Historical Fiction Assignment Checklist


·          All drafts must be typed and DOUBLE SPACED

·          Remember to NAME Your GoogleDoc (HistoricalFiction+Your Initials).

·          Check off the steps below as you complete them

·          Keep track of your drafts – you will need to turn them in!

·          Your story must be between 4-6 pages. The maximum number of pages you may        

            write is six!


Developing Your Characters and Plot

o   Decide on a general plot line and complete Story Mountain!

o   Chart your main characters (max: 2) and supporting characters (max: 2).


**Teacher Conference**


Draft 1

o   Begin drafting your story

o   Be sure to include specific details about the internal and external characteristics of your characters. What are their traits? Struggles? Motivations?

o   Utilize at least 3 different types of figurative language (Hyperbole, Idiom, Irony, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Simile, Metaphor, Personification).

o   Proofread for clarity (Does my writing make sense?)



**Teacher Conference**


Draft 2: Revise

o   Apply teacher edits

o   Add interesting vocabulary words

o   Add dialogue (But remember you are writing a story, not a script)!

o   Proofread for clarity (Does my writing make sense?)


**Peer Conference**


Final Draft

o   Apply peer edits (Check mechanics for grammar, organization, punctuation and spelling).

o   All previous drafts are included with the final draft.

o   Piece includes a MS Heading and clever title.