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Flyer Approval Guidelines

Governor Mifflin School District distributes fliers to its students on behalf of organizations as a courtesy to the community. District approval is needed only if the requesting organization wishes to send fliers and/or materials home with students (physically or electronically) . Fliers promoting programs, classes or activities that compete/conflict with Governor Mifflin School District programs will not be approved. The district reserves the right to deny any request in accordance with Governor Mifflin School District Policy 913: Relations with Special Interest Groups.

Electronic Flyer Distribution

The District’s preferred method of flyer distribution is electronically through the service Peachjar. Organizations may submit flyers for approval and electronic distribution by registering at

Flier Requirements

As per Governor Mifflin School District Policy 913, only literature and materials directly related to District activities or those that contribute significantly to District instructional programs may be disseminated to or through students and staff members.

The approval for noncommercial announcements to be sent home shall be determined by the Office of Public Information to the following guidelines:

•  The information shall be student-oriented and noncommercial.

•  The organization shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian in nature.

•  The communication shall not promote a religious or political view.

Obtaining Approval

Fliers are reviewed as they are submitted, with approval typically granted within 48 hours. There are two submission options:

1.  Register at Go to “My Account”; click on “Post a Flyer”; Select desired schools. Your
    eflyer is automatically sent to the Office of Communications & Community Relations for approval and distribution.

2.  Document(s) may be sent to the Office of Communications & Community Relations via email to Document(s) must be attached to the email in .pdf format and should not exceed 1MB in

Dissemination of Materials from District-sanctioned Groups

Groups with a direct affiliation with the Governor Mifflin School District (booster organizations, PTOs/PACs, sports teams, music ensembles, etc…) should submit flyers for electronic distribution by sending their request and electronic flyer to the Office of Public Information. Document(s) must be attached to the email in .pdf format and should not exceed 1MB in size.

Please note: Fliers that pertain to school-based fundraisers and are intended for distribution at an individual school must receive approval from the building principal and are subject to the rules set forth in Governor Mifflin School District Policy 229: Student Fundraising.

Bulletin Boards

The use of individual school bulletin boards or school announcements shall be governed by the same guidelines as above and must receive the approval of the building’s principal.

Dissemination of Materials by Religious, Political, and Other Special-Interest Groups

No religious group, religiously-oriented group, political party or group, or special-interest group may disseminate tracts, materials or publications of any kind in any school buildings or on any District property.

This restriction may be waived by principals in the event that such materials are deemed to be necessary to an approved academic course or program. When such materials are distributed, they must be pre-approved by the principal and utilized in an unbiased manner.

Questions regarding these guidelines may be directed to the Office of Communications & Community Relations  at 610-775-1312 or by emailing