The following list includes vendors in a variety of social business categories including Intranets, Communities, Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) and Group Chat/Persistent Chat Rooms. Perhaps it would be better if I curated separate lists, but so many products seem to span categories.

Both small startups and established enterprise software companies are listed.

I have not yet included “Messaging Apps” like CoTap, Jive Chime, GroupMe, Talko, Mez, Lua        

For a list of Social Task Management vendors click here.

For a list of File Management Sync and Share vendors click here.

Vendors in alphabetical order: (scroll down if you don’t see “End of list”)

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Update History


_ renamed Cisco Project Squared to Cisco Spark

_ added Caboh


- Added Collaborne, Jostle, nooQ

- Removed Blue Rooser Sepulveda and replaced it with Blue Rooser Rise Foundation

- Added Airglow, Bloomfire, Chabooli, Chookka, Cisco Project Squared, FlowDock, Glip, Hall, HipChat, Kato, Moxtra, Peerio, Slack, Stream, Unify Circuit, Unison, Witkit

- Removed Cisco WebEx Social (formerly Quad)

- Removed categorization as many vendors now span intranet, ESN, community, etc.

- Renamed Saba People Cloud to Collaboration@Work, Newsgator to Sitrion, Siemens to Unity.

- Added Zimbra

- Removed Nexocial, SnapworkSocial, SelectMinds, Eureka Streams, Flowr, IdeaPlane, NationalField, SocialSpring (formerly

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