Updated format 7/06/2018


10 Rounds of matchplay.

Four player groups: 3-2-1-0.

Three player groups if needed: 3-1.5-0.

First round matchups based on ifpa ranking, subsequent matches are determined by swiss pairing.  All games will be randomized from a predetermined bank.

Top ¼ of players will be A restricted per ifpa world rankings.

Top 24 qualify for A division finals.

Top 8 non-restricted players who do not qualify for A division finals will qualify for B division finals.

Tiebreakers:  In the event that two or more players are tied on the qualifying bubble, such that not all of the tied players can advance to the final rounds, a tiebreaking procedure will be utilized. A single game will be played on a machine randomly selected from the qualifying bank. The tied players will play, in randomly determined order, in a multiplayer game on the selected machine, and will subsequently be ranked in the order of their scores on that game. If more players are tied than the selected machine will support in a single game, multiple games will be played (on that randomly selected machine) to accommodate all tied players, in randomly determined order, and the resulting scores will be compared as if they had occurred in a single game on the same machine. The same procedure outlined above will be used to break ties on the A division “bye” line.

Practice:  Practice is permitted in between rounds during qualifying.  When the next round is announced, please promptly end your game and find your group so as to avoid any unnecessary waiting.


Modified Amazing Race format.  All players play single player games on the same machine and the lowest score is knocked out.

Top 8 qualifiers receive a bye and do not have to be brought in until game #9.  

Game #1:  Players play in order of initial seed from lowest to highest on the first game.  The current lowest score stays at machine, safe scores continue onto the next game.  This process continues until game #9.

Game#9:  Top 8 qualifiers are brought into the finals and the order of players is reorganized by initial seed and the same format is followed as before until there is one player left who will be determined the winner.


Additional Race Rules:

-Once the finals begin, practice is not allowed

-There is a predetermined order in which games will be played.

-A player cannot advance to the next game until someone puts up a lower score.

-A player must play the next game in the order which you have advanced from the previous game, except in between rounds when the seeds are reorganized.

-All players must plunge away any remaining balls once you pass the lowest score on that machine.

-If during the finals a machine becomes unplayable due to malfunction, then that game/round is removed from the finals and players will move onto the next game without anyone being eliminated on the affected machine.  A backup machine may be chosen to take its place by TD discretion.

Women’s tournament:

Straight amazing race style format from start to finish.  Lowest score on each game is knocked out.  No qualifying round.  Be there at 7:00pm sharp.

Entry fee is $5

Prizes:  1st 40%  2nd 30%  3rd 20%  4th 10%

Registration and Fees

There is a one-time entry fee of $40 on the day of the tournament.  The games will be on coin drop for the qualifying portion and on free play for finals.

Prizes (2,560)

-After ifpa fees (2,496)

A Division (80% of total pot or 1996)

1st place - 30%  596

2nd place - 18%  360

3rd place - 12%  240

4th place - 8%  160

5th through 8th place - 4% each  80

9th through 16th place - 2% each  40

B Division (20% of total pot or 500)

1st place - 27%  135

2nd place - 21%  105

3rd place - 16%  80

4th place - 12%  60

5th place - 9%  45  

6th place - 6%  30

7th place - 5%  25

8th place - 4%  20

-If less than 64 players are present, payout percentages will remain the same and the dollar value adjusted accordingly.


Friday July 6

7:00pm:  Women’s Amazing Race...details to come

Women's Amazing Race event page

Saturday July 7

11:00am-12:45pm:  Practice and check-in

1:00pm:  Roll Call and announcements

1:30pm-5:00pm:  Rounds 1-6

5:00pm-6:00pm:  Dinner Break

6:pm-8:30pm:  Rounds 7-10

8:30pm:  Tiebreakers

9:00pm:  B Division Finals

Sunday July 8

12:00pm-1:15pm:  Practice and check-in

1:30pm:  A Division Finals


Standard PAPA rulings apply to any issues regarding stuck balls, malfunctions, personal conduct, etc.