Local Governing Body


Dr. R. Kennedy

Mr. P Atkins

Mrs. M. Ipinson-Fleming

Mr. M. Lea

Mr. K. Norton

Mr. R. Willoughby

Mrs. G. Pilgrim

Canon Nicola Stanley

Mrs H Yapp

Mrs K. Dawe

Mrs H Hugh-Jones

Mrs J. Thomas

Dr B. Williamson

Senior Leadership Team

Head of School

Vice Principal

Head of Sixth Form

Assistant Principal Pastoral

Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning  

Assistant Principal of Behaviour & Engagement  

 Director of Music Specialism 

Mr. P. G. Atkins

Mr. D Bugler

Mr. S. D. Fuller

Mr. M. J. Gunn

Ms. E. R. Messinger

Mr. M. W. Maw

Mr. A. Nicholls


Heads of Subject








Second in Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages




Acting Head of PHSE



Acting Head of  Science

Second in Science


Acting Head of Games

Deputy Head of Sixth Form

6th Form Lead Teacher

Mrs E. R. Simmons

Mr P Mann

Miss N Berry

Mr I. J. Barraclough

Mrs J. L. Bennett-Pullan

Dr M. J. Brodie

Mr R. R. B. Willoughby

Mr I Pearse                

Mrs J.K. French

Mrs E. A. Gleed

Mr E Welch

Miss M Helmich

Mrs E Haddad

Mr P. H. Edwards

Dr E Stone

Mr M Davies

Dr W Harris

Mrs L Pursey

Mrs V Bobby

Mr W Davies

Ms L Masters

             Heads of House






House Leader for vulnerable pupils

Mr D Gilbert

Mrs C Wright

Mrs M Saunders

Mr J. S. Frost

Mr K Murphy

Mr P Callaghan




Mr J Allin, BA, History

Mrs J Bennett-Pullan, BA, Geography

Dr M Brodie, MA (Oxf), MA Modern History, International Relations & Politics

Mr P Callaghan, BA, History

Mr P Edwards, BA, Religion, Ethics and Philosophy

Mr M Gunn, BA, Geography

Mr J Harty, BSc, Geology with Physical Geography

Miss M Helmich, BSc, Environmental Geoscience

Miss L Day, BSc Geographical Information Sciences

Miss E Messinger, MA, BA, Islamic Studies  

Mrs L Moat, BA, History

Miss E Sweeney, BA, History  

Miss N Collingswood BA, Philosophy and Theology

English and Drama

Mr J Anderson, BA, Drama and English

Mr I Barraclough, BA, English

Miss N Berry, BA, English and Drama

Mrs H Fuller, BA, English Literature

Ms T Glowach, MA, BEd, English and Film Studies

Miss H Green, BA English Literature and Media Studies

Mrs L Masters, MA (20th Century Literature), BA English & Theatre Arts

Mr M Maw, BA Law

Mr D Gilbert, BSc(Hons) Psychology, BA(Hons) Humanities

Mrs C Wright, MPhil, BA, Philosophy  


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J French, BA, French and German

Miss E Haddad, BA, French and German

Mrs A Hogg, BA, French and Spanish

Miss S Breet, BA, French, German and Latin


Mathematics and Business Faculty

Mr R Hodge, BA, Economics and Philosophy

Mr M Hogg, BA, Philosophy Politics and Economics

Mr P Mann, BSc, Business Studies and ICT

Mrs C O’Hanlon, BSc, Mathematics

Mr A Parfitt, BEng, Mathematics

Mr I Pearse, BSc, Mathematics

Mrs K Roberts, MSc, BSc Mathematics  

Mr J Srokosz, BSc, Mathematics

Mr R Willoughby, BEng, Mathematics

Miss I Drewett, BSc, Mathematics

Music, Art and Technology


Mr A Nicholls, BA, Music

Mr W Davies, BA, Music

Mrs E Gleed, BMus, Music

Mrs E Simmons, BA, Art and Design & Technology

Mr B Campbell, BA, Music

Mr J Ladbury, BSc, Digital Media Technology

Miss H Lacey, BA, (Hons) Fine Art

Mrs L Turner, BA, Graphic Design

A full list of all the peripatetic instrumental music teachers is available on request



Miss C Brizzi, BSc, Biology, Combined Science

Mr D Bugler, BSc, Biology, Combined Science

Mr M Davies, MSc, BSc, Biology, Combined Science

Mr R Essex, BA, MSc, Physics, Combined Science

Mr J Foster, MA, Chemistry, Combined Science

Dr W Harris, BMSc, Chemistry, Combined Science

Mrs R Hawthorn, BSc, MSc, Psychology

Mrs K Jackson, MA, BSc, Chemistry, Combined Science

Mr A Robotham, BSc, Chemistry, Combined Science

Dr E Stone, BMSc, Biology, Combined Science

Mrs L Vesey, BSc, Physics, Combined Science


Mr S Fuller, BSc, Psychology

Mrs R Hawthorn, BSc, MSc, Psychology

Mrs A Spurr, BSc, Psychology

PE and Games

Mr E Welch, BSc, Sports Development & Coaching

Mrs V Bobby, BEd, PE and Games, Geography

Mr J Frost, BA, PE and Games

Mrs L Pursey, Games

Mr K Murphy, BSc, Sports & Physical Education  

Cover Supervisor

Mrs L Pursey

Mr W Sinclair

Mr S Potter



Mr G Scott-Mullen

Assistant SENCO:

Mrs C Maudsley


Learning Support Assistants:

Miss C Jeffery

Mrs J Lucock

Miss S Matthews

Miss Y Jameh

Miss I Vargas

Mrs S Howard Jones

Senior Pastoral Support Leader & Deputy Safeguard Leader

Behaviour Support Leader

Sixth Form Behaviour & Pastoral Leader

Sixth Form Pastoral Support Leader

Pastoral Support Leader (& House Leader)


Miss S Heaton - Jones

Mr T Lawrence

Mrs D Smith

Mrs L Hudnott

Mrs M Saunders


Language Assistant:

Mrs N Harkness


Mr W Davies

LRC Manager and UCAS and Careers Guidance Year 12 and 13:

Ms K Middleton & Ms R Keir

Art & DT Technician:

Mrs E  Browne

Science Technicians:

Miss S Byles, BSc, MSc

Mrs D Jaworska, Bsc

Mr G Shoker, Bsc, PGCE

ICT Technicians:

Mr D Bourton

Mr D Komadu





Attendance Officer

Data Manager

PA to the Head of School

Music Administrator

Sixth Form Administrator

SLT & Data Administrator

Receptionist, SCR and DBS Administrator

Receptionist, Student Support and Trips Administrator

Miss E  MacGregor

Ms R Leonard

Mrs M Johnson

Mrs C Lee

Mrs L Hudnott

Mrs C Hawkesby

Mrs S Cunningham

Mrs A Snow

 Examinations Officer and Cover Manager

Ms K MacBryde         A full list of all the examination invigilators is available on request


  Site Manager

Site Operatives

Site Technician

Mr I Hamilton

Mr R Beer

Mr N Daiday

Mr D Piti