Apothic Holistic


Paleo Favorites from Trader Joe’s


Organic spinach

Organic kale

Organic sweet potatoes

Organic avocados

Cubed butternut squash

Persian cucumbers

Shredded brussels sprouts

Cruciferous crunch (kale, brussels, broccoli red and green cabbage)

Frozen Haricot Verts (green beans)


Organic grass-fed beef

Organic free range chicken

Chicken sausages {read the labels!}

Organic eggs

Oils, Dips & Sauces:

Toasted sesame oil

Organic coconut oil

Cold Pressed olive oil

Salsa verde

Roasted garlic salsa

Puttanesca sauce


Tahini sauce {A great substitute for hummus!}

Nuts & Dried Fruits:

Almond Butter

Raw cashews

Raw almonds

Raw walnuts

Raw pecan pieces

Coconut cream

Dried golden raisins (Use in moderation!)

Organic dried cranberries (Use in moderation!)

Organic raw honey (Our non-Whole30 sweetener)

Almond meal

Cashew meal

Coconut flour (new!)

Other Pantry Staples:

Organic fair trade coffee

Organic chamomile tea

Organic diced tomatoes

Organic tomato sauce

Organic tomato paste

Organic vegetable broth

Fire roasted red & yellow bell peppers (jar)

Kalamata olives (jar)

21 Seasoning Salute (good general seasoning mix)

*We buy meat from our local grocery store or online because we can get free-range chicken and grass-fed beef from local farmers. However, if I can't make it to another store or we are out of our freezer supply, I like knowing I can get decent meat products at Trader Joe's as well.  

*We get our eggs from our backyard hens or from a local farm. Before we had the ladies, however, we purchased the organic eggs from Trader Joe’s.