Season 2 Episode 3 - Oblique Strategies

Release Date: 24 June 2014

81 minutes 32 seconds

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Thread(s): Future of Humanity

Host: Mike Mongo

Guest Bios

Heath Rezabek is a futurist librarian, writer, technology grants coordinator, and systems designer. He lives in Austin, TX, where he serves as the Teen Services Coordinator within Youth Services at the Austin Public Library focusing on digital literacy for at-risk youth. Heath is a lifelong advocate for open source, open access, open knowledge, and collaboration via Creative Commons.

In the realm of space advocacy, Heath is concerned with improving the prospects for Earth-originating life through the longevity of our interstellar aspirations and through the application of applied discoveries to enhance life’s prospects on Earth.  


Heath Rezabek

Robin Hanson’s Vita

GMU Headshot 2014.jpg

Robin Hanson


The Episode and its Subject Matter

The Long Now Foundation

Oblique Strategies

100 Year Starship

Nick Bostrom on Existential Risk

Robin Hanson’s Home Page

Robin Hanson on Singularity 1-on-1

Robin Hanson’s Ted Talk on Ems

Overcoming Bias


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Host: Mike Mongo

Writers: Paul Carr and Mike Mongo

Producer: Paul Carr

Announcer: Erin Carr