SUBJECT: April 1st - Solarize Plano Project Communications Update - Think Solar BEFORE summer electric bills

This project status email is being sent to 2014 Solarize Plano Project participants that have enrolled, interested volunteers, the selected solar installation company, and related city & utility staff contacts . This communications update includes:

1. RFP Review Team company selection

2. Next Steps Reminder - Decision Point 2 questionnaire 

3. Enrollment status

4. Request - Help spread the word - ONLY 2 WEEKS REMAINING

5. Project Questions

1. RFP Review Team company selection

A special thanks to the eight Solarize Plano Project participants who dedicated time, interest, expertise, and enthusiasm. The RFP Review Team reviewed and scored proposals from eight solar companies. Many excellent proposals were received and the team worked objectively to evaluate and ultimately select the highest scoring proposal.  The selected solar company for the 2014 Solarize Plano Project is Axium Solar.

2. Next Steps Reminder - Decision Point 2 (DP2) Questionnaire

Enrolled participants that have:

should consider to responding to Decision Point 2 with a “YES”.  If you are now ready, as described in Participant Decision Points, you should complete the 2014 Decision Point 2 Form Questionnaire to provide the necessary information for site assessment. This should be completed no later than April 15, 2014.

As Decision Point 2 participants complete the questionnaire, the information will then be forwarded to the selected company Axium Solar.  Using the contact information provided in the questionnaire, Axium Solar will begin preliminary site assessments with online tools and also reach out to contact DP2 participants over the coming days and weeks to schedule a site assessment visit.

In addition to the specific size system to be installed at your location, Axium Solar has provided a number of different options with slightly varying prices.  They will review these configuration options and the corresponding Solarize Plano prices with you to help you decide the best for your specific needs.

Plano Solar Advocates is available to assist you in moving forward to Decision Point 3 which is signing a contract by May 15, 2014 with Axium Solar to install solar on your home.  

3. Enrollment Status

We are continuing to encourage new participants to enroll through April 15, 2014.  As of mid-day, March 31st:

4. Request - Help spread the word

Enrollment is scheduled to close April 15th.  Help spread the word. We are seeing a growing number of enrollees list their friends as how they found out about the project. Please keep telling others!

Reminder to “think solar” BEFORE those summer electric bills arrive!

5. Project Questions

If you have any questions, please reach out to us by email so that we can setup a call or meeting to address them.

Thanks again for your interest in the Solarize Plano Project and tapping the local solar energy that we have here in Plano!

Shine On!

Larry Howe ( , Bob Litwins (, and all the volunteers with Plano Solar Advocates, a 100% grassroots volunteer group