Chinese Medicinal Herbal Therapy

After a pattern of disharmony has been diagnosed and acupuncture treatments administered, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM of DAOM) will often prescribe a simplistic yet complex herbal formula. Herbal medicine throughout the world has a long history of categorization in Oriental Medicine. The first classical Chinese herbal codex, named the Shen-Nung Ben Cao, initiated during the Paleolithic Age, showcased over 1,000 plants, usages and treatments. This classic began the basis of some very important formulas still in usage today.

The Shen Nong classic categorized herbs into three main groups. The first group can be called “food herbs” which are eaten in one's daily diet for general fortitude, prevention, and maintenance. The two other groups are referred to as “medicinal herbs” which are dispensed to each individual patient, on a case by case formula basis according to one’s constitution, environment, and medical circumstance.

Acupuncture and Medicinal Herbal Therapy work in tandem providing the nourishment and basis for the cellular energetic “re-patterning".