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Police:    112
Ambulance:   115

Medical Help

  1. Kiwohede
    Offers health and access to health care resources for women.  
    Postal Address: P.O Box 10127,  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Phone: +255 22 2861111 / +255 754 694107
    Fax: +255 22 2861111
    Email: katri@kiwohede.org

Legal Help

  1. Kivulini Women's Rights Organization
    Offers legal aid, assistance and legal representation.
    Address: 11348 Mwanza
    Email: admin@kivulini.org
    Phone: +255754367484
  2. Women's Legal Aid Centre
    Offers legal aid and assistance for women who have survived violence.
    Address: WLAC Building, Kinondoni Hananasif Area
    Kisutu Street (near Lang'ata Inn), Block No. 40, House No. 184, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Phone: 0800 780100
    Email: info@wlac.or.tz, wlac@wlac.or.tz

Education and Employment

  1. TACOPE Tanzania
    Offers empowerment and training programs for women.
    Address: Sukuma Street, P.O. Box: 11754, Mwanza, Tanzania
    Phone: +255754220917/ 787330235/ 757908823
    Email: tacopetz@yahoo.co.tz"
  2. Tanzania Home Economics Association
    Offers educational assistance and training for the economic empowerment of women.
    Address: 1762 AKIBA House -Soko Kuu Street Iringa, Tanzania
    Phone: +255 732 951 150
    Email: taheairinga@hotmail.com