Our math homework this year will focus on becoming fluent in addition and subtraction facts to 20.  

This week, please cut out these math facts neatly and write the answer on the back. You do not need to write anything for the ‘Clue,’ but if you have a related fact that will help you, write that. (example for 8+2: clue 8+1=7) Review and practice them each night with a family member or on your own.

You may already be fluent with this set of facts. If so, you should use this set to practice the steps of cutting out a new set of fact cards, writing the answer on the back and learning the facts.

When you feel that you are fluent with this set, let me know and I will assess you at school. The goal is to know these facts by the end of September. When you are ready, I will send home the next set of facts to cut and practice. Be persistent and you will master this second grade skill!


                Mrs. Leonard