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Alconost + Crowdin for DreamCommerce:
effective localization

and ongoing language support


DreamCommerce is a software developer for online stores, the largest in the Polish e-commerce market. A number of advantages have enabled DreamCommerce to conquer this niche, such as fully customizable store fronts, a user-friendly mobile version, integration with social networks and SEO design.

To expand into the Turkish and Dutch markets, DreamCommerce needed high-quality localization into Turkish and Dutch. The DreamCommerce developers turned to us at Alconost for this. The work was not a one-off assignment: the service is constantly evolving, with new strings appearing in the interface that require fast localization.

The benefits of working with Alconost in this case were clear:

  • We have a team of qualified native-speaker translators with experience in the e-commerce field, so DreamCommerce did not need to recruit and test the team members themselves.
  • We take responsibility for localization quality and deadlines (incidentally, besides translation, we also provide testing of localized software).
  • We are always available. As soon as new strings for translation appear, our specialists immediately get to work.

Cloud-based platform Crowdin helped us achieve maximum efficiency and consistency in the work. It prevented headaches for the translators, project managers and client alike:

  • Translators immediately saw all comments and screenshots from DreamCommerce, improving both the quality and speed of the translation. And the client saved time responding to translators about the context of this or that string.
  • The client could track the progress of the work.
  • Localization of updates became extremely simple: DreamCommerce simply uploads new strings to Crowdin, confirms the cost, and we complete the rest of the work.

In this way, we got a painless process of continuous localization off the ground for our client. We are looking forward to news of DreamCommerce’s success in the e-commerce markets in Holland and Turkey!

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