SENSORICA’s impact on Open Science

SENSORICA is an Open Value Network (OVN) that first went online in February 2011. An OVN is a new form of organization, a network environment that provides infrastructure, governance and methodologies for classical organizations and the crowd to interact and collaborate.

SENSORICA originated in Montreal, from a group of individuals who wanted to demonstrate that high end scientific instruments can be designed, produced, distributed and serviced using open source and sustainable methodologies. At its inception, it looked like any other open source community focused on high end open source hardware development (OSHW). Mosquito was the first project, an optical fiber-based force measurement system applied in muscle physiology.

Since its inception, the development of SENSORICA as an organization has been an iterative process, structured by two general principles, openness and transparency. The driving force for Sensorica is to make OSHW economically sustainable: everyone involved in the development of OSHW would be able to generate benefits and make a living directly from these activities without having to rely on other means of financial support. The Open value networks: Tiberius Brastaviceanu at TEDxMontreal video tells the story of SENSORICA until 2013.

Today, the network has contributed to more than a dozen OS scientific instruments projects, among others. 290 affiliated individuals from across the globe have recorded contributions to some of these projects. Over time, as the number of affiliates increased and the complexity grew, a platform emerged (IT infrastructure, governance and new methodologies, culture,) as a response to problems generated by scaling. Countless individual network affiliated have interacted and collaborated between themselves and with traditional organizations using  SENSORICA’s OVN platform.

Over the years, SENSORICA has made a real impact on the Open Science movement, locally and internationally. We can say with confidence that SENSORICA is very active in bringing about institutional change through its relations with traditional organizations.

SENSORICA’s footprint in Open Science

In 2017, SENSORICA and OuiShare Montreal will enter a new phase of development with the Verdun Project, building the world's largest and best integrated Open Innovation hub, connecting the crowd with academia and with the private sector.

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