News Flash

Saturday 1st April SEASON START.  Please do come along and join us in a fun event to get the new season off to a good start ! 9.30 for 10 – tea/coffee and welcome followed by a one-ball competition open to all. Whites to be worn by those taking part.

28th March Annual Spring Cleaning day starting at 9.30am.

29th March 2017 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Club will be held at the Clubhouse at 5.15 p.m. All relevant documents available in the Members Section / AGM Notices

1st March - Please note that start times for afternoon AC and GC roll-ups will revert to 2pm from Wednesday March 1st. That is – arriving at 1.45 pm for a 2pm start.

Winter Season see Croquet/Roll-ups for days and timings, here they are in short :-

Wednesday      9.45am - 1.00pm  AC

1.45 - 4.00pm GC

Thursday         1.45 - 4.00pm Short lawn          

Friday              1.45 - 4.00pm AC

Saturday          1.45 - 4.00pm GC

Sunday            1.45 - 4.00pm Any

Note - The lower pavilion has now been closed until 31st March 2017.