Carolyn B. December 28, 2014

I bought one of your pens perhaps a month ago and fell in love. (…) While I love the zen of dip and letter, not having to dip is its own kind of meditation. I've used Nikko G nibs (I prefer Brause 66F, but I don't know if you'd ever be able to fashion a feed for a nib that small), and look forward to when you can branch into some more flexible nibs. Not that I'm not enjoying the Nikko G! I hope to get more time this week with your pen. (…) So, this is a thank you for taking the time to design and bring your pens to this community.


The pen arrived yesterday, well, the day before, but I didn’t make

the hike out to the mailbox until yesterday when the snowfall began

to abate.

Initial takes:

  1. It was certainly well and safely packaged. There must be something

     I can do with the plastic cylinder…

  2. The machining is much better than just adequate.

  3. The delrin is, I think, a good choice. Feels a bit like ebonite,

     maybe a bit heavier. I like it a lot.

  4. The rollstop is a nice touch.

  5. The nib/feed is described as having been properly set up. I do need

     to ask if I need to remove and clean the nib as described in your

     video tutorial. I’m thinking yes, but want to make sure. (I intend to

     fill it first with Noodler’s Black or Heart of Darkness.)

  6. At 13:55 in your Quick Start video, the words “Title Text Here” appear

     at lower left corner of the screen. (I was a technical writer in Silicon

     Valley for 35 years, including several years developing 3D-animated

     service manuals for Sun’s workstations. Your video is clear, easy to

     follow, and appears complete. I know all too well how little glitches

     like that can pop up.)

  7. Your manual is well organized, clear and easily understandable. Since I

     studied Spanish in high school and college, I can’t comment on the French

     version. (“Cliquez”? Really? I love it.)

So, I’ll assume that I have to scrub the nib before using, after taking some

close up pictures to give me a fighting chance to get the whole thing back

together in the same configuration.

I’ve used a few flex/semi-flex nibs (Ahab, Indus, a Mabie Todd, a couple of

Wahl-Eversharps, and a couple of Rangas with Eversharp nibs), and to date

have found them to be either hard to manage, or ones that I’m probably over

concerned about damaging, to have had much success with them.

Now I think there’s a tool that will be just what I need. And with a decade

or three to practice, who knows? (I’ve got some aunts and uncles who made it

into their mid-90s, so if I take after my mother’s side of the family it is


I am looking forward to beginning to have fun with the flexiness therein.

Thanks very much.



(TDPC EDIT: From December 2016)


I received one of your Daedalus pens in the mail yesterday.  Just wanted to drop you a quick line to provide you some feedback.

I've been using fountain pens since the mid 90s... this is the first pen that has completely captured my attention and been one that I keep reaching for.  I've been looking for a good flex experience in a carry-able pen to remind me of the dip pens I used while still in school... this is the first pen I've purchased that has managed to scratch that itch.

You've gone above and beyond, not only in designing this pen, but also in the documentation and user guides that you provide to your customers.  I've already eyedroppered my pen and am incredibly satisfied with my purchase -- possibly even moreso than my Sailor King of Pens.  Being a pen guy, you can probably appreciate the weight of that statement.

As soon as I pulled that feed to clean it, I knew I was in for a treat when I saw how deeply that ink channel was cut.  So far, I've yet to be disappointed.  As long as I let the nib touch the paper for a half-second or so before I start writing I've yet to run across skipping of any kind.  This pen, flex-wise, puts my Namiki Falcon to shame.  At the price you're charging, I think this is a steal for the enjoyment I've gotten from it.

Thanks for taking the time to design this writing instrument.  It's people like you, here in the US, that give me hope for my hobby.  I hope you have a happy holidays, and that the future brings you the success you deserve.

All the best,


(TDPC EDIT: From December 2016)


I got my black Delrin Daedalus tonight when I arrived home from work (Order #296 if you're keeping track) and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it.

Having been suitably warned to read the manual over the weekend, I got out the instructions and had it filled and working within five minutes. (Sailor Kobe Legend Blue Ink, a nice bright cobalt.) I can't stop playing with it! While my long-neglected Spencerian "calligraphy" has been getting most of the workout tonight, I actually bought this pen for drawing. I do a lot of sketching on location, and have been looking for a good way to use dip pens while out in the world. I think I found it. :)

…Anyway, I need to head off to bed, but once again -- thank you for the great craftsmanship and careful design of this pen. It's a brilliant piece of work, and something I hope you're very proud of.


Elaine B.

(TDPC EDIT: We’re on about order 1200 now)

(August 20, 2017)

Mr. Miller:

I recently purchased a Daedalus from you, and I couldn't be more pleased with it! It's so much fun to play with and far more convenient than a dip pen for practicing calligraphy. Having tried some of the other flex fountain pen options available on the market, I can safely say that your pens are easily my favorite choice.

Thank you for creating such a unique and well-made product!


Thomas B.

“Generally recognized as the best way to use a zebra g as a daily driver”

J. Gentile. June 22, 2018

Hello Pierre,

Yes, I picked it up from the post office last week. The design and feel of the pen is lovely, and the manual and your YouTube videos were very helpful - the nib took a lot of scrubbing to get ready, but the videos had prepared me for that. I felt very confident disassembling the pen and aligning the nib/feed.

And Pierre, the pen is a marvel! This is exactly what I've been looking for. I purchased it to use for drawing, as I have previously drawn with dip pens, but I did not want to bring dip pen and ink out for sketching around town, and I stopped using dip pens altogether, when I knocked over the ink bottle and stained my wooden floor. Yikes. So the Icarus enables me to get the same lines and strokes, in a portable format, and in a gorgeous design - I like the hand-crafted look of it, when you look closely - the miniscule grooves from the tools on the casing. I've filled it with De Atramentis document ink, and experience no issues with that.

My only challenge at the moment is getting it to work properly in my watercolour sketchbook with medium-rough paper - it will work fine for a few strokes, but then it's like the flow stops, no ink reaches the paper. I don't experience this on smooth/vellum paper, and using a dip pen with another G nib on the paper works fine. I'm experimenting with nib/feed alignment for a wetter flow, and I have a hunch the issue also arises because there's a tiny bit of oil left on the nib. So maybe it'll solve itself in due time.

All in all, I'm thrilled with my purchase. Thank you for making this pen available!


(June 9, 2018)

12/1/18 1444 CST


First, I wanted to thank you for this beautiful Daedalus pen that I bought from you that arrived today. I had mentioned to you earlier about how your attention to detail in your web pages was impressive, and that attention to detail shines through re this pen. I consider myself to be a student of industrial design and I love seeing things that exude beauty as it applies to function. This is by all accounts a perfect pen - and the no-nonsense nature of this pen (that it is to be used to write with) makes this the hands-down best choice if you are more interested in what you are doing rather than what people may say about what you are doing it with. It is a simple design -- but elegantly executed -- and you are  to be commended on producing such a fine product. There may be flashier looking pens out there -- but I doubt any that are better at providing an outstanding writing experience.

The pen is so fine in fact that I'm still inquiring about that wood pen that you had at your site. Just curious as to whether you have made any further progress in bringing that design back to light. I had also inquired about that swirl design ($100) that I had initially considered -- just wondering if those are still available.

One last thing - you have indicated that the Nikko G and Tachikawa G nibs WILL NOT fit your pen. I understand that but I ordered (and received) the Ti Zebra G nibs from Amazon (I understand that they last longer than the non-Ti nibs) and wanted to be sure that they are compatible w/ the chrome version of that same nib. I wanted to ask you 1st before trying anything on my own. I also have an oblique nib holder (interestingly of my own design) so I have certainly the ability to use the Ti nibs if you tell me that they won't fit, but I just wanted to pass this by you before trying it on your pen.

Thank you again for the pen - it's obvious from just holding it that you love what you are doing. You are a superb craftsman!

Sincerely, Phil