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Surface Ocean Currents


Answer (Current)

I am a warm current that moves west slightly north of the equator

North Equatorial Current

I am a cool current heading east along the Antarctic Circle.

Antarctic Cricumpolar Current

I am a warm current that curves around eastern Mexico and strikes western Florida.

Florida Current

I am a cool current that moves along the western United States from northwest to southeast.

California Current

I move northeast as a warm current just north of western Europe into the Arctic Circle.

Norwegian Current

From north to south, I traverse the Tropic of Capricorn as a warm current along the east coast of South America.

Brazil Current

I am a warm current that moves south around the southeastern portion of Africa (between South Africa and Madagascar), crossing 23.5 degrees South.

Agulhas Current

I am a cool current that moves against (into) another current you already found along the east coast of South America, beginning at the southernmost tip of the continent and heading north-northeast.

Falkland Current

I am an Asian current. You can guess by my name. I am cool and Japanese, passing from from about 60 to 50 degrees from the north to the south.

Oyashio Current

If you watch the Weather Channel at all, you’re likely to have heard of me. I influence YOUR weather as a warm current, moving along the eastern United States from about 30 to 50 degrees.

Gulf Current

I am named after a U.S. state by the way that I flow. The land around me is cold by I am a warm current you know.

Alaska Current

A gyre is a major, circular current. One Gyre in the north pacific ocean is made up of the North Pacific Current, the California Current, the North Equatorial Current, and the Kuroshio Current. Which currents make up a Gyre in the South Pacific Ocean?

On average, which direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) do the Gyres move in the North Atlantic Ocean?