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Two Year Versus Four Year Statistics:

According to a recent study by the National Student Clearinghouse, 15% of students who started at two-year institutions in 2006 completed a degree at a four-year institution within six years (Shapiro et al., 2012).

66% of students who enter a four-year, finish within 5 years (ACT inc, 2012).

Benefits of 4 year colleges:
More resources for students (counseling, plans to finish on time), CAMP, EOP, Cooper Woodson, Multicultural Center, AB540 Centers, Work Studies, Internships, study abroad, established professors, Research (UC’s)

**Higher average salary, lower unemployment rate.**

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A college search, personality/interest finder, career exploration tool

Preparing for College:

        Tests: SAT and ACT (En español)

                -Fee Waivers

        Courses: A-G Requirements

        Grades: Qualifying for California State Universities and University of California (GPA= 3.0) 

Finding a College:

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Applying to College:

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Paying For College: (Información en español)

Over two-thirds of UC undergraduates receive grants and scholarships, with an average award of around $16,300. But to get financial aid, you need to apply.

FAFSA- Grants, Scholarships, Work Study

College Scorecard- click on the calculator for a personal estimate

Loan Calculator (monthly payments)

Connecting with other families for help with the college process with this free App

Estimates below for Sacramento State (using scorecard calculator):

Family of 4, $40,000, 3.0 GPA

Additional Online Resources: (college research, Finanicial Aid) (search any CSU, degree, etc) (how to transfer from community college to 4 year university)

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