8th Grade Supplies

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We look forward to teaching your children next school year!  Eighth grade is a great year of academic, social and physical growth for students. The eighth grade team will challenge your children with experiences that will help them develop productive mindsets and critical thinking skills.  With the support and encouragement of the eighth grade team, students will  develop and refine their organizational skills and work habits.  Please help your eighth graders start their year organized and ready to learn by purchasing the supplies listed below. The supplies are tools that will help students organize and secure their schoolwork throughout the year.  Thank you!

The Eighth Grade Team

Samantha Abate – Learning Support             Kathy Galecki – Reading        Catherine Potter – Math  

Julie Raitano  – English                            Jason Smith – Civics        Megan Sudsina – Science        


Math 8 & IM1

English and Reading

With our 1:1 Chromebooks this year, students will have the option to organize their language arts resources digitally with folders on their Google Drive instead of using a binder.  Please discuss with your children whether a binder or digital system would work best them. Of course, students can also choose to use both the digital and binder systems!  



Label plastic tabs as follows:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Language
  4. Literary Terms




Suggestions for General 8th Grade Supplies

Pencil case



Red Pens 



8th Grade Homework Calendar 

The 8th grade team uses a Google calendar to keep students and parents informed about assignments. The Google calendar can be viewed on our webpage page at the following address:


This calendar can be synced with mobile devices such as phones, ipods, and tablets.

Stay Connected. 8th Grade Blog and Email

Stay Connected. is a communication tool used by the 8th grade team to send parents, students, and interested community members information about our classes. The posts are updated and submitted periodically. If you subscribe by email, you will receive the newsletter in your inbox!


Remind: 8th Grade Text Messages for Students and Parents

During the 2017-2018 school year, the 8th grade team will use the free message system called Remind. To sign-up for our text alerts, follow these simple directions:

On your phone send the text message, @amsgrade8, to 81010! Follow the directions when prompted!