LPS Innovation & Learning Coach MEETING AGENDA


Comments for Next Year:

The Feedback Process Book Study

Coach Meetings:



New Coaches:

May 24 - May 31 (5 days) *Daily Agendas on 2017-18 Coaches Meeting Doc

  1. Balanced Literacy PD
  2. NTII
  3. Coaching Academy

May 19

7 norms 

Title of the group:

Description for the help desk:

“Regardless of the roles they assume, teacher leaders shape the culture of their schools, improve student learning, and influence practice among their peers.” The Instructional Leadership Posse is professional learning to develop instructional leadership capacity, exploring change agency traits and practices, and learn more about instructional coaching.


Day 1 outline

Day 2 outline

Focus:  Culture of their school

How do you put yourself out there in your building to instill change?

Growth mindset

Sharing platforms

Focus:  Improve student learning

Analyzing data for student growth (data informed decisions)


District data, how to use it effectively?

Learner Agency

Focus:  Influence practice among their peers

How to navigate instructional conversations (relationships)

*Structure includes personalization for teachers with coaches follow-up after sessions

Possible resources

May 15


  • Susan’s Birthday (May 16)
  • Scott’s Birthday (June 9)
  • Bring a senior picture.
  •  Tracey -Card and Treat on May

Interview info:  May 9th (12-5) and May 8 (12-5)


April 28

New teacher half day to do list


Gmail training

April 17


  • Get to Know You
  • Matt’s Birthday (18)
  • Bring Most Hilarious Prom/Dance Photo
  • Brandon-Card and Treat on April  17

  1. What are you going to do to develop shared beliefs?
  2. What supports will we provide? What do we need to do to shift practice?
  3. How do you prepare for changes in structures?  How do you prepare for changes in tools?


5 Vision Priorities

  1. Growth Mindset
  2. Personalization
  3. Learner Agency
  4. Data informed decisions
  5. Relationships

Principles of Learning

Lebanon Coaches visit 10-2:30  (Decide where to eat lunch)

Take Aways

  1. Coaching System
  2. What is student centered coaching?
  3. How to meet the needs of the whole building?

Here is the information from Jay Roth

We will be bringing all our coaches. There are only 5. One is a district tech coach. There has been a PK-1 Literacy coach in the district for over a decade in our PK-1 building. There are two first year instructional coaches - one at 2/3 building, and one at 4/5 building. Also this is the third year for a grades 6-8 MS instructional coach and our primary model is navigating CC in the real world of schools.

I'm unfamiliar with Student-Centered (Sweeney) coaching, but our tech coach (primarily at HS) was so impressed that she really wanted us all to see what you do. As a fledgling coaching group (not even department), we are seeking to learn what successful models do!

With respect to OER, we are (again) new to the table with looking at these resources as we work with curriculum and curriculum teams. A specific question that comes to mind is given the vastness of possibilities, how do you monitor the OER resources to ensure that the rabbit hole of OER options aren't turned loose?! How do you ensure proper vetting? How do you determine WHAT to share yourselves?

10-11:30 Group discussion including OER questions

11:30- 12:30 Lunch

1- 2:30 Observations (please sign up)




Tara (High School)


Josh World History cycle- in classroom  (as soon as we arrive until 1:30)

Scott (Middle)

Heritage Middle School

600 W. Kansas St.

Science 6 team - lesson design (1:16-2:01)

Ashley (Elementary)


701 Thornton St

1:20 Data Review (End of Cycle - Music Literacy)

Jamie (Elementary)

Manor Hill

12:30-2:30 open time

My teacher rescheduled but we can chat, share resources, Q&A

March 31


  1. Book study (Chapters 4-5)
  2. NTii 2016-2017 Forum

        (emailed slides from LS parent camp)

  1. NTII Preparation Calendar

9:15 -Springfield Coaches to attend.  Will be with us for the day.

  1. Share out our coaching model-answer questions (panel conversation)
  2. Share our evaluation tool/structure (Schedule summative with Jeanette-(May sometime)  Bring Unit of Coaching and PDP completed ready to upload when you attend your summative.)
  3. Tri-share: Bring or link a research/article below that you have used in a cycle with a teacher.

After lunch-Observing coaching in the afternoon-list name/building/time

11:30- 12:30 Lunch at Margaritas




Tara Harvey

North high school

1:40-2:25 new teacher

Carrie Gabriel

Discovery MS

800 Midjay Drive

Liberty, MO 64068

12:45-1:30 ELA argumentative paper initial planning

Jamie Ackart


1400 s. Skyline Drive

Liberty, MO 64068

12:50-1:40 2nd grade Developing success criteria/goal setting for writing

Ashley Duvall


701 Thornton Street

Liberty, MO  64068


2:00-3:00 3rd grade

Data analysis to determine instructional grouping (Reading)

Coach Documents (shared with visiting districts)

Where do we keep notes for new teachers?

March 13-PM meeting


  • Get to Know You
  • Jamie and Carrie Birthdays (4) (23)
  • Write a note of appreciation to someone-doesn’t have to be a coach.
  • __Scott__ and Lisa_-Card and Treat on March 13

1. You are invited to write a note of appreciation to someone-doesn’t have to be a coach.

1.5 Presentation

Good morning Tara! I attended your session at the Learning Forward conference. I was so excited to learn about your district's coaching model, especially at the secondary level. After passing the information on to the other coaches in my district, we were all wanting to learn more from you. You mentioned the possibility of schools visiting your district. Is this something we could set up before the school year ends? I know things are getting really busy with testing so I know it may be difficult. If you could let me know if this is something you guys have time for and if so some possible dates that may work for you, we would love to try and get together. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Stephanie Embry

Instructional Technology Coach- I need to reply!

Team to Team- April 17

2.  Look at PD Schedule for 2017-18

4. Book Study - Read ch. 5-9.  Discuss Chapters 3-5 (read & make notes) - 1 hour https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Rn8fyRpPda43q83DHMjb1Kztrdejc0FuCqOhSj2Q6qQ/edit?usp=sharing

  1. Next steps with feedback
  2. Key attributes for feedback
  3. Recognize and select strategies for feedback
  4. Connect and apply research

 5.  TriShare:  Take a picture (and story) of work with a teacher that brought an AHA! Moment/Shift of practice with that teacher.  

6.  Elevate EDU July 28th (go as a team??)

7.  Lisa/Jamie/Ashley share takeaways from South Dakota school visit.  Presentation

8.  LEADS Site (homepage) - the announcements need to change more regularly. Do we (A) Like the current format of the bursts of information and (B) Do you have anything for the rest of the year you can add to help diversify the conversation? Or are you ok with it being information that I come up with on my own? Could be a good place to share out resources for some of our other meetings that are occurring throughout LPS.  http://leads.liberty.k12.mo.us/ 

9. Next meeting is with SPS coaches.  Who has coaching scheduled for March 31 PM that they can observe?

10. John Kitchens posted the DESE professional learning series offerings for June 12-16 in Jefferson City.  It appears they are free. There are K-12 offerings.








NTII prep-Calendar

Determine Extra Contract days for 2018-19


February 27 - Sustained Visit with Alicia (Visit #2)

February 23

  1. Book Study - Chapters 1 - 3 (read and make notes) - 1 hour
  1. Next steps with feedback
  2. Ackart’s idea…
  3. Our definition:  Process where inputs (communicating) specific info/noticing and moving (drive) toward (at to need to be) desirable outcomes to cause (learning between action and reflection) reflection.
  1. Guided Writing - bring books to use for research - book talk - 1 hour
  2. TriShare Talks - Topic: Best formative assessment you saw recently-bring a story
  3. New Teacher Prep-where, when
  4. Reflect on Diane Sweeney days.  How do we want that contract to look next year? Done
  5. PD for Next Year:  Visible Learning-August 3-4 tentatively  We may need to look at prepping for NTII August 1-2

[X] PDP Mid-Year Review

[X] Invite 1st/2nd year teachers to New Teacher 1/2 Day once approved in MLP

[X] Invite JW and admin to coaching observation (Lisa, Jamie, Ashley)

[X] Tally days out of building - how many? purposes? 1/2 days with teachers separately

[X] Count weeks of cycles - how long are the 4s?

[X] Reminder: Document student evidence of cycles (4s) for Summative Evaluation

[X] Find example of Formative Assessment (by 2/23)

[X] Read Feedback Chapters 1-4 (by 2/23)

February 7-8 Diane Sweeney

January 23

  1. Set date for New teacher half district days in May - elementary/secondary each have ½ day


  • Get to Know You
  • Lisa’s Birthday         (28)
  • Share New Year's Resolution
  • Carrie-Card and Treat on January  23

2. Rescheduled dates - thanks to Scott!

Diane Sweeney Days:  Feb 7 -video @ LPS/NKC  830

3. Conferences:

4. Discuss days out of your building - How many really?  Purposes?  Remedies? No judgement evaluation & planning

5. Plan Jan. 25/26 Curriculum Council planning based on Kara Vandas days

6. Balanced Literacy PD-What was shared with admin - Jamie

7. Learning Forward MO Outstanding Instructional Leader Nominee: Tara Harvey  (application)

8. Evaluation:

9. Coaching Continuum-may not be in this order/entry points vary

10. Share Feedback from Evaluation conversations:  Tri/Share on student evidence.  Next conversation:  Feb. 23-best formative assessment you have found

11. Book Study for second semester - Feedback (Killion) starting today by defining

12. Unit of Instruction/Coaching  use whatever document/template you choose.

13. PDP-reflection will paste it on your evaluation from December

14. Common Sector Competencies - added to curriculum


[  ] PDP Mid-Year Review

[  ] Invite 1st/2nd year teachers to New Teacher 1/2 Day once approved in MLP

[  ] Invite JW and admin to coaching observation

[  ] Tally days out of building - how many? purposes? 1/2 days with teachers separately

[  ] Count weeks of cycles - how long are the 4s?

[  ] Document student evidence of cycles (4s) for Summative Evaluation

[  ] Find example of Formative Assessment (by 2/23)

[  ] Read Feedback Chapters 1-4 (by 2/23)

January 9 - PBL follow up (AM with coaches/PM with admin)

  1. PD Timeline
  2. Planning for Sem2
  3. Curriculum Council planning Jan 25/26

January 3-10

Summative conversations with Jeanette

December 19 - Coaching Celebrations Day


  • Get to Know You
  • Gift Exchange

Take it back to your admin team:

December 16

Coach        Teacher                 Asked        Confirmed

Tara Harvey - Juli Hustoft                         X

Matthew Krohne - Ashley Allen                X (MLP can find her a sub)

Carrie Gabriel- Amber Lierman                X

Ashley Duvall- Jaysa Hartman                X (pre-arranged sub)

Lisa Gray-Katherine Rettig                        X (pre-arrange

Scott Heeke- Michelle Beagle                X (MLP can find her a sub)

Jamie Ackart- Cammy Neth                     X (

Tracey Kracht - Charity Stephens                X

Brandon Lewis - Natalie Pottier                X (MLP…)

December 15



Learning Target - (what) learning we intend the students to learn

Success Criteria - (how) the measure to which the target is created.  What is it that the student has to do in order to be successful.  Must be specific to what the student will do/show.

A Visible Learner Profile


**What is posted as required is SAMPLES**

Start at the unit level with Success Criteria.

Then build the progression-breaking down the standards that build to the overarching standard.  If you build the targets with students, choose a deeper standard that they can progress/grow over time.

Both learning intentions and success criteria should come from the standards.

Progression examples video:  self assessment (Ideas for Improvement, Things to Celebrate) went to peer assessment next.

November 21 (FULL DAY) - AM Lean Lab


  • Get to Know You
  • Jeanette and Brandon Birthdays (29) (8)
  • Share out one thing you are thankful for in regards to our team
  • Ashley and Matthew -Card and Treat on November 21
  • Jeanette wants us to join her for dinner at Chuys

November 21 (FULL DAY) - PM Coaches Meeting

November 17 - Sweeney Lunch with Coaches

Where do we want to go from here in our work with you?

As a collective group, we feel like we need more work on the following…

Our three tier levels:

Next Steps

November 16 - Sweeney Debrief

Coaching Questions

Coaching Questions for Looking at Student Work

November 7 - Jefferson City DESE PD Series (two cars)


October 27-28 - Kara Vandas/ Bring CFA 2.0 text/Bring samples of a class set of student work

Planning with Kara:


        Option 1-bring in teacher work a day with assessment (16th is a Friday)

        Option 2-move cc in January to the morning to have afternoons added for a

full day of work on assessment.

        Option 3-Start with Visible Learning Foundation and evidence into action.


October 10 - ILC Meeting

September 26 - ILC Meeting

Daggett/Hattie baby

ALL GRADES & CONTENT AREAS - Balanced Literacy – 3 hours  (8:00 – 11:00 or as otherwise posted by building)


Learning Targets for this session:

  1. I can locate and classify the reading levels of all my students.
  2. I can research strategies to use for vocabulary instruction in my classroom, and I have planned for at least two different activities or strategies that I will use this year for Tier 2 vocabulary instruction. (RTI Tier 1 instruction)
  3. I have identified and planned for two instructional strategies to use for shared reading with my students during the first semester. (RTI Tier 1 instruction)
  4. I have researched, identified, and planned for one instructional strategy that is SPECIFICALLY to be used with struggling readers in shared reading. (RTI Tier 2 instruction)
  5. I have located and planned with my grade level, department, or course level team on how and when to use the 3-STEP LESSON PLANNING GUIDE for SHARED READING and 3-STEP LESSON PLANNING GUIDE for VOCABULARY for my classes.

Need support

Got it- haven’t started

Got it- Working on it    

September 20-22 - Diane Sweeney PD

Tuesday - AM with Secondary (8-11:30)@NKC- meet at 7:15 @ DAS

                PM with Elementary (12:30 - 3:30) @LPS

Wednesday - @NKC all coaches (8:30-3:30) AGENDA

Thursday - @LPS with LPS only AGENDA   New Link to AGENDA

        AM with New coaches (BL, CG & TK) 8-11:30

        PM with all coaches 12:00 - 3:00 (bring your lunch if you haven’t eaten yet)

September 12 - ILC Meeting


  • Get to Know You
  • Tara’s Birthday (18)
  • Bring Baby Picture
  • Jamie-Card and treat on September ___

August 22 - ILC Meeting

August 9 - NTii

August 8 - NTii

August 5 - NTii begins (LNHS)

August 4 - NTii Set Up @ LNHS - finalize all details - 410

Morning Agenda:

8-12 Work on sessions

12-1 Lunch

1-2 LNHS

Afternoon-Set up at LNHS

August 3 - ILC Work day (building #2)

August 2 - ILC Work day (building #1)

August 1 - ILC Planning (district) - 409

8:00-9:30 Planning NTI

9:30-11:00 Break out and plan individual sessions

11:00-12:00 Lunch

12:00-12:15 Coach of the day

12:15-2:00 Go through all of the sessions and share out what is going to be         

2:00-3:00        Bring building spreadsheets

        -Talk about 4, 3, 2, 1

New Teacher support doc 

New teacher support doc on website 

New teacher reflection

New teacher meetings to plan: weekly, monthly, Half days

Balanced Literacy Admin PD

July 29 - 408 (not a required contract day)

OER Diagram

July 28

Go Open Regional Summit

Panel Questions

Would you rather game

July 27 - 408

Share 3 Coach of the Day profiles

Go through day by day plans for NTII

Mentor Training-plan Carrie Gabriel- done

Advisor Training-Tara Harvey - done and sent to principals

AFTERNOON - Set up for #GoOpen Summit at LNHS

July 26 - 408

Elementary Coaches-PLTW LC Teacher Training @LC (8:00-12:00)

8:00-8:45 Secondary discussion of PS session

        Know your Students, identify markings and labels in PowerSchool (9:00-9:45) - Tue 8/9

8:45-9:30        Mentor Training and Advisor Screencast

9:30-12:00        Love and Logic, 6-8 and 9-12 Inspiring Learning that Matters

12:00-1:00         Lunch (WORKING)

Dates for the year-align calendars/bi-weekly meeting dates/outlook invites. Determine book study plans for the year.    

Coaching Goals:

1:00-1:15        Share 3 Coach of the Day profiles

1:15-2:00         Tolerate Jeanette asking a million questions.  

New coaches protocol-have we completed all of the steps?

        Step 1: Celebration

Step 2: How your buildings are notified about your transfer? Reach out with a welcome.

Step 3: Send them a welcome letter

Step 4: Determine book transfer date-prioritized list by current coaches

Step 5: Fill out calendar-extra days contract

Step 6: Tour the buildings-mentor/Dr. Westfall can facilitate

Step 7: New coach fills out name, cell phone and superpower in coaching contact doc

2:00-3:00        GoOpen Meeting (410) - Jeanette

July 25 - 408 (Coaches Retreat)

8:30 Welcome-Pass out Shirts.  Outline goals for pre-service work.  Prioritize items for each day-list is below in the parking lot.

8:41 New Teacher Innovation Resources

9:00 Share out 4 Coach of the Day Profiles

9:15 Team building activity:  Collaborate to develop team norms/jobs/goals.  Share culture events for the year.  Starbucks Experience

10:15 Water Pong-2 teams

10:30 Break

10:45 NTII prep

11:30 Head downtown-Harry’s Country Club for lunch (12:00 Reservation)

12:00-2:00 Eat**

  Lunch convo topic:  Should our team apply for this award?

2:00-3:30 Break Out KC

3:30 Travel Home

New teacher Schedule of Events for Training

NTii Sessions

BTAP New Teachers

Parking Lot

New Teacher Institute - what do we have to finish … please leave below the image of the day’s agenda. I need to wrap my mind around what we all are taking.

Note: I’m working with regional educators via ElevateEDU to create new teacher support by building networks. I have volunteered to host a twitter chat likely in September … more info coming soon! Hashtag: #ElevateNT