SLOKC Meeting


Meeting opened at 7:10.

In attendance: Shari Ziegenbein, Karyn Convertini, Richard Gearhart, Monica Firchow, Hannah Firchow, Cindy Fleenor, Janell Fleener.

April minutes were read and approved. Karyn 1st, Monica 2nd.

No treasurers report:

Show business:

Cindy offered to contact some local business’s regarding donations toward BIS/OHBIS.

Monica offered to help Karyn with transporting judges.

Monica, Cindy, Shari and Karyn are going to put together the judges lunches. Hannah is going to make cookies. Thank you Hannah!

Discussion: regarding contacting Santa Cruz Kennel Club and see if they might be interested in joining us.

The Barn Hunt event is set in place with Fairgrounds giving approval and contract signed.

New Business:

Cindy suggested meeting at the Grange for our south county meetings. There is a $20.00 per hour fee. There was discussion about changing our south county meeting to Tues. instead of Wed. so we could use Pet Smart for our meeting place.

Karyn and Janell discussed updating the website. Janell is going to check it out and get back to us.

Karyn asked all at the meeting to please submit 2 judges each so she can start picking our judges for next year. If you weren’t at the meeting and would like to submit your choices, please send to Karyn asap. Two only please.

Old Business:

Reminder: our June meeting will be our annual BBQ at the Atascadero Lake Park. Time is tentatively set for 6:00, but can be changed. We will send out an email regarding what you want to bring. The meat is supplied by the club.

There was discussion about putting out a donation jar at the BBQ for the remainder of the trophy fund. We STILL have slots available!!! Please contact Shari or Carrie if you haven’t donated yet!!

Janell discussed using SLACK as a way to keep members in touch. Several of us are going to sign up for it and try it out.

The flyer to hand out at other shows was discussed. Shari will contact Shawn to see if she still has the original. It needs to be re-worked with our new logo and new information.

Our new show date for next year will be May 13/14, 2017 so we’ve got to get busy!

Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Respectfully submitted,

Shari Ziegenbein