Brush Middle School

Building Policies Addendum to the Brush School District Handbook

Athletic Fees:  7th and 8th grade students will pay $80 per student to participate in any Brush Middle School sport, including football, cross country, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, and track.  6th grade students only, the athletic  fee is $40 to participate in cross country. This 6th grade fee can be paid to Brush Middle School or Beaver Valley Elementary. No student will be allowed to practice or participate in any of the above-mentioned sports until his or her fee is paid.

Art and Ag/Woods Fee:  7th and 8th grade  students who take Art I or II will pay $15 per semester.  8th grade students who take Ag/Woods will pay $15 per semester as well.

Criteria for Advanced Classes:  

1.) Students must have "above-average" performance on NWEA and PARCC assessments.  Any student who scores "partially proficient" on any writing, reading, or math test will NOT be eligible for advanced classes.

2.) Students who test at the "advanced" and "high proficient" range and/or who are deemed "Gifted and Talented" (G/T)  in math, reading, or writing (language usage) will be given FIRST consideration.

3.) Advanced class rosters will be established on a year-to-year basis based on a body of evidence: test scores, work ethic, and past academic performance.  Past advanced students are not automatically placed in advanced classes the next year.

4.) Our student placements are flexible and can change as needed within a school year.

5.) During the school year, students need to demonstrate their work ethic and quality of work in order to stay in an advanced class.  A student's G/T classification does not necessarily ensure that he/she can stay in that class if the student is not performing to expectations.

5.) The body of evidence allowing students into Advanced Math, Advanced Reading, or Advanced Writing includes the above criteria as well as collaboration from a team that includes teachers, the counselor, and administration.

Eligibility Requirements:  

BMS Eligibility will affect the following student groups in both grades:

        *Student Athletes

        *Students in extracurricular activities and clubs

        *Students attending non-academic field trips

BMS Students are Ineligible if they have:

        *2 or more F's

        *One or more office referrals for behavioral reasons resulting in suspension.

Eligibility reporting period:

        *Grades are updated weekly with the posting date of Fridays.  Eligibility will run from the

        following Monday through Saturday.  

        *An office referral resulting in an in-school or out-of-school suspension will result in the loss

        of eligibility for the period of the suspension.  Students may not play in contests during the

        suspension.  If an out-of-school (OSS) suspension is given, then the student may not practice

        during suspension, either.

Red Room:

        *A student is given "Red Room" when he or she has two or more F's in a week.  

        *Red Room will run on the same schedule as eligibility from Mondays through Saturdays.

        *Students are required to stay until 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday when they are ineligible.

        *A call will be sent out on Sundays to parents indicating if their child has Red Room the next


        *Students who get all missing work turned in as well as have proof that all work for the next day is

        completed can leave early from Red Room.  Students can attend sports practices in this instance.

        *Students who have a sporting event and are in Red Room will not be allowed to participate in

        a sporting event until they are no longer on the ineligibility list.  This does not include practice.

Semesters: Brush Middle School will be on semesters with the rest of the school district.  Mid-term grades will be sent home at each quarter mark.

Dress Code: In addition to the Brush School District  Re-2j  Student Handbook " Dress Code" expectations listed on page 5, Brush Middle School is including unacceptable clothing consisting of tights, Spandex and yoga pants that are worn without a shirt long enough to cover students' front and back sides.  Shirts/tops must come within the range of a student's fingertips in length when standing with arms at one's sides.  Students who do not follow BMS dress code will be sent to the office, and this will be written up as a dress-code violation. In addition, students will be required to wear a school-issued shirt over the top of their clothing when they are wearing inappropriate clothing.

8th Grade Continuation Expectations:

Students in 8th grade are given an 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony and Dance at the end of the school year.  Attire for this ceremony and dance are as follows:  

        *Girls:  Girls should wear dresses or nice pants.  Prom dresses are not necessary. Dresses must have

         shoulder straps that are at least two inches wide.  Dresses must have a back to them, and no bare midriffs

         are allowed.  If a student's dress has straps smaller than two inches, a light jacket  will be required to be

         worn throughout the ceremony and dance.

        *Boys: Boys should wear dress pants and collar shirts.  Ties are optional.

Triple-A Trips (Good Reward Trips):

7th and 8th grade students will be allowed to go on a Good-Reward Trip at the end of the year with the following criteria:

        *Students cannot have two or more F's for two quarters in a year's time from any combination of


        *Any students with 11 or more unexcused absences will not be allowed to attend.  (Excluding

          absences with doctors' notes, funeral attendance, or court attendance)

        *Any students with three or more office referrals or any suspension (ISS or OSS).

        *All student fees must be paid before student can attend Good-Reward Trip.

Substitute Behavior:  Any students sent to the office for poor behavior when a substitute is in the room will be given suspension automatically.  This will only take place when a student is sent out of the room for poor behavior choices.

Backpacks:  Students are to leave backpacks in their lockers all day.  Students are not allowed to bring backpacks to class.

Cell Phones:  Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school and use them before school and after school.  During school hours, phones must be placed in students' lockers.  Students caught with a phone on him/her or caught using a cell phone during school hours are given the following warnings and consequences:

        *First Offense: Teacher /adult warns student to put phone in student's locker immediately.  That teacher/adult logs the incident on the

          Infinite Campus Counseling Tab.

        *Second Offense: Teacher/adult takes student's phone and brings the phone to the office.  Student  can pick up the phone in the office

          at the end of the day without parent involvement.  That adult logs the incident on the Infinite Campus Counseling Tab.

        *Third Offense:  Teacher/adult takes the student's phone and brings the phone to the office.  That adult writes an office referral on

          Infinite Campus as a behavior report.  Student is given consequences for defiance and disobedience. Parent/guardian is called.

Drinks:   The only drink allowed in the classroom is water, and that is left to the discretion of the teacher.

Student Insurance:  Student health insurance is offered through the district.  Please refer to the district website for more information.

Free/Reduced Lunches:  Please  have paperwork for  Free-and-Reduced lunch discounts completed and turned in to the office as soon as possible during fall registration. Lunches will continue to accrue until we receive this completed form, and parents will be responsible for these charged lunches. This form must be filled out every year. Please refer to the district website and handbook for more details.

Lunch Prices:  Please refer to the district website for current lunch prices.  

Student Handbook:  Please refer to the Brush School District Re-2J District Student Handbook for the remainder of the school district's policies and procedures.  BMS students will be expected to follow both this handbook and this Brush Middle School "Building Policies Addendum."