Sharing videos to Blackboard Courses

Go to ShareStream Media Migrator

1. Locate the course you want to share movies with and enter it:


2. Find Tools at the left of the page and click on it.



3. Scroll down to ShareStream MediaManager and click on  it.

4. The ShareStream MediaManager window should appear. Click on the Administration Tab at the left side of the page. Then click on Media Migrator.

Select the files you wish to share to your students

5. Find Uploaded Assets at the left side of the page, and click on it. Make sure the movies you want to share with the course are under LMS-Workspace.

6. Highlight the movie you want to share, and click on Add To Work Basket.

7. Then the movie will appear under your Work Basket on the left side of your page.

Make the files available to the course

8. Highlight the movie, and click button Edit File Format.

9. Select the movie(s) and click on Add Profile(s).

10. Select VIDEO_450k_STREAM_M4V, and press Add.

11. Highlight the movie again, and select Add Destination.

12. Select the course you want to share the movie with, and click Add.

13. Click on Execute Job, and wait.

14. Now you should see a progress bar indicating that the file is being transcoding. Do not close the window. The window will disappear automatically once the transcoding process is completed.