DHMN Organizational Meeting

March 26, 2012

Call to Order

Present: Erin Q-L, Mike P., Bob L-Dron, Alex, Bob T-son, Ross

Approve Minutes

Not applicable for this meeting.

Treasurers’ Report


Donated $36 to Food Pantry

$80 to deposit

$200 in account (prepaid dues to open account)

Total $280.

Bank wants to know who we are.

We must sign a form saying we are not in illegal activities and or online gambling.

Square. Needs real name on account with SS number.

We should get a PayPal account.

Quickbooks online doesn’t offer free anymore. Using a Google Spreadsheet. Should make it available to members.

Seconded Ross and approved.

Old Business

No old business.

New Business

March 25 hacker meet recap.

Ross suggests clear ideas on lunch and dinner schedule.

The carpet was nice, but had issues with cleanup and there was concern about damage.

[Side discussion: Maybe set up a new meeting location to make it easier to make an audio record of the meetings.]

There wasn’t a space for real power tool use.

Storage: Can we store anything there. Bob L-Dron thinks it was discussed and the answer is, “no.”

Erin: we should still keep looking for a different facility.

Ross: Ideal would be an abandoned Fleet Farm garage.

Bob L-Dron: Do we want kids? Needs to be clearly structured to keep kids away from tools.

Erin: Need a community commitment to oversee kids.

Summation: We liked it. We’ll go back, but we’ll keep hunting.

We had new people: Jake. Dean Goodmanson.

Some new people showed because it was on a weekend.

Long event was nice to allow people to come and go.

How late should these go? Ross: 10PM. Later if it’s a Saturday.

Any desire to meed further south? Oshkosh. Fond DL?


Bob L-Dron is against spending money on insurance. We could develop a waiver of liability form for attendees. Bob L-Dron will develop the form.

Paul would like someone else to be the official rep. to the Food Pantry.

Alex said he would do it.

Next Make session:

Mike: Float it to the list.

Ross: Shoot for April and May.

Erin will setup a Doodle for a consensus vote.

New Member Co-ordinator:

Main job is to not forget about new members. Encourage them to come to events.

[Bob D. departed.]

Ross talked about what he likes about Trello for organizing projects.

[Ross departed.]

[Mark N. arrived.]

Mark will take care of New Member co-ordinating.

We filled in Mark on what has been discussed.

Mark liked the Wave Gliders Bob D-on had been making at the Sunday Make session.


DHMN officers address will be added to the mailing list by Mark N.

Dues Discussion

Alex: Leave it as pay-per-event for now. Propose monthly dues when we have a solid core group.

Erin: We can let people know donations are accepted, and what we want to do with the money.

Mark N.: We need to have $40-50 thousand to secure a space.

Monthly costs:

$1500 space

$300 insurance


For explanation of goals we can start with Bob L-Dron’s discussion on TikiWiki Facility 0.2.

Web site

Mark N: Suggested putting Paul onto finding a cheap or free hosting alternative to Tim’s work server.

Erin: Paul is pretty busy as is.

Bob T-son will ask Luke if he can host the site.


Alex moves to adjourn.

Erin seconds.