Emails, Heather Wong, spokeswoman, and Peter Boogaard, press secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, May 7-8, 2013

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May 7, 2013

Over the past four years this Administration has dedicated historic levels of personnel, technology, and resources to the Southwest border, and undertaken an unprecedented effort to transform our nation's immigration enforcement systems into one that focuses on public safety, border security, and the integrity of the immigration system.  This deployment has, by every measurement, led to record gains along our Southwest Border.  Attempts to cross the border illegally, as measured by U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions, totaled nearly 365,000 nationwide in FY 2012, representing a nearly 50 percent decrease since FY 2008 and a 78 percent decrease from their peak in FY 2000.

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Folo questions: The apprehensions information appears to be ALL apprehensions. Does this mean the numbers reflect apprehensions at every border, not just the one between US and Mexico? If so, do you have more precise figures? I am assuming that apprehensions at other borders are low every year, but maybe they are still significant?






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May 8, 2013

Here you go: 


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May 8, 2013

From Peter Boogard

Apprehensions by sector

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May 8, 2013

U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions, the best measure of illegal or illicit border crossings, totaled nearly 365,000 nationwide in FY 2012, representing a nearly 50 percent decrease since FY 2008 and a 78 percent decrease from their peak in FY 2000.


ON THE RECORD(From Customs and Border Protection - CBP)

[Attributed by Boogard to CBP Press Secretary Michael Friel]

CBP is constantly monitoring changes on the ground at the border and while apprehensions across the southwest border remain near historic lows, CBP has noted increases in apprehensions in south Texas, specifically of individuals from Central American countries, including El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


CBP is making significant investments in technology and infrastructure across south Texas and today, CBP has more than 6,000 BP agents in the region, an increase of more than 80 percent since 2004.


Additionally, as part of the South Texas Campaign aimed at identifying and addressing current and emerging threats along the South Texas border, CBP and ICE are targeting top alien smuggling organizations to prosecute smugglers and have been working together to establish hubs specializing in the processing and removal of individuals from Central America who are apprehended, in line with our enforcement focus on recent border crossers.


Because of these efforts, we are confident in our ability to address the changing composition of attempted border crossers, and apprehend more of the individuals who cross illegally. While no single metric can individually assess the state of border security, the dozens of metrics we use every day clearly demonstrate significant progress and improved quality of life at the border.


Challenges will always remain, but CBP is dedicated to continuing this progress towards a safer, stronger and more secure border.