American Pie Hole (American Idol)

by Chad Carpenter

The doors open wide.

She struts inside,

Gown flows behind.

Vocal chords flexed,

Lyrics are checked.

The audience expects

Something stupendous

Or something horrendous.

Either upends us.

Her lips part,

The singing starts.

It sounds like farts.

The judges cringe

And hide their grins.

She cannot win.

They tell her so,

That she has to go,

But she wants to know

What's not to like.

She's sung all her life

To her mom's delight.

How dare they judge!

She'll hold a grudge

If they don't budge.

The tears appear.

She begins to fear

A short career.

At last ushered out,

She screams and shouts.

They'll regret their doubts.