Automatic Posting from Blogger to a Facebook Page

This document is a supplement to the Introduction to Class Blogs With Blogger tutorial.

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A little note from Scott…

(author of this tutorial and friendly neighbourhood Digital Literacy Resource Teacher)

Let me be clear, I am not advocating “friending” the students in your class or their parents and guardians.  The section below describes a process to set up a Facebook page that you don’t need to go back to.  Students and parents cannot post to the page and you never have to go back to it.

So why bother?  The fact is that 93% of Canadians who use social media are on Facebook (Macleans on Campus, April 2013) and 14 million of us check our Facebook accounts every day (, August 2013).  If you want to connect with today’s parents, you need to realize that they are much like their children (and probably, just like you!).  You have to reach them where they are.  Rather than trying to get them to come to your blog page, you need to put your blog content in front of them, and for most Canadian adults, they’re already on Facebook.  By giving them a page to “like” and “follow”, your classroom blog content shows up in their stream.

If you are going to create a Facebook page to share your blog content, it is important that you follow all of the steps below, in particular the ones related to preventing other people from posting on your page.

As always, you should review the relevant OCT and ETFO advisories regarding social media and electronic communication.

You should also ensure you have the support of your school administrator before posting to a class Facebook page.  Feel free to use this resource to help explain the precautions you’ve taken to protect your own privacy, and that of students.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Creating a Facebook Page

Automatically Post to your Class Facebook Page Using IFTTT

Set up an IFTTT Account

Use the Blogger to Facebook Page Recipe

Add a Facebook Badge to your Class Blog

How to Disable Facebook Comments (on a Page)

Creating a Facebook Page

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Click on the Settings (Gears) link.
  3. Create a Facebook Page.
  4. Choose Cause or community.
  5. Enter the name of your class.
    Indicate your agreement with the
    Terms of Service for Pages.
    Press the Get Started
  6. Fill out the information for you class Facebook page.
  7. Upload a photo to represent your class (or skip this step).
  8. Add to Favourites and click Next.
  9. Skip paying to reach more people.
  10. Prevent students/parents/etc. from posting to your Facebook page.
  11. Address the settings below.  Click the edit button beside each of the settings indicated.
  1. Posting ability:  Turn off Everyone can post/add photos/videos and Save Changes.
  2. Post Visibility:  Hide posts by others and untick Highlight recent posts.  Then click Save Changes.
  3. Messages:  Untick Allow people to contact my Page and Save Changes.
  4. Profanity Filter:  This really doesn’t apply, since the only content that will appear on this page is from you, the teacher - but, just in case…
    Select the
    Strong profanity filter and Save Changes.
  5. Replies:  Untick Allow replies
  6. Totally blocking all comments using Page Moderation
    I had to do some work to figure out how to totally block all comments on a page.  Facebook doesn’t have a setting to prevent this (because it is a social media platform), however, I found a work-around at  I’ve copied and pasted the complete original post at the bottom of this tutorial in case this link fails at some point in the future.

    The idea behind this method of blocking comments, is that by preventing people from using the 1000 most commonly used words, it will be difficult for anyone to post a comment on your page.

    To do this, click on Page moderation, then copy
    the 1000 most commonly used words from the bottom of this tutorial into the Block posts or comments box and Save Changes.  To this list, you may want to add things like your school name, your personal name, subjects you teach, etc.

    Functionally, what this looks like is that the person who tries to comment can see the comment, but no one else can.  As the page administrator, you will receive a notification (if they are on) that someone has commented.  For this reason, you may want to edit your Community section to indicate that you do not receive or check comments, and that no one else will be able to see them.  Perhaps note that they should contact you at the school.  See below for steps to complete this.

  7. Edit your Community description to indicate comments are not visible to others and that you do not respond to the page.

    Click on the
    Community Section of your page.

    Edit the
    About section.

    Edit the
    Short Description.

    There is a limited number of characters available in the short description.  Post a message similar to the one below and click
    Save Changes.

    Suggested Short Description Text:  

Your Class Blog Name
Notice:  Page is automatically updated, comments are not visible.  Click on the About button (below) for more info/limitations.

Edit your Long Description to provide more information about the limitations of your class Facebook page.  See below for suggested text (modify as appropriate).

Suggested Long Description Text:  

Note to Students/Parents/Guardians and Other Readers

The purpose of this page is to allow you to subscribe to our class blog content using the social media platform of your choice.  You can also subscribe by email from our blog homepage ( to have updates delivered daily to your email account or follow our class blog on Twitter at @yourclasstwitterhandle.

“Liking” this page will allow you to subscribe to updates from our class blog and receive them in your Facebook stream.

A few important things about this page.
1.  It is automatically updated with content from our class blog.  I do not post to this page itself.
2.  Comments are not visible to others (including me).  If you need to contact me, with any questions, concerns, or ideas, contact me through the school.
3.  I will not respond to friend requests from any students/parents/guardians, etc.

You can also create a post with this information that stays at the top of your Facebook page.

Use the drop down list at the top of your post to Pin to Top.

Now, as new posts are added, you can be sure that this information will stay at the top of  your page.

Automatically Post to your Class Facebook Page Using IFTTT

If This, Then That is a powerful tool that can automate many online tasks.  You can connect various online tools to create rules that make things happen.  In this case:

If there is a new post added to my class blog, add an update to my class Facebook page.

Set up an IFTTT Account

  1. Use an (AWESOME) tool called IF THIS,  THEN THAT (IFTTT) to share your class blog post to your Facebook class page.
  2. Set up an IFTTT account.
  3. Navigate in your browser to
  4. Enter the appropriate information and click Join.

Use the Blogger to Facebook Page Recipe

  1. Open up the Blogger to Facebook Page recipe (
  2. Activate your Blogger and Facebook Pages IFTTT channels.
  3. Sign in to Blogger with your Google Apps for Education Account.
  4. Click on Allow Access when prompted.
  5. Select your class blog as the source of your Facebook Page posts and press Update.
  6. Click Done when finished.
  7. Activate Your Facebook Pages channel.
  8. Select your Class Facebook page and press Update.
  9. Click Done when finished.
  10. You will now set up your Facebook class page post.
  11. The default setting has only a link to your post and the title.  Click on the + button to add your post content (and images).
  12. Click on the Select an Ingredient dropdown box and choose PostContent.  You may also choose any additional ingredients.
  13. Click on the Add Ingredient button (you can repeat for any additional ingredients you’d like to add.
  14. If you place your cursor between the two ingredients, you can use your enter button to move the post content down a line below the post title.
  15. Click the Use Recipe button when you’ve finished arranging your post.
  16. Congratulations!  You just did something REALLY COOL!  Now, modify the description if you’d like.
  17. Now, let’s see if it works.  
  18. Return to your blog, write a new post, and publish it.  Then return to your IFTTT recipe page.
  19. Click on the Check button on the right side of the page.
  20. You should see something like this (as the owner of the page).
  21. You should see something like this as a student/parent.
  22. Notice that a student/parent/guardian (or anyone else for that matter) cannot post to this page.  They must like the page to follow it and get updates to their Facebook accounts from your page.  Because of the steps you took earlier, if they attempt to make a comment, it will be blocked.

Add a Facebook Badge to your Class Blog

  1. Click here to open the Facebook Pages Badges page.
  2. Click on Edit this badge.
  3. Unclick the Status and Fans box to remove status updates (they will come from the blog anyway) and the number of people who “like” your page.  Then click Save.
  4. Click on the Other button (the Blogger button doesn’t seem to work or isn’t up to date).
  5. Copy the HTML code indicated.
  6. Click on Add a Gadget and then choose HTML/JavaScript.
  7. Paste the HTML code you copied into the content section and then press Save.
  8. Move the Gadget to the place you would like in your layout and click Save arrangement.

How to Disable Facebook Comments (on a Page)

Original Source: "How to Disable Facebook Comments (on a Page)." EasySites. N.p., 16 June 2013. Web. 21 Feb. 2014. <>.

Facebook doesn’t give you an option to disable all Facebook comments with the click of a button. However, knows how frustrating it can be to run a Facebook page when people are constantly posting nasty things as comments. Obviously, to disable posts on your normal timeline by others, you must go into your Page’s settings under “Manage Permissions” and uncheck the boxes labeled “Everyone can post to YOUR PAGE TITLE’s timeline”, “Everyone can add photos and videos to YOUR PAGE TITLE’s timeline”, then select “Hidden from Page” under “Default visibility of posts by others on YOUR PAGE TITLE’s timeline:“.

Now, there is no option to disable comments on posts made by your page. Thanks Facebook. However, you can work around this using something has come up with. Find the box labeled “Moderation Blocklist:“. This blocklist is a list of words you have banned from appearing on your page. If someone has a post that includes one of these words, the post will be hidden from your page and you will be the only one who can view the comment. has come up with a giant master list of 1,000 of the most commonly used words (Source: The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists, Fourth Edition, © 2000 by Prentice Hall Authors: Fry, Kress & Fountoukidis) edited the formatting, and made it available for you here. Just copy and past the list below into the “Moderation Blocklist” section and people should have quite a hard time commenting on your posts. Obviously, they can still find a word or two not on your blocklist, however, all you need to do is add that word to your list if you find that someone managed to comment on your post.


Master List of 1,000 Most Commonly Used Words:

the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it, he, was, for, on, are, as, with, his, they, I, at, be, this, have, from, or, one, had, by, word, but, not, what, all, were, we, when, your, can, said, there, use, an, each, which, she, do, how, their, if, will, up, other, about, out, many, then, them, these, so, some, her, would, make, like, him, into, time, has, look, two, more, write, go, see, number, no, way, could, people, my, than, first, water, been, call, who, oil, its, now, find, long, down, day, did, get, come, made, may, part, over, say, set, new, great, put, sound, where, end, take, help, does, only, through, another, little, much, well, work, before, large, know, line, must, place, right, big, year, too, even, live, mean, such, me, old, because, back, any, turn, give, same, here, most, tell, why, very, boy, ask, after, follow, went, thing, came, men, our, want, read, just, show, need, name, also, land, good, around, different, sentence, form, home, man, three, us, think, small, move, try, kind, hand, picture, again, change, off, play, spell, air, away, animal, house, point, page, letter, mother, answer, found, study, still, learn, should, America, world, high, saw, important, every, left, until, near, don’t, children, add, few, side, food, while, feet, between, along, car, own, might, mile, below, close, night, country, something, walk, plant, seem, white, last, next, sea, school, hard, began, father, open, grow, keep, example, took, tree, begin, river, never, life, four, start, always, carry, city, those, state, earth, both, once, eye, paper, book, light, together, hear, thought, got, stop, head, group, without, under, often, second, story, run, later, miss, idea, enough, eat, face, watch, far, Indian, really, almost, let, above, girl, sometimes, mountain, cut, young, talk, soon, list, song, being, leave, family, it’s, body, order, music, red, color, door, stand, sure, sun, become, question, top, fish, ship, area, across, mark, today, dog, during, horse, short, birds, better, problem, best, complete, however, room, low, knew, hours, since, black, ever, products, piece, happened, told, whole, usually, measure, didn’t, remember, friends, early, easy, waves, heard, reached, listen, farm, wind, pulled, rock, draw, space, voice, covered, seen, fast, cold, several, cried, hold, plan, himself, notice, toward, south, five, sing, step, war, morning, ground, passed, fall, vowel, king, true, town, hundred, I’ll, against, unit, pattern, figure, numeral, certain, table, field, north, travel, slowly, wood, money, fire, map, upon, done, decided, plane, English, contain, system, road, course, behind, halt, surface, ran, ten, produce, round, fly, building, boat, gave, ocean, game, box, class, force, finally, note, brought, wait, nothing, understand, correct, rest, warm, oh, carefully, common, quickly, scientists, bring, person, inside, explain, became, wheels, dry, shown, stay, though, minutes, green, language, strong, known, shape, verb, island, deep, stars, week, thousands, front, less, yes, feel, machine, clear, fact, base, equation, inches, ago, yet, street, stood, government, filled, heat, full, hot, check, object, am, rule, among, noun, power, cannot, able, six, size, dark, ball, material, special, heavy, fine, pair, circle, include, built, can’t, picked, legs, matter, simple, sat, square, cells, main, syllables, paint, winter, perhaps, mind, wide, bill, love, written, felt, cause, length, suddenly, rain, reason, test, exercise, kept, direction, eggs, interest, center, train, arms, farmers, blue, brother, ready, wish, race, anything, drop, present, divided, developed, beautiful, general, window, store, energy, difference, job, subject, distance, edge, Europe, heart, past, moon, sit, sign, region, sum, record, return, summer, finished, believe, wall, discovered, dance, forest, wild, members, probably, happy, beside, gone, sky, glass, million, west, lay, weather, root, instruments, meet, third, months, paragraph, raised, represent, soft, whether, clothes, flowers, shall, teacher, held, describe, drive, cross, already, hair, speak, instead, age, solve, phrase, amount, appear, soil, scale, metal, bed, pounds, son, copy, although, either, free, per, ice, hope, broken, sleep, spring, moment, village, case, tiny, factors, laughed, possible, result, nation, gold, jumped, quite, milk, snow, type, quiet, ride, themselves, natural, care, temperature, lot, floor, bright, stone, hill, lead, act, pushed, everyone, build, baby, method, middle, buy, section, speed, century, lake, count, outside, consonant, cat, everything, within, someone, tall, dictionary, sail, rolled, bear, wonder, smiled, angle, fraction, Africa, killed, melody, bottom, trip, hole, poor, let’s, fight, surprise, French, died, beat, exactly, remain, dress, iron, couldn’t, fingers, row, president, yourself, least, brown, control, catch, trouble, practice, climbed, cool, report, wrote, cloud, straight, shouted, lost, rise, continued, sent, statement, itself, symbols, stick, else, wear, party, plains, bad, seeds, gas, save, suppose, England, experiment, woman, burning, engine, coast, design, alone, bank, joined, drawing, period, foot, east, wire, law, pay, choose, ears, single, clean, grass, touch, visit, you’re, information, bit, grew, express, whose, skin, mouth, received, valley, yard, garden, cents, equal, please, key, decimal, strange, caught, fell, team, God, captain, direct, ring, serve, child, desert, increase, history, cost, maybe, business, separate, break, uncle, hunting, flow, lady, students, human, art, feeling, supply, guess, thick, corner, silent, blood, electric, trade, lie, insects, rather, spot, crops, compare, bell, tone, crowd, fun, hit, poem, loud, sand, enjoy, consider, doctor, elements, suggested, provide, indicate, thin, thus, except, position, won’t, expect, entered, cook, flat, fruit, bones, seven, tied, tail, interesting, rich, board, sense, dollars, modern, string, send, compound, blow, sight, mine, famous, chief, wasn’t, value, Japanese, fit, wings, stream, addition, movement, planets, belong, pole, rhythm, safe, exciting, eight, soldiers, branches, science, major, observe, tube, necessary, weight, meat, lifted, process, army, hat, property, particular, swim, terms, current, park, sell, shoulder, industry, wash, block, spread, cattle, wife, sharp, company, sister, radio, oxygen, we’ll, plural, action, various, capital, agreed, factories, opposite, settled, wrong, yellow, chart, isn’t, prepared, southern, pretty, truck, solution, fair, fresh, printed, shop, wouldn’t, suffix, ahead, especially, chance, shoes, born, actually, level, nose, triangle, afraid, molecules, dead, France, sugar, repeated, adjective, column, fig, western, office, church, huge, gun, total, similar, deal, death, determine, score, evening, forward, nor, stretched, rope, experience, cotton, rose, apple, allow, details, fear, entire, workers, corn, Washington, substances, Greek, smell, women, tools, bought, conditions, led, cows, march, track, northern, arrived, create, located, British, sir, difficult, seat, match, division, win, effect, doesn’t, underline, steel, view