Executive Board Minutes

March 31st, 2014

Student Government Room

  1. President - Kelly Oeltjenbruns
  1. Created an advertisement for Conduct and Appeals board
  1. Start advertising now, interviews 2nd week of 8th block.
  2. Interview opportunities may need to be advertised in the Cornellian
  1. 5X5 inch ad is $55.
  2. Will skip this expense unless the bylaw specifies that it is necessary
  3. Senator Luu works as the News Editor and will include a notice in her section
  1. Spoke with John about streaking, a survey is probably not the best way to move forward. What now?
  1. The timing and method are just not the best form.
  2. John is talking with other campuses about how they handle streaking on their campuses.
  1. Some of them have a lot more streaking than we do.
  1. Reality= Senate cannot protect students from being offended.
  2. The administration is not interested in making a policy change. And neither is Senate really.
  3. John- the appropriate response for controversial issues is conversation surrounding the topic from varying viewpoints.
  1. Through coming to Senate or having a roundtable between students with different viewpoints
  2. An open forum is likely the best solution.
  1. But this needs to be a safe place for students to share their views.
  2. Students may not utilize a forum during a Senate meeting.
  1.  President Oeltjenbruns will advertise on an open forum discussing the concerns surrounding streaking during 8th block at a Senate meeting, probably 1st week of 8th block..
  2. John-There were students who tried to event during the big event last year, and other students who were running the event did stop them.
  1. Streaking that takes away from other students hard work and distract from an already planned and funded event is an issue.
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  1. John Harp-
  1. Will be sending an email to students seeking out students to help out with Commencement, students who help will be allowed to stay in the dorms longer. Senate members get preference for this.
  1. Need 8-10 students
  1. Board of Trustees will be here Thursday, May 1st through Saturday, May 3rd.
  1. There will be various activities for Senate members and other students to participate in.
  1. Vice President-Lane Zahourek
  1. Selections for next years senators-
  1. Speeches Wednesday, April 23rd, Voting Friday, April 25th
  2. Petitions will likely be due Monday, April 21st. (2nd week of Block 8)
  3. Info sessions will probably occur during 1st week.
  4. Will work on advertising for these events and Elections in general.
  1. Tomorrow room draw is at 7pm… For the Singles, Triples, and Quads.
  1. VP Zahourek and Senator Hixon-Simeral will both be gone.
  2. Another Exec will be required to run the meeting.
  3. Forum may be greatly affected by having missing senators.
  4. Move meeting to 6pm, and open the meeting with appropriations.
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  1. Chair of Organizations - Michael Christianson
  1. Last week met with groups that did not reactivate through Community.
  1. A lot of them simply failed to get advisor statements.
  2. Maybe next year reactivation should be earlier in the year, and closer to an H2O event.
  3. All of the problems should be resolved at this point.
  4. Approximately 50 groups are activated on Community currently.
  5. Hopefully early next year more groups will realize that they need to reactivate.
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  1. Chair of Appropriations - Brian Hixon-Simeral
  1. Have completed two budget review sessions, one more to be completed this Wednesday.
  1. Some groups are still missing some pieces of their submissions, have until Wednesday to submit them.
  2. Only about 34 groups have actually submitted a budget. Deadline is this Wednesday
  1. There will be a couple of funding requests and two prior presentations at tomorrow’s meeting.
  1. EotW may want to reallocate some of their funds to decrease student contributions for their trip. However because these are still student senate funds it won’t actually offset student contributions.
  1. Went to the Business Office to get a Senate funds number, the exact amount is still unclear.
  2. President Oeltjenbruns- What are we planning to say to OLA tomorrow?
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral- because they did have time to go to an info session, and a trip is defined as it is, the funding contribution from Senate isn’t really negotiable.
  2. This request is being defined as a trip. Maybe in future the trip definition should be monitored.
  3. A motion to suspend the bylaw will most likely be brought up for this specific situation, and voted on
  4. A motion will also be made to cut one of their buses
  1. If the senate office could get a projector and a screen that would be helpful for appropriations meetings.
  1. John- perhaps a tabletop projector that projects on to the wall would be viable.
  2. PAAC is looking into getting a newer projector, maybe Senate could share.
  1. Chair of Academic Affairs- Liz O’Brien
  1. Next fireside chat with Jim VanValen is Wednesday at 7pm in Durham classroom.
  1. Have been trying to get these chats outside of the classroom, but needed the space to accommodate enough students
  2. Will be projecting a realistic fireplace video onto the screen in the classroom due to the lack of an actual fireplace in this room.
  1. Full faculty academic affairs meeting on Thursday
  2. Meeting with John and the New York Times rep on Wednesday
  3. Still lots of interest in the academic based activities fund, should be getting more requests.
  4. Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference?
  1. Event is in a month
  2. Just the conference fees, 10 dollar student contribution and 110 from CEC, still need $340 from Senate.
  1. May still need to provide transportation
  1. There was interest from the general assembly, so should probably move forward on this idea
  1. Chair of Student Life - Leigh Gustafson
  1. Need to talk to Brian about adding more money to a “Miscellaneous fund”
  1. Trying to partner with PAAC for an outdoor movie. Most likely this will occur next year
  1. John mentioned the bike stations… Will be discussing this with the head of Purple Bikes
  2. Partnering with environmental club to host a bike repairing day
  3. John- Emailed VP’s of student affairs at several other local colleges about cosponsoring a big event together
  4. John- Bon Appetit mentioned that their supply of equipment is running lower and lower…
  1. Maybe we should host an Amnesty drive to get this things back.
  2. Perhaps student life should go through the dorms to make returning these items more convenient for students.
  3. Preferably during 8th block.