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Quiz 10.2A
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A. William Clark

B. Meriwether Lewis

C. the Lewis and Clark Expedition

D. the Louisiana Purchase

E. Sacagawea

1. To lead the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase, President Jefferson chose a young army officer named ___.

2. ___ cost the United States $15 million, but it also doubled the size of the nation.

3. ___ was a big help to the Lewis and Clark Expedition in dealing with the Native American peoples the group encountered because she could speak the Shoshone language.

4. ___ provided information about places previously unknown to Americans and proved conclusively that an all-water route across the continent did not exist.

5. The talents that ___ brought to exploring the Louisiana Purchase included skill as an artist and mapmaker and natural abilities as a leader.

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A. ColumbiaRiver

B. Missouri River

C. PacificOcean

D. Clatsop

E. Mandan

6. The Lewis and Clark Expedition started from St. Louis and traveled all the way to ___, the goal of trip.

7. The explorers started out on the ___.

8. The explorers spent the first winter with the ___ tribe.

9. On the final stretch of the trip west, they traveled on the ___ .

10. At the end of their trip west, they built a fort named ___.