Chairman:  Mr T May  Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the

 Eliot Hall, St Germans on 24 June 2013 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.00 pm)


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

2.        Apologies for absence

3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 20 May 2013

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

4.1.1    Highways – new items

            Doctors Lane/Fairfield, St Germans – suggestion of installing a

            speed hump or rumble strips to slow the traffic

            Lynher House boundary wall – letter from a resident concerned about the

            condition of the wall

            Bus Shelters on the A38

            Grass cutting on B3249 near the burial ground

4.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Report from Cllr


4.3        Standing Orders and Financial Regulations – the drafts need to be finalised

            and adopted by the Parish Council

4.4       Tideford lighting

4.5       Vacancies on the Parish Council

4.6       Site Meeting on 25.5.13

            Cllr Skelton has requested that an incident at the site meeting, attended by 4

            councillors be discussed further.

5.        Playparks

            The Play Inspections Company Ltd will carry out the annual inspection in


5.1        St Germans


5.2        Tideford

6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Application from HG Stacey Ltd for a cremation plot and memorial tablet for

            James Russell Clement Gregory deceased at Plot CR25 – see 7.3

6.2       Application from HG Stacey Ltd for a memorial tablet at Plot I4 for John

            Robert Spink deceased – see 7.3

6.3       The clerk met with our Solicitor on 24.5.13. Mark Grassam will make

            application for the registration of our ownership of the burial ground at the

            Land Registry. He will also carry out investigations regarding ownership of

            the footpath outside Beech House – see 7.6

6.4       Cornwall Council requesting details of our burial ground and how many

            graves we can accommodate

7.        Finance

7.1       Quercus invoice for grass cutting - £580

7.2       Renewal of the website domain name - £12.78

7.3       Monies paid into the bank account by HG Stacey Ltd for a Memorial Tablet at

            Plot I4 and at the cremated remains plot CR25 - £175

7.4       Polbathic Hall invoice for hall hire on 29.4.13 - £30

7.5       Cornwall Council invoice for the printing of the Nut Tree March to May 2013

            - £343.35

7.6       Mark Grassam, our solicitor, requested two cheques, one for £40 payable to

            the Land Registry and one for £30 for the land registry search

7.7       Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks May salary plus their admin fee –


7.8       Cornwall Blind Association requesting a donation towards their volunteer

            transport service for blind and visually impaired people in our local area.  

7.9       Local Directory invoice for the full page ad - £68

7.10     Quercus invoice for grass cutting - £600

7.11     Quercus invoice for the hedge cutting and clearing of the footpath at the burial

            ground - £300

7.12     Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks June salary plus their admin fee –


8.        Planning Applications

            The following applications have been received by Cornwall Council:

8.1       PA13/04354

            Trewolsta, Tideford                                               Miss Andrews and Mr Barry

            Construction of barn  

8.2       PA13/04650

            Land at Trequite Farm, Menheniot                         Elgin Energy EsCo Ltd

            Installation of photovoltaic power-plant including photovoltaic panels,

            electrical substations, inverter stations, pole-mounted CCTV cameras, fencing,

            provision of lay-by and other ancillary works (revision to application

            PA13/02242 withdrawn)

            Elgin advise that there are now no panels in the parish of Menheniot and that

            Ennglish Heritage now support the new scheme

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following decisions have been made by Cornwall Council:

9.1       PA13/03364 - APPROVED

            5 Lower Fairfield, St Germans                               Mr G Oxford

            Non material amendment to PA11/03467 for construction of double detached

            garage in rear garden to allow for raise in lintol height for roller garage door.

9.2       PA13/02242 - WITHDRAWN

            Land at Trequite Farm, Menheniot                         Elgin Energy EsCo Ltd

            Installation of photovoltaic power-plant including photovoltaic panels,

            electrical substations, inverter stations, pole-mounted CCTV cameras, security

            fencing, provision of lay-by an other ancillary works


            Land at Trequite Farm, Menheniot                         Elgin Energy EsCo Ltd

            Screening Opinion for the installation of photovoltaic power-plant including

            photovoltaic panels, electrical substations, inverter stations, pole-mounted

            CCTV cameras, security fencing, provision of lay-by an other ancillary works

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports  

10.1     Cllr Skelton asked that a newspaper cutting from the Western Morning News

            regarding green energy be discussed at this meeting. A copy had been emailed

            to all Cllrs on  21.5.13

10.2     Neighbourhood Planning seminar on 10.7.13 in the evening

10.3     Petition for Amendment of the National Planning Policy Framework –


10.4     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 17.6.13 at Liskeard

10.5     Cornwall Council advice that an appeal has been made in respect of Land at

            Wilton Farm, Trerulefoot for the installation of solar farm and associated

            infrasctructure (PA12/11941). All comments must be made within 6 weeks

            from the appeal date ie. 12.6.13  

            Email from Dr Simon Fullalove asking the Parish Council to write against the



11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Deviock Parish Council advising the contact details of all Councillors and

            those serving on the Nut Tree Joint Editorial Committee – emailed to all Cllrs

11.2     Saltash Policing Team Monthly Bulletin – June 2013

11.3     Code of Conduct Training at various venues

            Sarah Mason will undertake a 1-2-1 training session with individual councils

            for £150 plus VAT

11.4     Community Benefits resulting from solar and wind farms – the Cornwall

            Community Foundation has been commissioned to undertake a fair and

            equitable distribution of grants to the local community

11.5     Complete Weed Control will treat weeds, moss and algae in our public open

            spaces and play parks

11.6     Cornwall Gateway Community Network agenda for the meeting on 29.5.13 at

            the Polbathic Hall – meeting notes – Needs Assessment – Community

            Infrastructure Levy

11.7     Local Audit and Accountability Bill (England) – Latest News

11.8     Cornwall Rural Community Council – Parish Survey to complete

11.9     Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest

11.10   Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service – transport

11.11   Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service – broadband

11.12   CALC – The Week

11.13   CAPITA – Developing Commercialism in Local Government

11.14   Playground Maintenance from Playground Supplies

11.15   The Allihies Copper Mine Museum in Cork, Ireland organising an event in

            September – Allihies Connects. Invitation to anyone with Cornish mining

            connections to attend

11.16   The Power of Play from Play and Leisure – latest news

11.17   Cornwall Council Localism, Devolution and Green Community Information


11.18   Cornwall Blind Association Annual Review 2011-2012

11.19   Wicksteed Playscapes – 40% off playground equipment

11.20   Rural Services Network – rural opportunities bulletin June 2013

11.21   Freeline Graphics – projects and funding for heritage, community or WW1

            centenary projects

11.22   Farming enquiry from a charity worker dealing with 16 – 25 year olds

11.23   SLCC – news bulletin

11.24   Nut Tree – June 2013 edition

11.25   HAGS SMP Play – Parish and Community News

11.26   Parish Online News

11.27   Community Engagement Events – local group set up to run activities for

            children and young people

11.28   South West Water – Water Future newsletter June 2013

11.29   Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service – fuel poverty June 2012

11.30   Using Social Media to Grow Your Social Enterprise – 27.6.13 from 9.30am

            to 1.00pm. Emailed to all Cllrs

11.31   The Cornwall Community Foundation – administering the Caradon area

            community fund

11.32   Tom Rattray is leaving Savills at the end of June and will no longer be acting

            for Port Eliot. Justin Lascelles will be the main contact from 1.7.13 until

            Tom’s vacancy is filled

11.33   Cllr Mackeen attended the Rail Users meeting on 13.6.13 – SGRUG may be

            writing to request help from the Parish Council for the development of the

            building on the south side of the station.

11.34   Community Renewables at the Green Cornwall Show on 27.6.13 and 28.6.13

            at Heartlands, Pool

11.35   Came & Company – the benefits of a broker

11.36   CALC – Councillor Skills Day – Chairmanship training

11.37   Rural Services Network – rural vulnerability service – rural transport ‘13

12.        Informal Correspondence