Backgrounds for All Races:

If Population follows the background, it will add to your total population.

Alternate Identity (service), Hoard (good), Library (service or good), Mentor (service), and Trods (service).

Some people find items and magical services with influences, while others buy them from a market. To purchase a magical item or service costs permanent Resources at a rate of 2 Resources for every 1 point of the purchased background. This may be adjusted to 1:1, up to your level of Commerce ability (though merchants may negate your use of Commerce with their own, which will be determined by a random die roll).

These are the backgrounds you can purchase in such a manner -

Arsenal (good), Boosted Arsenal (service), Chimera (good), Treasure (good), Wonder (good), Blessing (service), Enhancement (service), Fetish (good), and Trinket (good).  All of these follow the rules for such items presented here and none of them, unless stated in its description, can exceed a character’s Maximum Background Rating or their potential to purchase based upon their Resource Rating. Example: if you have 6 permanent Resources, you cannot purchase anything more powerful than a level 3 item, Blessing, or levels of Arsenal, etc.

Other uses of Resources, bribes for instance, may be possible, but must be done via RP.



Local Destination (places within your own personal domain);

Regional Destination (to places in your Sub-Domain from your personal domain);

National Destination (to places in your Overarching Domain from your personal domain);

Near Dreaming Destination (to anywhere in Dischordia from your personal Domain); Far

Dreaming Destination (to any Far Dreaming Realm (ST approval) from your personal domain);

Deep Dreaming Destination (to any Deep Dreaming Realm (ST approval) from your personal domain)



Cyborg: cybernetic enhancements may cause Paradox depending upon the domain you are in. Each level of the Background grants one permanent Paradox Trait that counts for backlashes but never goes away if you are in a domain that rejects this paradigm. Each level allows you to purchase one additional Attribute Trait (which can take you above your normal maximum) or two Traits of implanted Devices. Naturally, you're still limited to Devices that can fit in your body, and no Devices above your Maximum Background Rating. Thus, you can have implanted armor or a plasma cannon, but not a car.

Biomod: Your biological modifications cause physiological disorders. Choose one Negative Trait for every level you take in the Enhancement. You gain one additional Attribute Trait (above normal human maximums) or two Traits of biological modifications (like a Blessing, but specifically related to the body and the Life Sphere).


Cost                         Power

One                        Per three points to spend on Willpower, Rage,

and/or Gnosis.

One                        Totem can speak to the pack without the benefit of

the Gift: Spirit Speech.

One                        Totem can always find the pack members.

One                        Totem is nearly always with the pack members.

Two                        Totem is respected by other spirits.

Two                        Per Charm possessed.

Three                        Per extra pack member who can use a totem’s

power in the same turn.

Four                        Totem is mystically connected to all pack

members, allowing communication among them even at great distances (at Storyteller’s discretion).

Five                        Totem is feared by agents of the Wyrm (which

could mean that they run away or that they do their best to kill the pack).

Nuwisha, Corax, and Bastet Only

Gurahl and Mokole Only

Ratkin Only


Note: It takes five full sessions in the Underworld to gain the energy necessary to make a resurrection challenge. Each level of the Ba Background reduces this number by one. At five Ba, you can attempt the challenge one hour after death.