Meeting Minutes

Denman Middle School PTSA Association Meeting        Page  of

September 8, 2015        Start        6:20 pm

James Denman Middle School, Room 127        Adjourn        7:26 pm

  1. Welcome (S. Goeke)
  1. Board introductions: S. Goeke, President; T. Shipp, Principal; A. Boles-King, Teacher Representative; C. Banks and MA. Adelantar, co-VPs Community; N. Matsui, Secretary; A. Eastwood, Treasurer; L. Acosta-Bhattahcharya, Financial Secretary
  1. Minutes from May 12, 2015 JDMS PTSA Association Meeting (N. Matsui)
  1. Brief review of minutes
  2. Minutes approved by acclamation (proposed by N. Matsui, seconded A. Eastwood)
  3. Progress regarding PE Laundry – letter to D. Golden (SFUSD Facilities) was sent to T. Shipp to forward; N. Matsui will follow up
  1. School Administration Update (L.Jovich)
  1. Student enrollment is up from last year
  1. There will be an increased school budget because of increased enrollment
  2. A re-design team will be assembled
  1. Sales Force – 20 girls will be selected to participate
  2. Picture Day – Monday, September 14
  3. Back to School Night
  1. Parents will follow their child’s bell schedule to meet with each teacher
  2. Students are welcome to participate, but don’t need to
  1. Proposal to have child care for future (not Sept 15) Back to School Nights; this will be considered
  1. President’s Report (S. Goeke)
  1. S. Goeke presented her personal story
  2. JDMS PTSA was founded 3 years ago; most of the founders have moved on to high school
  3. Board Positions
  1. Financial Secretary – Leslie Acosta-Bhattahcharya volunteered to be the Financial Secretary to work with A. Eastwood; Board will vote to confirm
  2. A Student Representative is needed for the Board
  3. Member Coordinator is needed
  4. Parliamentarian is needed
  1. The Denman Pride Fund, “Good to Give”, donation link will be accessible online
  2. Beacon Community Program (E. Chhum, 415-406-1290,; M. Chavez, 415-406-1290 ext 114,
  1. Strengthening Families Program: 14 week course for teens and parents to strengthen communication through the teen years
  2. Dinner and Demos kickoff: Wednesday, September 16, 7 pm, in the cafeteria; program demonstrations, meet with instructors, dinner
  3. Parent Survey: please help Beacon by letting them know what you would like from the community program
  1. Library (K. Levenson, JDMS Librarian)
  1. Thank you to parents who helped carry books
  2. JDMS received a principal grant which will be spent on library renovation
  1. A committee will be formed; if you are interested contact Mrs. Levenson
  1. Library lunch programs – need parent volunteers
  1. Talk with students about college experience
  2. Talk with students about career experience
  3. Help monitor and assist students during lunch
  1. Other library volunteer needs
  1. Assist with library website
  2. Help make videos
  3. 8th Grade community service resources
  4. In the spring: community service showcase
  1. 2015-16 Budget (A. Eastwood)
  1. Fundraisers
  1. Note regarding sweatpants: not really a fundraiser item, main objective is to provide an alternative to PE shorts
  1. Passthrough items: net zero (i.e., expense equals income)
  2. Expenses
  1. Teacher appreciation breakfast
  2. Graduation celebration
  3. PTSA-funded grants
  1. Fund for teachers requesting up to $150; last year 23 requests were funded of 35 that were budgeted
  1. Current request: yoga mats for yoga club
  2. Current request: bike locks for students who bike to school
  1. School-wide grant, up to $1000
  2. School-wide supplies
  1. Budget was modified during the meeting (resulting budget is attached)
  2. Budget approved by acclamation (proposed by C. Banks, seconded MA. Adelantar)
  1. Programs and Events (S. Goeke)
  1. Proposed Programs and Events by Teams (attached)
  2. Team leaders
  1. Hospitality – R. Lambert
  2. Community Support – need leader
  3. Communication – need leader
  4. Academic Support – need leader
  5. Fundraising – need leader
  1. Major projects
  1. Fall Clean Up
  2. Spring Grounds Project Day
  3. Literacy Initiative
  1. Scholastic Book Fair, September 14-18
  2. We sell Scholastic Books at the fair 40% of book sale will be provided to us to purchase Scholastic Books
  1. Programs and events approved by acclamation (proposed by A. Boles-King, seconded A. Eastwood)
  1. PTSA website (S. Goeke, O. Cools) –
  1. Developed by O. Cools; website is still in development
  2. Website highlights
  1. Get Involved page – volunteer opportunities link (fillable form)
  2. Book Fair volunteer sign up
  1. New Business
  1. Experiencial field trip (L. Fisher)
  1. Entire class will travel to someplace
  2. Need special fundraising
  3. Plan now for implementation in 2 years?
  1. PTSA Membership
  1. $10 for parents, $5 or students
  2. Envelopes are available
  3. Will be collected by A. Eastwood tonight or from the PTSA mailbox in the office
  1. Announcements
  1. R. Hensler introduced herself as the JDMS Dean, Head Counselor, and LGBT Counselor
  2. SFUSD LGBT Family Dinner (October 15, Aptos MS, 5:30 pm) – open for all SFUSD LGBT families; see Ms. Hensler
  3. SFUSD Black Family Cradle to College Day (September 19, Mission HS, 9:30 am – 3 pm)
  1. Some colleges will offer scholarships during the events
  1. OMI Community Health Fair (September 19) – see Elijah Chhum



Stephanie Goeke (President)

Carrie Banks (VP Community)

Mary Ann Adelentar (VP Community)

Alison Eastwood (Treasurer)

Neil Matsui (Secretary)

Lisa Jovick-Berrueta (Assistant Principal)

Anthony Boles-King (Teacher Representative)

Jason Adelantar

Joyce Chen

Ottilie Cools

Lee Fisher

Robert Gallardo

Danica Gittleman

Mike Goeke

Heidi Kilgore

Natalie Krello-Zepponi

Rena Lambert

Dan Linder

Erika Luna

Luis Monzon

Bill Orcutt

Jovelyn S Roldan

Diane Rosen

Aly Wong

Magali Chavez

Elijah Chhum

Rebecca Hensler

Kathryn Levenson


Meeting Slide Deck (including Agenda, Minutes from 5/12/15 PTSA Meeting, Board Action Items, 2015-16 Budget, and PTSA Programs and Events by Teams) by S. Goeke; PTSA Website by O. Cools; PTSA membership envelope; flyers and survey from Beacon.


September 14-18

Scholastic Book Fair (set up on Sept 14)

September 15

Back to School Night

September 22

PTSA Board Meeting, 6 pm

September ?

JDMS Clean Up Day

October ?

Denman Pride PTSA Fundraiser Kick-Off

October 13

PTSA Association Meeting


Effective Date

Approved 5/12/15 Association Meeting minutes (proposed by NM, seconded AE, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 2.2]

September 8, 2015

Approved 2015-16 budget (proposed by CB, seconded MAA, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 5.4]

September 8, 2015

Approved 2015-16 programs and events (proposed by ABK, seconded AE, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 6.4]

September 8, 2015

* 11 registered PTSA members were present to complete quorum

2015-2016 Budget



From Alison


  Denman Pride Fund


  Parking Miraloma Fun Run


  Sponsorships Miraloma Fun Run Alumni


  Parking/Bake Sale Summer Resource Fair


  Bake Sale Miraloma Talent Show




Total Fundraisers


Cash Back

  Box Tops




  Rainbow Scrip


  Restaurant Fundraisers (e.g. Paxtis)


Total Cash Back


PTSA Admin Income (Membership Fees, Interest)




Sub-Total Income



  Book Fair


  PTSA Membership Fees


Total Passthrough


Total Income





  Parking/Bake Sale Summer Resource Fair


  Bake Sale Miraloma Talent Show




Total Fundraisers


Cash Back (Rainbow Scrip Cards)


Community Events

  Dinner for First PTSA Meeting


  School Beautification Project


  School Clean Up


Total Community Events



  Teacher Appreciation Breakfast


  Graduation Celebration


  Teacher Stipends (23 x $150)


  School-wide Stipend (Principal)


  School-wide Materials & Supplies


Total Programs




Sub-Total Expenses



  Book Fair


  PTSA Membership Fees & Insurance


Total Passthrough


Total Expenses