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Introduction to Video Tagging SDK
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Genius Vision  - Video Tagging SDK

Introduction to Video Tagging


Genius Vision Video Tagging SDK provides a mean to overlay text on recorded video, and a time-based video tag index for quick video search and playback. It’s designed for system integrator to effectively integrate Genius Vision NVR to other systems such as:

A demo video clip is provided here on YouTube to illustrate how video tagging works.

In the SDK, we provide two distinct functions of video tagging and each requires a different type of software license:

The number of license required depends on the actual number of channels on which you want to enable the function.

The two functions can be used independently or in conjunction without conflict.

In next section, we will illustrate how to install software license and enable the functions.


The audience of the SDK should be familiar with Genius Vision NVR system operations. Related documentation can be found at following links:

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