Term Project: E-Business in Organization


In this assignment you will analyze an organization’s e-business system. Choose an organization with a strong footing in e-commerce marketplace like Daraz, Chaldal, Bikroy, Pickaboo, e-newspaper, Sslcommerz, Easy, Shohoj and the similar.

A practical analysis like this better prepare you to solve real world e-business challenges.

Sections within the report


This is the road map for the rest of your report. Include the problem(s), the analysis and the results.

Requirement 1: E-business in organization

Requirement 2: E-business revenue model

Requirement 3: E-business platform/infrastructure

Requirement 4: Digital strategy for e-business

Requirement 5: E-business Security


In the conclusion

While responding to these requirements, please make sure you do substantial group work.

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