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We do not collect or store any information about website visitors or those who complete a report other than what is affirmatively added during the reporting process (your “Report”).  We do not send you Report to any law enforcement agency or anyone else.  We will never sell your report, but it will be displayed on in association with a location marker - except for your comments.  Only AnnieCannons can see these comments, and we don’t share them with anyone - we just use them to make better.

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This User Agreement, which includes the terms and conditions governing use of the web-based application located at (the “Map”), governs your use of and our data handling pracrices in connection with the Map.  This Map was built by, and is operated by, the team at AnnieCannons - a registered 501(c)(3) training human trafficking survivors in tech skills (from testing to full stack development), helping them build software solutions targeted to help communities vulnerable to trafficking, and connecting them with software's vast income opportunities. This Map is one of our class projects, and we hope to make it the best source of realistic data about sexual assault globally - because we know how few sexual assaults are actually reported.  In addition, we hope to identify locations or circumstances where sexual assault is prevalent that should be avoided. Your privacy is critical to the Map’s goals, so rest assured:

We will update this policy periodically to reflect our latest data handling practices.  Please check back for any updates.

Terms of Service

In order to use this site, you must agree to be honest in your report.  You may omit any information you don’t want to share, but please only share report data that is accurate to the best of your recollection - we know specifics are often not available, so there is no requirement to be specific.

You acknowledge and agree that making a report on the Map will not result in any law enforcement or other notification to any third party, nor create any reporting obligation on behalf of AnnieCannons. We reserve the right to remove reports that we have reason to believe are abusive, are created or edited by robots or other automated means, and to otherwise defend this project against internet trolls.

We grant you (our Map visitor) a personal, limited non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to use the Map to make and view reports.  You are prohibited from making any attempt to destroy, corrupt, or otherwise effect the reports of others.

If you do not agree to these terms, you cannot use the Map.  We will periodically update tthis User Agreement, and we have no way to identify you in order to notify you of any updates, so please reference the latest version of this User Agreement upon every visit.

Last updated: August 10, 2016