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Mixed Reality Market Exploration

Weekly VRAR Update ✧ Issue № 1
June 30, 2017        


  1. Exploration began yesterday, so progress is limited. “Under Construction”
  2. Provided a summary of corporate resources for input/feedback.

checklist-green256.png ACTIVITIES & PROGRESS THIS WEEK

  1. Provided a draft summary of “existing resources & services” for review & edits via email to assure our exploration focuses on opportunities [outside of markets already covered] that leverage existing corporate strengths as much as possible.
  2. Instituted this “Weekly VRAR Update” online companion to our confidential weekly email update. This provides a convenient aggregation of general market discovery with links to articles (“FYI” below), informative videos & upcoming events/breaking news.

calendar256.png EVENTS & BREAKING NEWS 🔎

  1. Upload.io—partnering with Nvidia, HP & Oculus—is offering a 10-week "Master VR Creator" class in Los Angeles July 19th through August 29th. They also hold events in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. AR-powered “C-Thru” helmet from Qwake Technologies helps firefighters see through smoke, work faster.

play_button-purple210.png VIDEO RECOMMENDATIONS 📺

  1. Introduction to Microsoft HoloLens & Mixed Reality (2:01).
  2. Architectural collaboration case demo; HoloLens at Trimble (2:36).
  3. Medical/Education enterprise case/demo; HoloLens at University College (1:35).
  4. PC World delineates Windows MR vs. HoloLens experiences (3:07).

info pictograph292.png FYI: ARTICLES & REFERENCES

  1. Google “VR Services” in Google Play (for use with Daydream & Cardboard apps) has highly polarized ratings with over five million downloads.
  2. Oculus Rift’s co-founder conducts first interview (May 10, 2017) on VR market after leaving Facebook, supports Revive (a hack that allows Vive users to play Rift-exclusive games).
  3. Apple is bringing more VR capabilities to the Mac. New iMac Pro will have power to support VR. MacOS High Sierra update (fall 2017) will support VR, Vive, Unity & Unreal game engines.
  4. Apple launched ARKit for iOS and a $599 VR development kit to facilitate building VR apps on MacOS, but GPU support may not be available to consumers until spring of 2018!
  5. For cities that are 3D enabled in Apple Maps, a flyover VRAR feature will be available in Apple's iOS 11 expected to release this fall.
  6. Why AR will be the next revolution in retail, February 27, 2017 article in Strategy+Business.

American_flag256x180.png Note: Limited work/access on Tuesday July 4th in honor of national holiday.

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