Newbery Book Report  due September 30

Each year, The American Library Association awards the “Newbery Medal” and “Newbery Honors” to the outstanding children’s books published during the previous year.  These medals have been presented each year since 1921.  The medal was named in honor of eighteenth-century British bookseller John Newbery.

Read a Newbery Award winning book.

You will report on it, by making a “Box It” book report!   Students can combine their artistic and writing abilities to evaluate literature in “Box it!”  Directions follow:

Using an empty cereal box as a form, students cover each of the sides in the following ways.  Be sure to leave the slit and tab at the top of the box operational.  Students need to be able to open the box.

FRONT:  *Draw and Color an original illustration to cover the front of the cereal box.  Do NOT use the same picture that is on the book cover.  Pictures printed from the computer are NOT allowed.

*Include on this section:

          -title of the book


        -your name.  

BACK:  *  Paper cover the back of the box.

               *  Neatly write a plot summary and attach it to the back of the cereal box.

SIDES:  * Paper-cover both narrow sides.

                * On one of the sides, list the “Ingredients” (characters) in the story.  Write a sentence describing each character.  There must be at least 3 characters listed.

                * On the other narrow side, describe the setting (time and place) of the story.  Write at least one sentence describing the time.  Write at least one sentence describing the place.

INSIDE THE BOX:  * Place a “prize” inside the box.  The prize should be something that relates to the story.  You will get the item back.

                                   * On an index card or piece of paper, write a brief paragraph explaining how the prize relates to the book.

Your book report will be graded using the rubric on the following page.

Enjoy reading some GREAT literature.

Name ___________________

Newbery  “Box-It” Book Report Grading Rubric

Points Possible

Points Earned

Front of Box  (illustration)

   Title of the Book--1 point

   Author of the Book--1 point

   Original picture illustrating scene from book--4 points

   Picture colored neatly using crayons, colored pencils, or markers-1 points

   Student’s Name  - 1 point

8 points

Back of Box  (Summary):

   Summary of book-8 points

8 points

Side A (Characters)

   Sentence describing character #1---1 point

   Sentence describing character #2---1 point

   Sentence describing character #3---1 point

3 points

Side B  (Setting):

   Time story takes place written in a complete sentence--1 point

     Place story takes place written in a complete sentence--1 point

2 points

Inside Box (Prize):

   Prize related to book--2 points

   Brief paragraph explaining prize--2 points

4 points


   0-2 mistakes--earn 4 points      3-4 mistakes--earn 3 points

   5-6 mistakes--earn 2 points      7-8 mistakes--earn 1 point

4 points


   Handwriting (neatly done)--2 points

   (May be done with word processing.)

2 points

Rough Draft

   Rough Draft turned in--2 points

   Rough Draft has been edited and proofread--1 point

3 points

Book Report Turned in on Time:

  Turned in on time--1 point

   Turned in late--0 points

1 point

Total Points Earned

35 points