Vocabulary – Essential Standards    8.E. 1.1




Made up of all the water found, on, above and under the Earth’s surface.


The layer of Earth made up of the crust and the rigid rock of the upper mantle, averaging about 40 kilometers thick and broken into tectonic plates.

Water Cycle

The continuous movement of water between Earth’s surface and its atmosphere.


All living organisms on Earth in the air, on the land, and in the waters;  one of the four parts of the Earth system.


The outer layer of  gases of a large body in space, such as a planet or star:  the mixture of gases that surrounds the solid Earth; one of the four parts of the Earth system.

Fresh water

Water that is not salty and has little or no taste, color or smell.  Most lakes and rivers are made up of fresh water.


A rock layer that collects and stores water


Water located below Earth’s surface

Salt Water

Water that contains dissolved salts and other minerals.  Oceans consist of salt water.