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Organisation of the School
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Local Governing Body


Mr J Thurston

Ms T Brown

Dean M Ford

Mrs H Hugh-Jones

Mrs  M  Ipinson-Fleming

Mrs G Kuzack

Mr  M  Lea

Mr S  Parsons (Chair)

Mr A Parfitt

Mrs  G  Pilgrim

Mr G  Porter

Prof  B  Williamson

Mr P Murden

Senior Leadership Team


Deputy Headteacher, Student Culture, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Post 16

Deputy Headteacher,  Quality of Education Y7-11

Assistant Headteacher, BCCS & CST Director of Music Specialism

Assistant Headteacher,  Chief Operating Officer

 Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour & Attitudes

Associate Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning

Mr J Thurston

Mr  S  D  Fuller

Ms  E  R  Messinger

Mr  A  Nicholls

Mrs K Jackson

Mr I Henry

Mr M Davies

 Heads of Subject


Business Studies and Economics






Second in Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages







Second in Science


Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Ms E  R  Walmsley

Ms M Sahdev

Mr D Fuller

Miss V Watkins

Miss L Bray

Miss E Youngs

Mr R   B  Willoughby

Mr I Pearse                

Mrs Haddad

Mrs E  A  Gleed

Ms  V Bobby

Miss M Helmich

Ms R Hawthorne

Mr P  H  Edwards

Dr E Stone

Mr R Essex

 Mr J Dunton

Mrs K Kerry

Mrs Masters


             Heads of Year

Year 13

Year 12

         Year 11

Year 10                                      


Mr W Davies

Mrs N Berry

Mr K Murphy                                                                                        

Mr Henry

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Mrs M Saunders

Mr E Welch

Mr J S Frost




Mrs J Bennett, BA, Geography

Miss L Bray, BA Communication Studies

Dr M Brodie, MA (Oxf), MA Modern History, International Relations & Politics

Mr P Callaghan, BA, History

Mrs L Edwards, BSc Geographical Information Sciences  ** Maternity Leave

Mr P Edwards, BA, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy

Mr I Henry, BA, Geography

Ms T Hicks-Beresford, BA (Hons) Education in Professional Practice

Ms M Helmich, BSc, Environmental Geoscience

Miss L Kitching, BA History

Miss E Messinger, MA, BA, Islamic Studies  

Mr L Moore, BA, Politics & Philosophy

Ms A Spiers, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Ms E Youngs, BA, History and German

English and Drama

Mrs N Berry, BA English and Drama

Ms R Chapman, Ba Chinese, Modern and Classic

Miss T Hemsi, MA, English Lit

Miss S Gay, BA, English

Miss H Green, BA, English Literature and Media Studies

Mrs L Masters, MA (20th Century Literature), BA English & Theatre Arts

Miss S Price, MA, Russian and East European Studies

Ms S Senn, BA Spanish Literature

Miss Z Skowronska, BA Theatre and Performance

Miss B Wells Dion, Mphil, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic (Faculty of English)

Miss V Watkins, BA, English Literature with French

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J Derwent, BA, French and German

Mrs E Haddad, BA, French and German

Ms C Hill, MSc International Development, BA German and History

Mrs A Hogg, BA, French and Spanish


Mathematics and Business Faculty

Miss M Corcoran, BSc Mechanical Engineering

Mrs I Drewett, BSc, Mathematics

Mr M Hogg, BA, Philosophy Politics and Economics

Mr P Mann, BSc, Business Studies and ICT

Miss S Lawrie, BSc, Architectural Studies

Mrs C O’Hanlon, BSc, Mathematics

Mr A Parfitt, BEng, Mathematics

Mr I Pearse, BSc, Mathematics

Mrs K Roberts, MSc, BSc Mathematics  *Maternity Leave

Ms M Sahdev, BA Economics

Mr W Sinclair, MA History

Mr R Willoughby, BEng, Mathematics

Music, Art and Technology


Mr S Bates, MA Education BA Commercial Music

Mr W Davies, BA, Music

Mrs E Gleed, BMus, Music

Miss H Lacey, BA, (Hons) Fine Art

Mr A Nicholls, BA, Music

Mrs L Turner, BA, Graphic Design

Ms E Walmsley, BA, Art and Design & Technology

**A full list of all the peripatetic instrumental music teachers is available on request


Mrs V Bobby, BEd, PE and Games, Geography

Mr J Frost, BA, PE and Games

Mr K Murphy, BSc, Sports & Physical Education

Miss H Surmann-Wells, BSc Health and Exercise

Mr E Welch, BSc, Sports Development & Coaching

Psychology & Sociology

Mr S Fuller, BSc, Psychology

Mrs R Hawthorn, BSc, MSc, Psychology  

Mrs K Kerry, BA Psychology

Mrs A Porter, BSc Ed  


Mr D Bugler, BSc, Biology, Combined Science

Mr M Davies, MSc, BSc, Biology, Combined Science

Mr R Essex, BA, MSc, Physics, Combined Science

Mr J Foster, MA, Chemistry, Combined Science

Dr W Harris, BMSc, Chemistry, Combined Science

Mrs K Jackson, MA, BSc, Chemistry, Combined Science

Mr W Jagessar, MA, Natural Sciences (Physics)

Mr R Mitchell, MA, Earth Science Systems

Mr A Robotham, BSc, Chemistry, Combined Science

Dr E Stone, BMSc, Biology, Combined Science  

Cover Supervisor

Mr S Potter, BA Geography and Social and Economic History

Ms A Brewer, BSc in Physical Education and Coaching



Ms A Seymour

Mrs J Bennet Pullan

Hive Manager

SEND Specialist Leader - Head of Communications

             SEND Specialist Leader - Head of Cognition and Learning

SEND Specialist Leader - Head of SEMH

Senior LSA, EAA Lead & Administration

Mrs C Maudsley

Miss L Phillips

Ms R Summers

Ms H Stevens

Miss L Tondel

 Learning Support Assistants

Miss C Ascani (Cognition & Learning Lead)

Miss M Chu

Miss E Hickling

Mrs S Howard Jones (SEMH Lead)

Miss V Lavarone

Miss Y Jammeh

Miss S Matthews

Miss R Pestell

Mr C Shaw

Miss I Vargas

Mr D Wan

Vulnerable Students

Designated Teacher  

Deputy Designated Teacher

Pupil Premium 




Designated Lead

Deputy Leads 

Mr P Callaghan

Miss H Stevens

Dr M Brodie

Miss R Cooley

Ms J Dearson

Mr S Fuller

Miss S Heaton - Jones

Mrs L Hudnott

Miss E McCrossan

Safeguarding Lead (KS5) & Sixth Form Pastoral Support Leader 

Sixth Form Pastoral Support Leader

Mrs L Hudnott

Mrs N Hodgson

Lower School Pastoral Support Leaders

Mr Z Darlington

Miss M Hudson

Mrs M Saunders

Mr T Lawrence


Mr W Davies

Art & DT Technician

Language Assistant

Science Technicians

Mrs E  Browne

Mrs N Harkness

Ms S Riddell

Mr G Shoker

Mr C Szeto




Assessments & Examinations Officer

Attendance Officer

Data Manager

Music Administrator

PA to Headteacher & Office Manager

Staff Absence Manager & Report

6th Form Attendance



Finance and Admission Administrator

HR Administrator

Clerk to Governors

Ms K MacBryde

Mrs H Lambert

Mrs R Leonard

Mrs I Ouaknine

Mrs J Ambrose

Mrs L Jagroop

Miss V Fenech

Mrs E Hayes


Ms A Heywood

Mrs D Jenkinson


 ** A full list of all the examination invigilators is available on request


  Site Manager

Site Operative

Site Operative (casual)

Site Operative

Site Technician

Mr T Williamson

Mr N Daiday

Dan GIles


Mr D Piti