Inviting Interiors FAQ’s                


Q:  Why do you collect payment for a consultation at time of booking?

A:  The initial consult is only two hours long in which we will talk about everything you need/want your home to become and there is often so much to cover that we get caught up and will often forget to deal with that mundane task.


Q:  Why do you need a retainer?

A:  A retainer has many advantages to a project:

·         It represents a commitment by both parties to the project.

·         Suppliers most often requires a 100% deposit once the client approves the ordering of furnishings

·         The retainer is insurance that there are sufficient funds to pay for the design hours and/or the items ordered on behalf of the client

·         It minimizes the time spent on paperwork so more time is available for planning and designing your space

·         It ensures orders are placed timely and keeps the project on schedule


Q:  Will there be any mistakes if I hire you?

A:  Even with the highest standards observed and excellent systems in place, it’s not possible to catch every mistake before it’s made.  Careful preparation and on-site review can help prevent a myriad of errors and Inviting Interiors is committed to correcting any problem in the most expedient fashion.  It the case of a billing error (e.g. transposed numbers) the client would not be billed for the time to correct that error.  If a trade, sub-trade, manufacturer or supplier makes an error, then the client is billed for the time it takes to manage the repair of the error.


Q:  How do you help with the renovation process?

A:  The designer will…

·         Offer advice as to how to prepare for a renovation and help set up alternative living spaces

·         Assist with interviewing trades and be available to the trades on their start date

·         Observe trades/suppliers to answer questions as a spokesperson for the client

·         Resolve issues and reconcile any impact to the design while advocating the client's position

·         Contribute to trades punch lists to ensure finishing of all details

·         Weekly Renovation update email to client concerning all aspects of the project


Q:  What if a product is received damaged or defective?  What about delays due to faulty product?

A:  The manufacturer/shipper is the sole responsible party for any merchandise ordered that comes in defective/damaged.  Inviting Interiors takes no responsibility for unsuitable items of furniture, fabric, drapery treatments, upholstery, etc.  All trade sources and trades people are fully responsible for the item(s) they bring to the project.  If a product that is order managed by Inviting Interiors is received damaged or defective, Inviting Interiors will correct the problem in the most efficient manner possible to minimize time billing.


Q:  What about surprises uncovered during renovation?

A:  The designer works with the trades to make every effort to anticipate hidden or unknown variables during the renovation process.  Designer and trades will create a contingency plan and will notify client of any impact to project including delays and costs involved.


Q:  How does the styling process work?

A:  Before Reveal Day, the designer shops locally for items needed to “round out” a space.  The styling process takes 1-5 days depending on project size.  Reveal Day is usually scheduled on a Friday and that way the client has 48 hours to decide whether or not to purchase the styling items.  Any items not purchased are returned to the vendor.  Items typically part of styling estimate costs are artwork, vases, throws, bowls, plants, candles.  This full service step gives the room all the necessary, turn-key, finishing touches.


Q:  How do your services differ from those offered by furniture stores or online decorating services?

A:  Online services are mainly decorating and shopping assistance which is not the same as designing a space to maximize the functionality and serve the specific needs of the user.  They may see you need a desk but that does not mean the storage offered by this piece will actually suit the type/size/quantity of the items you need to store.

They are not full-service design sources and are often unable to offer advice on important items like window treatments, finish/surface selection, paint and a complete lighting plan.

Also, they are limited to choosing from only the merchandise that they carry, dramatically restricting potential choices and missed opportunities.  

Q:  Do you work with all levels of project investments?

A:  Yes, We welcome all size projects and are very sensitive to our client’s comfort level of investing in their homes.  We help you develop an investment estimate and break it down into manageable stages if needed.  We help you save money by avoiding costly construction changes or incorrect furniture sizing.  We can take any investment level and make it look like you spent more than you did to create your dream home.


Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:          E-Check - Preferred as it usually clears in about a day.  Use the Intuit link (available on the invoice, on the website or in the email signature) to enter your bank routing and account number.  Inviting Interiors does not keep or see your bank information and you can securely make a payment without making an account with Intuit.

          Personal check - Just takes a few days to clear once deposited.

          Credit card - Credit or debit card can be swiped at your home or use the link   Inviting Interiors does not keep or see your card information and you can securely make a payment without making an account with Intuit.


Q:  I plan on building/remodeling a house, but will not be able to furnish or accessorize immediately. Should I still involve an interior designer in the building process?

A:  Absolutely. There are many decisions that will have to be made during the building process that affect the functionality, comfort level, and look of your home for many years to come. Decisions regarding flooring, countertops, cabinetry, lighting, and many other smaller details should be well thought out and consistent with the intended style and design of your home. These permanent fixtures are a considerable portion of your home's cost. Making the right choices from the start will prevent you from wanting to make expensive changes in the near future.



Q:  What’s the difference between Order Management and Specify Only?

A:  Specify Only is the most common method as most clients prefer to do their own shopping for the selected items proposed for their space.  The client receives all the details about the recommended item and vendor links once the design plan is approved.  They can then place the orders themselves and take care of any follow through that is required.  Some items cannot be Specify Only such as most custom items, i.e. furniture reupholstery or refinishing, custom window treatments, etc.

Order Management is when the company orders the items and manages all tasks involved on behalf of the client with hourly time billing.  The client receives weekly emails with updates regarding status of orders, i.e. confirmation of order placement, lead times and expected delivery dates, receiving, unpacking and inspecting items for quality assurance, ordering replacements for damaged parts or organizing RMA #, repacking, return shipping and arranging replacement, assembly, confirming receipt of all items, matching pack slips with invoices, arranging delivery and installation, and any other tasks associated with orders that require attention.


Q:  Do you take on Pro Bono Projects?

A:  Pro bono work comes from the heart, but provides clients in need with the same level of service as those who pay for it. We encourage you to contact us if you have a specific project you would like us to consider.

 Q:  How should I choose a designer?

A:  You…

·         like him/her!

·         understand his/her process and it's exactly what you're looking for.

·         think their firm is well-run and organized.

·         love their work.

·         are excited to get started with them AND they seem excited to get started with you.

·         are comfortable with the timeline he/she has recommended for your -project.

·         are comfortable with his/her fees and recommended project investment.

·         trust him/her to talk to and confide in.

·         are comfortable being on a waiting list to work with them.


Q:  How long will my project take?

A:  Full-scale projects can take six months or longer to complete, while our styling service will provide you with instant gratification. Typically more than two-thirds of the overall time is spent planning and preparing. If time is of the essence, we can come up with solutions to meet your requirements. The duration of the project is not set in stone and hinges on many factors. If you make decisions quickly, the project will be completed sooner. If you need a little bit more time to mull things over, it could increase the time necessary to complete the project.

It is best to contact us as early as possible to discuss your potential project


Q:  Why do I need an Interior Designer if I already have an Architect/Builder?

A:  Architects, Builders and Interior Designers work very differently and have very different perspectives on the project.  Most Architects/Builders work with structure and building design and don’t specialize in aesthetic and functionality details of interiors, such as kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and built-ins, color schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments.  Designers brought in at the beginning of a project can create a master plan for the interior of your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages, as your investment level allows.  The ideal design team consists of an Architect, Builder and an Interior Designer in order to cover all aspects of your internal and external spaces so that they have the highest function in regards to your specific needs.

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