Complete, Self-Contained Off-Grid System

by ValleyTronics


Power some of your favorite electrical and electronic appliances, such as your TV, computer, lights, microwave oven, a fan, a small refrigerator in your home with a Compact PV Solar System© and reduce your electric bill - “Up-scalable” in size and capacity. Sufficient enough to power your wall air conditioner, portable heater, LCD TV.

Take a look at the electricity-portion of your Utility Bill. If it is less than $100, a full-size Grid-Tied Solar System may not be cost-effective - the pay-off ratio will exceed ten years based on savings. In plain English, the amount saved each month will take a long time to equal the system cost.

A Self-Contained Compact PV System may be the better choice to reduce your utility bill, which is always the main objective no matter what size system.

“A true investment that pays you long-term dividends.”

The Compact PV Solar System™ uses available sunlight during the day to charge a bank of deep-cycle batteries to provide you with a 2nd source of electricity. Research shows that the typical household uses more electricity from 6pm to midnight. This extra usage can be powered by electricIty produced by YOUR OWN SOLAR POWER GENERATOR.

This is the only completely self-contained Stand-Alone PV Solar System that is truly affordable at any budget. Reducing your utility power consumption can help you avoid paying the higher progressive rates* in California and similar states with a multi-tier billing rate.

Prices start at USD$2,875.00

Systems are custom-configured based on your application needs.