Sunshine Harvester Primary School uses Google Apps for Education in the classroom. Google Apps for Education is an internet based service provided by Google for educational purposes only. It provides students and teachers with access to online services such as email, calendar, blogging, online document storage (for school work), sharing, messaging and video-conferencing facilities from school, and at home. Google Apps for Education includes the following online services:

Google Apps for Education (‘online services’)











Terms and conditions

Google Apps for Education Terms and Conditions and privacy information can be found by clicking on the links opposite:

Consent for Google to access specific personal information of your child

We seek your consent for your child to use the above stated Google Apps for Education online services. To enable your child to sign-on and access these services, Google require access to your child’s Department of Education & Training username, first and last name, year level and school.

If you do not provide consent, your child will not have access to the online services and alternate arrangements for allocating work will be made.

Parental access to Personal Information

The Department of Education and Training’s (‘Department’) use and handling of your child’s personal information is governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 & Health Records Act 2001(Victoria). You can access personal information held by the Department  about you and your child under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Victoria). If a mistake in that personal information is identified, the Department is required to correct it under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 .

Google Apps for Education Terms and Conditions provides further information on how Google Apps for Education may use your child’s personal information.

Providing a safe online environment

Use of online services will be subject to classroom supervision during school hours. A ‘Report Abuse’ facility will be provided for students to report unacceptable behaviour. A nominated member of staff will address the issue during school hours.  

To further assist your child in having safe and positive experiences online, you can refer to parent information on the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online website:   

In addition, staff at our school have been advised thatthe use of Google Apps for Education is strictly for teaching and learning material only (e.g. lesson plans and classwork) and staff does not upload your child’s personal, sensitive, health or security classified information into Google Apps for Education.

Student responsibilities when using online services

When using Google Apps for Education, students continue to be responsible for their behaviour as outlined in our school’s Students Acceptable Use Agreement. The main themes of this agreement are:

Acknowledgement and Consent for student use of online services

By signing and returning this form you acknowledge, consent and confirm that:

I have read the information about the online services and hereby consent for my child to access the online services:

Student Name / class


Parent / Guardian Signature 


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Date: ___________________