HDSLR Filmmaking for Beginners: Getting Better Audio

By cinevate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8QnEpFwakQ (19:21)

While the previous installments dealt with camera, composition and movement, the upcoming webinar deals with picking the right tools to get better audio. For photographers transitioning into video, audio might be one of the more intimidating aspects to learn so this is a must see.

The viewer is more likely to forgive poor picture quality rather than poor sound. In this next chapter, join Victor as he teaches you how to record sound properly with your HDSLR camera. You will hear the difference between your built-in mic, on camera shotgun mics and double system sound with a separate recorder. By understanding the techniques required to capture audio for your films, you will be closer to discovering your inner filmmaker.

The webinar will cover a variety of audio equipment including; Zoom H4n, Shotgun microphones (Rode NTG-3, Rode Videomic Pro and Sennheiser), Sennheiser Wireless Lavaliers, Boom+boom poles, shockmounts, and more.

Written Activity

Take notes either on paper or on a computer as you watch this informative webinar. You should end up with notes on the following audio gear. Make sure to describe the pros and cons of each item and include when you might use this type of microphone.


  1. Built-in microphone
  2. Omni directional versus directional microphone
  3. Shoe mounted shotgun microphone
  4. Shotgun microphone
  5. Phantom power
  6. Powered Audio adapter (Beachtek)
  7. Boom  pole with shock mount
  8. Zoom H4n
  9. Clapper
  10. Double system sound
  11. Wireless Lavaliers
  12. Windscreen
  13. Headphones
  14. Gaff tape
  15. C-Stand

Additional Information: Setting Audio Levels - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXgnexfGYa0