Zellerbach 7, 170, 413, (133 & 135) • Hearst Field Annex D23 • Durham Studio Theater

Help to maintain clean and safe space for everyone.

1. Keep it clean.

Food and drink should be consumed outside of the studio.

Water is permitted in closed containers.

2. Leave it better than you found it!

Return studios to a neutral, clean condition upon leaving.

Stack chairs on carts and put all furniture back in its storage location.

Erase writing from all chalk and white boards.

Remove ALL personal belongings to avoid loss. (Lockers available via the stage door.)

3. Report concerns.

If you encounter problems related to cleanliness, broken items, misuse, etc.please

report by email ( or in the TDPS Production Office, 4 Dwinelle.

Be responsible and accountable for maintaining your studios.

The fine print:

  •   Reserve spaces via to secure time and avoid being evicted.

If you do not intend to use your scheduled time, please cancel your booking.

Please finish your use and restore/clear the space by the end of your scheduled time.

  •   Enter and exit Zellerbach spaces only via the stage door.
  •   Ensure safety and security – Never prop open any exterior building door.
  •   Prevent accidents! Stand only on rehearsal cubes and benches, never on chairs or tables.
  •   Maintain shared resources: Keep resources within studios; ask if you need something moved.
  •   Protect floors and furniture! Do not drag items or engage in activity that may cause damage.
  •   Operate technical equipment only with training & express permission. Do not alter settings.
  •   Respect rehearsals - don’t remove spike tape or use items that are labeled for rehearsal use.
  •   Abide by UC policies: Open flame is prohibited in all UCB facilities. (e.g. candles, matches, lighters)

Failure to abide by the above will result in loss of privileges

and other disciplinary actions as warranted.

Space Use Policy        Revised August 2017