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Spring Rules & Expectations
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Cumberland Valley Spring Track and Field

Rules and Expectations


Participation in interscholastic athletics at Cumberland Valley is voluntary and a privilege. Every athlete and parent must read the rules and policies set forth by the school district in the Parent/Athlete Handbook. This can be found online.  In addition to this set of rules, the Cumberland Valley Track and Field Team will be required to abide by the following additional rules:

General Rules & Expectations

  1. Any athlete that wishes to be considered for the team must have all forms completed and report on the first day of tryouts.
  1. The only exceptions will be for winter athletes involved in post-seasons through CV varsity teams or those athletes who have pre-approval from Coach Hockenbery.
  1. Cuts will be made within the first 2 to 3 days of the season.
  2. Athletes are expected to treat teammates, coaches and officials with respect.
  3. Athletes are expected to participate in all individual and relay events determined by the coaching staff, put forth a reasonable effort, and display good sportsmanship at all times.
  4. Swearing, foul language and/or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.
  5. Harassment or hazing of any kind will not be tolerated.
  6. Equipment issued to an athlete becomes the responsibility of that athlete until it is returned.
  1. Any loss or abnormal damage will be charged to the student and must be paid before awards, report cards, etc. will be issued.
  2. If an athlete quits or is removed from the team, their equipment must be returned to a coach within 2 days.
  1. In order to earn a varsity letter, athletes will need to meet event standards during competitions or other criteria at the coaches discretion. Varsity standards.
  2. Athletes must tell a coach about an injury before going to see the trainer.

Practice Rules & Expectations

  1. Attendance at practice is mandatory.
  1. There are mandatory practices during spring break.
  2. Excused - illness, doctor appointment & other reasons pre-approved by Coach Hockenbery.
  3. 3 unexcused absences may result in suspension from a meet(s) or expulsion from the team
  4. Saturday practices are optional
  5. Repeated tardies or absences could warrant dismissal from the team.
  1. Athletes must be ready to practice at 3:30PM.
  1. Excused Late - doctor appointment, meeting with a teacher & other reasons pre-approved by your event coach
  2. A teacher or doctor note is required for late admittance to practice
  1. Athletes must get picked up from practice at 5:30PM.
  1. There may be times when specific events will be given prior notice and asked to stay past 5:30PM.
  2. Three late arrivals by parents may result in the athlete’s removal from the team.

Meet Rules & Expectations

  1. Attendance is mandatory at all dual meets & the Bruce Dallas Invitational.
  2. Athletes are required to ride the bus to and from away meets.
  1. A signed note from your parents is required for you to ride home with them or another family.
  1. Athletes are required to stay to the completion of dual meets which is typically about 6:30PM.
  2. Not all athletes will compete in all meets
  1. For home duals we will try to compete as many athletes as possible but there will be limits on the number of athletes in each event.  Minimum standards may be used for inclusion in home dual meets.
  1. Athletes not competing are expected to attend and help at the meet
  1. For away duals, approximately the top 5 in each event will travel
  1. Athletes not competing will not get out of school early or travel
  1. For Invitationals there will be qualifying standards
  1. Athletes not competing will not get out of school early or travel
  1. For Post-season there will be qualifying standards
  1. Athletes not competing will not get out of school early or travel

Academic Rules & Expectations

  1. Members of this team are expected to be respectful in the classroom and fulfill your academic responsibilities first and foremost.
  2. Athletes assigned discipline at school may face additional consequences as a member of this team.
  3. Athletes must be passing at least 4 credits to remain eligible for competition.
  1. Eligibility is determined by the Athletic Office.
  2. Multiple weeks of being ineligible may result in removal from the team.
  1. Athletes must be in school by 10:30AM to practice or compete.
  1. The high school attendance office will determine excused or unexcused after 10:30AM.

If you have any concerns or questions, contact Coach Hockenbery