email, Jared Craighead, campaign manager, Barry Smitherman campaign, Dec. 11, 2013

10:29 a.m.

This California person clearly is in the camp that human activity is causing global warming:  "It is just plain foolish to focus on short-term distractions in the climate record due to natural variability, while ignoring the long term-trend due to human activities."


He also must not have watched Dr. Easterbrook's presentation which looks back in time over 500 years.  They also mischaracterize the statement you are fact-checking: "The earth is not warming."  According to Dr. Easterbrook we've been in a cooling period since 1999.  One of the many over the last 500 years including the little ice age and others.


When 16 scientists refute global warming propaganda in the WSJ, I think that is worth evaluating and clearly their expert opinions would be relied on by readers.  He labels these experts as "biased" which is exactly what he seems to be if he refuses to acknowledge that IPCC was wrong in its 2000-2010 predictions and Dr. Easterbrook was correct.


I'm not going to sift through all of the links he cites.  We've provided just as many that back up what Barry said.


I'm sure with these massive snow and ice storms and record low temperatures around the country, folks would be interested in a "final determination" that there is in fact global warming caused by humans - if that is in fact what Mr. Somerville is trying to convince you of.  But even that doesn't have direct relevance to what Barry said, "the earth is not warming."


Have you talked to Dr. Easterbrook?  He can probably do a bang up job defending his conclusions and tell you exactly why the "global warming is being caused by human activity" scientists are wrong....