Community Support Quick Links

Bastrop Education Foundation - The Bastrop Education Foundation is a local, grassroots, philanthropic organization committed to improving education and educational opportunities throughout our community.

Friends of Texas Public Schools - We are a bit of a different type of organization… one that doesn’t invest energy in education reform but rather in celebrating what’s right with our schools. Contrary to popular opinion and the day’s headlines, our public schools are performing remarkably well. The widespread failures so often debated are nothing more than myths. Sure, there are isolated cases of failures across the country, but our schools are achieving more today than ever before and America’s schools are superior to any other nation in the world.

We Believe in BISD - "We Believe In BISD" is a partnership between the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce, the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation, and the Bastrop Independent School District. Its purpose is to unite the community and local businesses to support the school district. The goal is to bring the public together, and show their support for their district.

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