CP Humanities II Literature

1st Semester -1st Six Weeks

Essential Focus: Explain How and Why Developing New Ideas Challenge Authority.

                                                                                                                                                              August/ September 2016

History                                                              Literature                                       Projects

Ch. 1 Roots of Democracy                                Skills Review                                  Literature: Cyrano Presentations,

         Absolutism                                               Core novel: Cyrano                                                       Unit 1 project

Ch. 2 Enlightenment                                         HW- Dialectical Journals &              History: Mock Trial of Louis XIV

                                                                                  Active Reading

                                                                         Vocabulary: Weeks 1-5                     

✍✍✍ Homework for the unit 1 includes skills review tasks, vocabulary preparation, and a dialectical journal and unit worksheets with Cyrano.  See dialectical journal instructions/ handout for assignment details. For each act, 5 quotes w/ in- depth, analytical responses=”A”, 4-5 quotes w/ in-depth, analytical responses= “B”, 3-4 quotes w/ in-depth, analytical responses= “C” submitted with the completed AR


Aug 15

Minimum Day

Syllabus Review


HW: Complete Online Syllabus Signature Form (parent/ guardian/)

Aug 16

Due: Online Syllabus

Signature Form

Syllabus Quiz

Academic Honesty &

Integrity Q &; A

Aug 17

Deciphering the Prompt 
Review Assgn

Writing Review ABC²

HW: Study for vocab quiz #1

Aug 18

Due: Deciphering prompt practice wksht

★★Vocab Quiz #1

 Essay Structure Review; ABC²

Thesis Skills Review

HW: Review Skills Book essay definitions, essay structure

Aug 19


✍✍Writing Skills Assessment

HW: Writing Assessment check list

Aug 22

Lit Term Review

assignment and

presentation prep

HW:  Writing Assessment check list

Aug 23

Due: Typed Writing Assessment with check list

Turnitin.com registration assigment

Lit Term Review assignment and presentation prep

HW:  Turnitin.com Assgn; Prep for presentation

Aug 24

Due:  Turnitin.com Assgn

Lit Term Presentations

Lit Term Quiz

HW:  Study for vocab quiz #2

Aug 25


Vocab Quiz #2

Rhetorical Terms and Annotation Review

Analyzing Visual Ads

HW: Review terms, review evidence types

Aug 26


Begin Haiti Rhetorical Reading Unit w/ pre-reading activities


HW: complete video notes (link on website)

Aug 29


Assign Analyzing Visual Ads Group Project

Visual Ads Learning Stations

HW:  Finish Learning Stations

Aug 30

Due: Print AD

Learning Stations

 “Haiti article- Read & annotate

Project Prep


HW: Finish Article, identify types of evidence  

Aug 31

 Minimum Day

Due:  Article annotations

✍✍Haiti article Rhetorical Précis RD

Project Prep

HW: Study for vocab quiz 3; Type Rhetorical Précis FD

Sept 1


Vocab Quiz #3

Check out Cyrano

Project Prep

Presentation Practice

HW: Prepare for Presentation

Sept 2

Minimum Day

Odin’s March

Parent Visitation Day

Due: Analyzing Visual Ads Group Project; Haiti unit/ Rhetorical Précis RD/ Typed FD



HW:  Cyrano Article

Sept 5


Labor Day

No School



Sept 6

Due: Introducing Cyrano Bullet pts.

Intro Dialectical Journals/ PPt, AR

Begin Act 1

HW:   Act 1 reading assgn; begin DJ #1


Sept 7

Back to School Night

Due:  Act 1 reading assgn; begin DJ #1



Complete Act 1

HW: Study for vocab quiz 4; complete Act 1 reading assignment

Sept 8


Due: Act 1 reading assignment

Vocabulary #4


 Watch Act 1/ Review

HW: Complete DJ #1  

Sept 9


✍✍Writing Response #1 (focus on thesis/topic sent./ cd’s)


Intro Cyrano Performances

Groups & Structure

HW: Act 1 Dialectical Journal & AR

Sept 12

Due: Act 1 Dialectical Journal 1 + AR

This Week-

Cyrano Act 2

Le Beau Geste PPt

Act 2 Prep

HW: Read & Prep Act 2

Sept 13

Due: Read & Prep Act 2

Act 2 Prep/ Rehearsal

Act 2 performances

HW:  Begin DJ #2

Sept 14

Minimum Day


Act 2 performances

 Watch Act 2/ Review

HW: Study for vocab quiz 5; Work on Act 2 Dialectical Journal

Sept 15


Vocab Quiz #5

Intro Unit 1 project & brainstorm


HW: Act 2 AR  

Sept 16

Due:  Act 2 Dialectical Journal+ AR

QUIZ- Acts 1& 2

✍✍Writing Response #2 (focus on thesis/topic sent./ cd’s/ cm’s)

HW:  Unit 1 project prep

Sept 19

Due :

This week-

Cyrano Act 3

 Act 3 Prep/ Rehearsal

HW: Read & Prep Act 3

Sept 20


Act 3 Prep/ Rehearsal

Act 3 Performances

HW: Edit & revise WR RD #1 or #2

Sept 21


Act 3 Performances

UE Writing Task Prep

HW: Polish/ Type WR #1 OR #2

Sept 22

Due: ✍✍WR RD #1& 2 + Typed FD of #1 OR #2

Act 3 quiz

UE Reminders

Watch Act 3/ Review

HW: Study for unit exam

Sept 23


Unit 1 Exam

[Literature terms/ skills, Rhetorical terms/ skills, Cyrano]

HW: Complete Unit 1 project