Choose the best answer for each item. Write the letter of your answer in the blank.

1. Which of the following set important precedents for the executive branch of government?

(a) George Washington

(b) Alexander Hamilton

(c) Edmund Randolph

(d) Thomas Jefferson

2. The Cabinet member in charge of handling relations between the United States and other nations is the

(a) Secretary of the Treasury

(b) Secretary of War

(c) Secretary of State

(d) Attorney General.

3. Hamilton and Jefferson agreed to a national capital along the

(a) Mississippi River

(b) Potomac River

(c) Ohio River

(d) Delaware River.

4. Under Hamilton’s financial plan, the main source of government revenue was

(a) income taxes

(b) tariffs

(c) donations

(d) interest from loans.

5. Which of the following encouraged Americans to buy American-made goods?

(a) high interest rates

(b) national banks

(c) public debt

(d) tariffs on imports

6. Which of the following proposals represented a loose construction of the Constitution? (a) tariffs on imports

(b) creating a national bank

(c) appointing Supreme Court justices

(d) creating three branches of government

7) Which was NOT a reason why farmers made whiskey from their grain?

A. Taking whiskey to market was more profitable than taking grain.

B. Grain was too bulky to be stored.

C. Whiskey was easier to get to market than grain was.

D. A farmer could trade whiskey for other products.

8) What happened as a result of the Battle of Fallen Timbers?

A. Native Americans gave upland.

B. The British helped Native Americans.

C. Little Turtle's leadership was rejected by Native American tribes.

D. Washington sent troops to New Orleans.

9) Why did war between Britain and France put the United States in an awkward position?

A. The United States sent military advisers to revolutionary France.

B. Britain held part of the Northwest Territory.

C. George Washington had relatives in both countries.

D. France was America's ally but Britain was its biggest trading partner.

10) How are Pinckney's Treaty and the Whiskey Rebellion related?

A. They both grew out of attempts by western farmers to sell their products.

B. They both involved the new governments use of the army.

C. They both resulted from British efforts to keep troops in the West.

D. All of the above