Lieutenant Colonel W. V. Moul

Assistant Provost Marshal, Dublin, Ireland

Lieutenant Colonel William Vincent Moul was born in Kensington, London and on leaving the Royal Military College, Sandhurst he served with the 2nd Cheshire Regiment.   He was awarded the India General Service Medal 1954-95 with the clasp Burma 1887-89, Medal Roll WO 100/78, dated 1/1/98 page 174, The Queen’s South Africa Medal with clasps Johannesburg, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Medal Roll WO 100/180 dated 31/7/01 page 158, The King’s South Africa Medal with clasps South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902, Medal Roll WO 100/327, dated 9/12/02, page 187, the 1911 Coronation Medal (he commanded a small detachment from the 3rd Cheshire Regiment on the  Coronation Parade).   Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette 27353 page 5951, dated 10/09/01 South Africa, second Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette 30005, page 2107, dated 30/3/17 which reads:   The following are added to the list of names brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War for distinguished services rendered in connection with the war (published in the Supplement to the London Gazette No. 29919, ated 25/1/17, Moul, Capt. & Bt Maj. W. V., ret. pay, late Cheshire Regiment.   Although awarded an MID in WWI he received no War Medals as he served at Home.  

(Also on this supplement: Radband, No. 841 Sergt, (acting Co. Serjt-Maj.) G W, MFP who also served in Dublin).   

His appointments as APM are shown in the London Gazette as follows:

LG 29904, page 604, 16/1/17.   Asst. Pro.- Marshals (Graded for purposes of pay as a Staff Capt.) - Temp. Capt. W. A. Woods, 6th R Ir. Fus., and to be transferred to the Gen. List, vice Bt Maj. W. V. Moul, Ret. pay. 7/12/16.

LG 29967, page 2124, dated 2/3/17, Attached to HQ Units.   Asst. Prov-Marshals - (graded for purposes of pay as a D.A.A.G) - The name of Brevet Maj W. V. Moul, ret, pay, is as now described and not as in the Gazette of 20/2/17.

LG 30315, page 10138, 1/10/17, Memoranda, The undermentioned to be temp. Lt Cols whilst employed as Asst. Prov.- Marshalls.   14/9/17, Bt. Maj W. V. Moul, Ret. pay.

Whilst APM Dublin District he arrested and escorted Sir Roger Casement from Dublin to London for his trial for treason.   Casement a former British Consular Official who brought to light the inhuman treatment of natives in Africa and South America.   He became a supporter of the Republican Movement and went to Germany to persuade Irish POW’s to join fight against Britain and to obtain weapons from the Germans for the Republican Struggle.   He was landed from a German Submarine on Banna Strand, Tralee Bay, Kerry three days before the Easter Rising in Dublin on the 24/4/16.  He was arrested and taken to Dublin.   He was hanged at Pentonville Prison, London on the 3/8/16 by John Ellis and his staff.   His body was buried in quicklime in the prison grounds.   His remains were returned to Ireland by the Prime Minister Harold Wilson.   He was given a State Funeral and was buried with full military honours in the Republican Plot in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.  

The following obituary from a local newspaper on the death of Lt Col Moul

  LT-COL W. V. MOUL.  

Man who escorted Casement dies.

A Friend of Looe.

A man with a long and distinguished Army career died at his home “ Shutta House,” East Looe, Cornwall on Sunday.   He was Lieut.-Col William Vincent Moul, a bachelor of 85,

The Irish Rebellion.

A Londoner by birth (he was born in Kensington in 1965, he came to Looe when his parents retired from their tea-broking business many years ago;   He as an officer in the Cheshire Regiment and served in South Africa, India and Burma.   After his first retirement he was recalled to the colours to serve in the 1914-18 war, when he went to Ireland to help oppose what has gone down in history as “The Troubles.”

He was sent there to locate the renegade Sir Roger Casement and to escort him back to London.   Before Casement’s  subsequent execution he gave his bejewelled personal pistol to Col Moul, who for many years kept it among the war-like relics on the walls of his house at Shutta, backed by the great flags of many countries.   He was for some time Assistant Provost Marshal at the Dublin Garrison.