The Chronicles of Magic

Chapter 1: Call to Adventure

In a land far far away, lived a man named Will. Now you might know Will. He’s a former hero who’s saved the country twice, but this next journey will change him once and for all.

He was enjoying some tea in his villa on the coast of Charlandia, when the doorbell rang. When he answered the door, there was a red letter with gold trimming on the edges. It was from King Charles, ruler of Charlandia, and it was sent to Will of City on the Coast of Charlandia (The map maker wasn’t very good).

It said:

Dear Will of City on the Coast of Charlandia,

We have heard of your heroic deeds and how you have retired from the excellent job of

heroism, so we would like to offer you another chance of adventure. Come to Castle Charles

ASAP if you are willing to accept this task., but be warned, there is danger ahead.

Your Ruler,

King Charles III, king of Charlandia

Will sat and thought about it for a while. Should he take care of his family or rejoin his dream of adventure. He knew he couldn't resist adventure. He was in. Will quickly packed a few necessities in his pack and his pet dragon Noksuun, and he said goodbye to his wife. He got in his car and drove across the country for the whole 6 hour trip, until he reached tropolis, the capital of Charlandia. Last time he was there, everything was happy and fast, now everything looked gloomy and slow. The sky was grey and the grass was dying. He arrived at the palace gates where he was then welcomed inside. King Charles stood in his throne room.

“Oh, yes,” he said as he spotted Will, “You made it safely.

“Of course I did,” Will replied hesitantly, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Oh, um, it’s just, well,” he took a deep breath and said, “Have you noticed how everything outside is all gloomy and sad?”

Will nodded.

“Well, that’s because something was stolen. There used to be a big jewel called the Lightning Jade. It used to power everything in Charlandia, from technology to plants, this jade made everything happier, until it was stolen.”

“By who?”

“By Taubirinthia (TOB-ih-RIN-thee-uh).”

“You mean that tyrant ruled country, north of Dolteniana (Dole-TEEN-ee-yon-uh).”

“Yep, they thought that if they took the jade, they would be able to make their country wealthy,” King Charles explained, “Unfortunately for everyone, though, no one can get the jade now, because the crew that was sent to come steal the jewel, got lost in the Evil Sea and never came back.”

“So then what do you need me for?” asked Will.

“Well,” said King Charles with a small grin on his face, “Legend has it, that the Lighting Jade came from a temple. There were also two other temples around the biggest temple. In the big temple, there was a large gem. In the temples around it, there were also gems. The explorer who found these temples took one of the gems, the jade, and brought it here. He went back to get the others, but he never returned home.”

“So you want me to go and get a crystal to power the entire kingdom?” Will asked sarcastically.

The king looked up as if he were imagining something, counted his fingers, then looked back up and nodded, “Yes.”

“But how am I going to get there? More importantly how am I going to do it? I’m not as agile and stealthy as I used to be,” asked Will.

“See, that's where this comes in,” the king pulled a vial with a bubbly fuschia liquid in it, “My scientists have been working on it, it makes you more stronger, stealthier, and more agile.”

“Just like Captain Charlandia from the Revengers,” said Will, “But how do I know where to go?”

King Charles walked to his throne and picked up a piece of paper, he handed it to Will, “This map shows you exactly where you need to go and shows you exactly where you are. The compass is real too.” Will looked at the map. It had a dot on Charltropolis, he turned the map around, and realized the compass was actually working.

“So,” Will said excitedly, “Where is this temple? Off the coast into the Evil Sea, the edge of Tobyrinthia, ooh, don’t tell me, a mysterious island in the middle of the Cerulean Ocean!”

“No,” said King Charles, wiping the grin on his face, “Somewhere in the east.”

“The East?” Will, his eyes wide with fear. As soon as he said that, a new dot appeared somewhere on the right side of his map.

Now reader, if you are wondering what so bad about the east, read your map. Between Charlandia and the Unknown territory, there is the Peaks of Death, there’s an avalanche every thirty minutes for all 120 mountains, that's four avalanches per minute, so it is literally impossible to get across. Under that is the Darren Forests, there are so many magical and dangerous creatures. Up north, is the Evil Sea. It’s called that because there are sea monsters, magical enchantments, and evil mermaids. Down south, is the Sea of Mist, if you try to go in it, there is thick mist, you can’t even see someone two feet away from you. And even worse, there are giant icebergs everywhere, so you could hit it, and realize ten minutes later that you are submerged under water. And if the adventurer that found the Lighting Jade seems like such a hero, he actually was sent with 24 of Charlandia’s finest bodyguards, and only one came back, in critical condition. And if you remember, the second time he went, nobody came back.